Thoughts on the GILMORE GIRLS premiere

The East Coast’s fastest talking mother-daughter team finally returned last night, after far too many months away. Yet with Rory and Logan divided by the Atlantic Ocean (Logan’s in England), and things in Lorelai’s love life not going so well (after Lorelai slept with Christopher), GILMORE GIRLS fans may not have been too pleased with the episodes outcome. Especially that final scene! So what were your thoughts on the premiere? Did David Rosenthal do a good job of stepping into Amy Sherman-Palladino’s shoes? (I think so, click here to read my review). Post away with your thoughts.

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  • Lee

    The show is dead to me. I don’t even recognize these characters and don’t care about what happens to Lorelai anymore and I’ve been watching since day one.
    Her behavior is pathetic and cruel and there’s no pleasure in watching a show completely run off the rails in its last year. What was the point of the previous seasons in building up the Lorelai and Luke friendship and then romance just to crudely trash it for the sake of so-called “drama?”
    Too bad – it would have been nice for this show to go out on top – but given last year’s mediocre writing and ugly storylines culminating in the horrid finale, I think the show should have ended after year five.

  • Lee — While I appreciate your hatred of the show’s new direction – you did still watch it. From that, couldn’t we conclude that Gilmore Girls is still far better then no Gilmore Girls at all. Additionally… Even at its ‘worst’ the show is more entertaining then a lot of what is currently on TV. I’ll take GG over say 7th Heaven any day!

  • I guess I think of good tv shows sharing an evolving story. In that story, characters react and act and they grow and change. They make some good choices and they make some bad ones. If the writers are doing their jobs well, the good ones make me silly giddy and the bad ones make me want to reach into the tv tube and slap a few characters. 🙂 Even though I would agree that Gilmore Girls last season was not amongst my favorites (seasons 3 & 5 were the top!), I’m okay with the fact that the events of season 6 had to happen to share their stories. Yes, it was quite infuriating to watch Lorelai become very un-Lorelai. But it was a great setup for her to figure out some things and grow up. While I like Luke and Lorelai together, I personally think both of them need to grow up in some areas. All that said, I LOVED last night’s episode. I thought David Rosenthal captured the fun, lightheartedness, and appealing verbosity that is Gilmore Girls.

  • Echo the sentiments of taking Gilmore Girls over 7th Heaven any day! Uck. I’d prefer a root canal over 7th Heaven any day! 🙂

  • John

    I thought last night’s episode was great. My only complaint was too much townie stuff.

    DR has captured the style of GG and the Rory / Lorelai scenes, which are the heart of the show, were perfect. The banter and comraderie were well in evidence.

    Paris was great Paris.

    The last scene was harsh, but I think necesaary. Lorelai is through (at least for now) with Luke and she had to make him understand that. I think both actors did a very good job with the scene.

    I don’t ship any couple on the show so I have no vested interest in any direction that the show goes with that.

  • Common Sense

    Question for Poster #1: If Luke & Lorelai had gotten married and all was happy in paradise, who would watch that wretched crap? C’mon, as the other poster said, storylines & characters have to evolve for a show to continue. We’re not going to “like” every action, but that’s what keeps us entertained. So stop whining about a fictional romance that could still happen at some point, and enjoy the show for what it is: a great diversion for an hour on Tuesday. It’ll be off-the-air soon enough, and then we’ll all be pining for it the way we do now for Everwood.

  • Mac’s Favourite Person

    Loved it… my only wish was that Michelle had to go away for a long time to deal with his minor hand injury. All other characters and banter was great!

  • jls730

    I loved it! I missed the Girls all summer and am thrilled to have them back. I think DR did a really good job filling ASP’s shoes. And for all those who are complaining about him not having the voices right? Put on your season 6 DVDs and listen to how slow the banter often was, and how many, many minutes are wasted on endless stories about the townsfolk. I will always have the highest regard for ASP – she gave us so much, but it was obvious she was getting tired last season.

    And I am completely with Lorelai on the Luke situation. He has been treating Lore poorly for months, and it’s about time she did something about it! So many relationships in real life start out great, and end up not working. That’s life. I for one, like to see real life reflected on TV.

  • I hopeful now that it will be brought back in the right direction. Still a sorrow tinged episode but I guess they warned us with the title. I want more happiness back in Stars Hollow! Although if seeing Kirks face after the flashes doesn’t crack anybody up, I don’t know what will.

  • Lee

    thetvaddict: just to clarify – I’m done with the show. The melodrama is just too absurd for me to believe, let alone enjoy. And, really, Lorelai is just pitiful and cruel to boot.
    I was unhappy with S6 but with the Palladinos gone, this show is just a different show to me now. Given that both Palladinos said that Lorelai, Rory and Luke all had different characteristics of themselves (Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino) – this show is just now a sorry exercise in imitation. It simply cannot recapture what was so great and unique about it because the new writers – even if they were really good writers – can’t recreate the style, tone, etc because the inspirations for the characters’ personalities and behaviors have left the building.
    And, I’m fine with my decision. If I continued to watch this sorry dreck, I would no longer be able to enjoy the earlier seasons – which I love rewatching.
    The ratings were down 26% or so from last year’s premier. I’m sure they will try to spin it that people couldn’t find the new network, but as the Washington Post noted, people had no trouble at all in finding Top Model which got its best ratings ever.
    Someone at some point is just going to have to acknowledge that the ratings may actually be down because some people don’t like or enjoy the show anymore. It’s no big deal. Happens all the time.

  • Bob

    if David R. is writting the episodes then why did Rebecca Rand write the second episode of S. 7?

  • Barbara P

    Each episode of season 6 left me with my mouth dropped asking the question, what was that all about. Especially the last episode. Lorelai had previously demonstrated some inklings of budding maturity, not to take away from her colorful personality. However, season six demonstrates one step after another of her taking steps in reverse. Or was that supposed to be the point? Enough said.