How about Everwood on iTunes?

Warner Bros. has yet to release seasons two through four of EVERWOOD on DVD. And thanks to lackluster first season sales, we may be waiting for a while. But here’s an idea that hopefully Warner Bros. will jump on board with: Why not release the entire series of EVERWOOD on iTunes? The cost would be minimal, due to zero packaging, shipping costs etc. So the studio can’t complain about money being an issue. Additionally, you’ll [Warner Bros.] be the first studio to release a television series on iTunes before DVD, thus ensuring a ton of press coverage which would surely lead to additional sales. From a financial perspective you can’t deny what a great idea it is. Also, from a PR perspective, why not make the four million EVERWOOD fans happy? We all saw what you left us on Monday nights — 7th HEAVEN and RUNAWAY — it’s the least you can do.

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  • Liz

    Yeah, especially since The Chicago Tribune quoted Dawn Ostroff as saying that The CW brought back the shows that the fans were passionate about!!! Seriously???? A) the NERVE and b) SERIOUSLY????????

  • Cory

    What about the State which is being realsed on iTunes? and maybe on DVD?

  • I’m not familiar with ‘The State’, please elaborate…

  • Cory

    Check out for details should be there but it was an old MTV sketch comedy show.

  • mg714

    Great idea! I’d love to get Everwood in any version we can. Though at least we do have ABC Family to look forward to! Just a few more days!

  • Cory, thanks for the info.

  • Betz

    that’s a fantastic idea! i love(d) everwood and was seriously dissappointed that it was canceled! i have no interest in the new CW show Runaway and i’ll admit i grew up on 7th Heaven and i don’t hate the show, but sometimes u just gotta cut it loose. iTunes needs everwood!!!

  • Jamie

    everwood should come to dvds……I know a lot of people that bought season 1….I have waiting 2 years for season 2 come out with it already…..or at least bring it back to season 5….

  • Lovin Life

    yea i think everwood should be brought to itunes in fact its a fantastic idea

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