Watch the VERONICA MARS Season Premiere

In case you haven’t heard, you can actually catch the third season premiere of VERONICA MARS right NOW! Of course, there’s one catch — You have the be an 09er… kidding, the real catch is you have the a PC. So users that own a MAC (the computer, no the character) are out of luck. NO, I’m not a bitter at all. But I’ll never understand how networks can cut deals with web sites to preview television shows, knowing full well a segment of the population can’t watch it. And let’s face it, we all know MAC owners are cooler! Don’t believe me, there’s a whole set of commercials that prove it. So go ahead and enjoy the premiere, Click here to check it out.

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  • Dominique

    Not only MAC users cannot watch (I am not a MAC user) but people outisde of the US cannot access the file. I tried to view it this morning and it said not available in my region. It is not like Canada is that far away from the US and people outside of the US do watch the show… I hate when they do that. Thank god, I found a link where I can watch it but the quality is probably lower than MSN. Better than nothing!

  • Don’t feel bad, guys. I’m here in the US, using a PC and when I go to play the file I get some lame “One Tree Hill” DVD extra b.s.

    They better fix it.

  • Mil

    Plays fine for me and I’m in Canada. Quality is crap so I stopped it after a minute. Figures Microsoft couldn’t make something simple work properly.

  • Stuart

    The credits are different and I admit that I really like them. Very noir feel to them.

  • Dominique

    Weird Mil that you are in Canada and you could play it. Maybe it is because I am in Quebec? Who knows… Anyway I watched the premiere from the link I found and while the quality was bad, the premiere was amazing IMO. Cannot wait for the new season!

  • I’m sitting here in the school library watching it and have already been “Shhh”-ed for giggling a little too loudly. Gotta love the BSG reference, lol.

    Oh, and I’m not sure about the new credit sequence… seems a little CW-ized for me. I miss the original version of the theme.


    [As Veronica & Piz get out of her new SUV]
    Piz: “That’s a cool ride, graduation gift?”
    Veronica: “My dad stood me up for my graduation trip, lucky for me he felt REALLY bad about it.”
    Piz: “He stood you up? That’s harsh.”
    Veronica: “He had his reasons.”
    Piz: “Well, a Saturn for a Mars…”
    Veronica: “In Neptune! Yea, the planets really alligned for this one. Now move Uranus, the Mercury’s rising…”

    I love this show…

  • Sam

    The quality is fine if you wanna watch a little teeny tiny sized version of it. If you try to blow it up bigger it all goes to hell apparently. I just watched the first few minutes so as not to spoil the true premiere in HD next week. Can’t wait!

  • Tim I’m having the same issue you had. I have a MAC at home and a PC at work and its not working on either. I’ve tried everything including sending a death threat to Bill Gates. Hope that helps.

  • T. Paul

    For those who can’t view it because of MACs or their location, don’t feel bad. Here I sit with a PC in the U.S. and I still can’t see it because I’m stuck with dial-up internet. I wish it were on iTunes or YouTube. It would take 6-10 hours to download, but at least it would work.

  • Dial up, damn that’s harsh. I hate that here in the US on a PC I can’t watch just this ONE video. All others are working fine. A plague on the house of Microsoft.

  • Tonya

    I feel for you all. I just watched it and it’s great!

  • Ducky, keep trying. Eventually I got it to work.

  • Veronica

    I live in latin america and it plays fine for me too!!!

  • Rincey

    either 1) download Windows Media Player for Mac or 2) download Flip4Mac to use wmv files on quicktime. After you do that, open whichever program you plan on using [I highly suggest getting Flip4Mac because the quality ended up better on my ibook], go file -> open url and copy and paste the following:


    just replace the ‘rtsp’ in the beginng with ‘http’ and it should work like magic. if there are windows users out there, you can use that exact link above [with the rtsp] if the website isn’t working for you.

  • Rincey

    um, sorry about that link, here it is again, split up into two parts so it doesn’t go off the page



  • Dear Rincey,

    Thanks so much for the advice. I’m going to test out your theory right now! I’ll report back!


  • anika

    hey guys im from australia and am desperately trying to track down the season 3 premiere of veronica mars! cant seem to find a free online link to it anywhere 🙁 could someone please help!

  • Crystal

    is there any other link? for the rest of Season 3???