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In honour of the new TV season, check out the latest additions to Swag Shop. The latest additions include designs inspired by GREY’S ANATOMY, UGLY BETTY and HEROES.

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  • Frank

    i was just wondering is this legal? Aren’t these shows names and phrases trademarked?

  • Everything on CafePress is completely legal. CafePress is really great about deleting images that infringe on copyright (believe me, I know!). They have very strict copyright policies.

  • Jenny

    there are lots of cafepress stores with McDreamy, et al phrases on them.

    But I’m LOVING this one. I want the hat & mug! omg. lol

  • Jenny

    (And sorry, by this one, I meant McDreamy/Me/McSteamy McSandwich. lol)

  • Someone at work was JUST talking about making Grey’s Anatomy shirts with the McSteamy/McDreamy stuff on it – she is going to be SO excited to see the new one!