What I’ll be Watching Tonight (a lot of TV)

GREY’S ANATOMY, THE OFFICE, SMALLVILLE, UGLY BETTY Aside from figuring out how I’m going to watch everything, what do I watch at 8PM: UGLY BETTY or THE OFFICE? It’s like Sophie’s Frackin Choice! (I think I’ll watch THE OFFICE and PVR UGLY BETTY). Let’s not forget I still have to catch up on last night’s installments of ONE TREE HILL, KIDNAPPED, and JUSTICE. Thank God for the weekend! I hope everyone has a great night of TV fun, stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with VERONICA MARS mastermind ROB THOMAS.

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  • Sam

    Ergh! Wednesday and Thursday are easily the two busiest nights of the night for me. I have a combined 12 hours worth of shows to watch in those two days alone! Damn you wonderful Thursdays!

  • Oh god. I just watched Smallville………. Maybe they should have just ended the show. I would rather have watched “Aquaman”. Common, could the show have been any more corny? “Lex has been posessed by General Zod.” Then Clark is in some other dimension with a bunch of crazy Kryptonions. And…. just please….. end it…. This network is killing me. First it kills Everwood. Then it make 7th Heaven WORSE THAN EVER, now Smallville is the most corny show in the world. I mean last season it was getting bad, but this is just over the top.

  • Common Sense

    Kevin: “If I wasn’t engaged, I would totally hit that.” One of the many fall-down funny lines from The Office, once again frickin hi-lar-i-ous. As Kramer once said, “Move along, Betty.” No room for the Ugly on Thursday. And dude, may I humbly suggest you catch Grey’s on the back-nine (reruns), and make Supernatural “appointment TV.” OMG MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!