What I’ll be Watching Tonight (a lot of TV)

Way too much to watch tonight, God Bless my PVR! Tonight, I’ll be tuning into JERICHO at 8PM in the hopes of learning more about that mysterious ‘nuclear cloud’ that has wrecked havok on the small town of Jericho? As long as it’s not a cloud of nano-bots I’ll be happy! Following JERICHO, I’ll be spending the 9PM hour with the coolest lawyer on TV, Victor Garber (aka Ron Trott) with the last new episode of JUSTICE until November (due to baseball). Folks, if you’re bored with the endless episodes of LAW & ORDER, do me (and Victor) a favour by tuning into JUSTICE – it’s the most entertaining legal procedural on television. Following JUSTICE is NBC’s KIDNAPPED. I thought last week’s premiere was interesting enough for me to tune into episode 2, let’s hope the writers don’t disappoint. Also on my PVR’s agend is episode four of WEEDS, sadly in Canad we’re behind, as well as the season premiere of ONE TREE HILL.

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