I’m officially hooked on JERICHO, and to be honest, I blame LOST, and what I’ve ‘cleverly’ dubbed The LOST Effect™. Within two episodes, JERICHO has set up an intriguing premise, following the blueprint successfully set-up by JJ Abrams, Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse (the creators of LOST).

Executive Producer John Turteltaub has unified and isolated an entire town thanks to a mysterious disaster (is it a nuclear attack?). The denizens of Jericho all coincidentally happen to have very interesting (and secretive) backstories. And like all good serialized dramas, not everybody is who he or she seems to be.

While last night’s episode revolved around the town evacuating into fall-out shelters, I’m far more curious in Robert Hawkins (Lennie James), and his true identity and motives. He definitely has his own agenda, and seems to actually know what has happened across America. It’s clearly no coincidence that he recently moved his family to Jericho. My theory so far: Major cities across America have been destroyed, while small towns have remained untouched. Each town has its own ‘Lennie James’, communicating through morse code. Why? I have no idea, but I’ll definitely be sticking around to find out.

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  • starbase135

    I am also hooked on Jericho since the second episode was even much better than the pilot. The whole premise of a nuclear attack is quite interesting and storylines as well as characters are likeable (the mayor’s wife even reminds me a bit of Everwood’s Rose Abbott). If the show keeps up the great quality I will definitely tune in each week. BTW…your so called “LOST Effect” never hooked me up on Lost itself (this summer I watched the first half of season 1 in a row…unfortunately I have to admit that it didn´t appeal to me at all).

  • Rose Abbott – what an great comparison! Thanks to your EVERWOOD reference, I like the show even more!

  • Tim

    I don’t know, I find the show pretty cheesy, myself. It’s okay, but the acting is pretty terrible and some of the stuff is pretty stupid(like the guys wanting to stay and die in the bar). I will still watch though, because I am interested in why the bombs have went off and who is doing this. I also wonder about the cop from St. Louis.

  • Yeah, I liked the pilot but couldnt stop laughing last night at some of the silly things (most especially Eric, who after giving a passionate plea to evacuate the bar and then describes what radiation will do to your body, then goes and makes out with bargirl despite the countdown warning). Ill have to see about this one but its already on warning signs for me.

  • Vance, I’ll agree, the bar/pool scene was a bit cheesy, but come’on, this is Television. I think we should be thankful we’re not seeing an endless parade of American Flags, and speach after speach about how it’s American against the world, and we have to fight back etc…. So far I think Jericho has shown a lot of restraint, It could be way cheesier!

  • Last nights was ridiculous. To the point where I almost don’t think I can ever watch the show again. When I saw the first couple eps on the screener I was floored at how downhill it went after the great pilot. Those action scenes? So crazy. I laugh.

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    YIPPPPPEEEEE…a LOST ripoff is about as interesting as LOST itself.

    Hahahah to think that I was actually going to watch my PVR’d episodes of this show tonight…

    Whatever…More room for “Robot Chicken.”

  • All I know ‘theTVaddictAddict – is that I can’t wait for LOST to return next Wednesday!

  • I’m willing to give Jericho the benefit of the doubt quality wise. A lot of series begin weak and find their legs later on. If we judged them all after three episodes, we’d miss a lot.

    I’m very curious about the events in the outside world but, at the moment, I’m betting on a coup of some sort. Think about it: the events took place when the president was addressing a joint session of Congress. Perfect time to wipe out the upper echelons of government. The bombings themselves would disrupt communications and justify the deployment of military forces across the country. By the time anyone knew what was going on, it would all be over. Further, there are those tanks mentioned in the third episode. Relief efforts don’t usually send tanks. Likewise, if the unit was being diverted to repel an invasion of the U.S. it’s unlikely that they would go through Denver. For that matter, the only invasion that would make sense would have to be amphibious (difficult to do by surprise) or via Canada (also difficult to do by surprise). If the invading forces were brought in by air, they must lack heavy tank forces as tanks are too heavy to airlift much of the time. The tanks make the most sense as part of a power grab by rebel forces, or as loyalist units deploying in opposition to rebel troops.

    The only question I have: Is Hawkins a conspirator, a loyalist, or some third faction that isn’t supportive of the U.S. government, but isn’t in league with the bombers themselves?

  • Ron

    I am officially hooked on Jericho and have gotten my brother hooked on it as well. I agree with the one comment that this could be really cheesy and they could be turning it into political satyre. Theyre not however. I dont understand, though, where a few people are saying that they think the show lost its steam after the first 2 episodes. Ive seen all 4 episodes, am glued to the tv when its on and saving it on my DVR. I think the story is getting more intrigueing, more suspenseful. More and more things keep coming up, leaving you wandering whats going on. For instance, the story line of Robert Hawkins alone is enough story to keep my watching.

    Drek’s comments are great. I happen to agree with his theory that its internal.

    I cant wait to see future episodes. I hope that all fans can keep the show going. Its close to “24” as one of my favorite tv shows.