UGLY is the new Funny

After watching last night’s season premiere of ABC’s UGLY BETTY, you quickly realize that beautiful isn’t the only thing BETTY is (yes I’ve been brainwashed by ABC’s marketing machine). She’s also funny, heart-warming the fall’s most endearing character.

In the world of television, where looks are valued far more then trivial matters — such as acting skills or talent — watching Betty navigate through New York’s fashion world was a joy to watch. True, the plot was predictable, and a few of the jokes fell on the corny side (has anyone ever really walked right into a glass wall not noticing that it was there?), but with a star like America Ferrerra, all is forgiven.

America gives it her all as Betty and has you rooting for her from the minute she graces the screen. Surrounding America is a fantastic cast including the newly appointed editor-in-chief of ‘Mode Magazine’ Daniel Meade (the far from ugly Eric Mabius) as well a Wilhelmin (played deliciously by Vanessa L. Williams), the scheming second-in-command who it seems will stop at nothing to get Daniel’s job. Watching over the entire mess is Daniel’s father, and publishing magnate Bradford Meade (played by Alan Dale – who now seems to be the go-to guy for evil father. Ie: Caleb Nichols on the OC, Charles Widmore on LOST)

Cynics will no doubt claim that all the ‘Betty hype’ is due to the star actually being ‘ugly’ (a TV first no doubt!), but trust this TV addict, give Betty five minutes and you’ll be hooked for the season.

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  • You know, I actually have a friend who didn’t notice the glass wall at Blockbuster and walked right into it? True story.

  • Too true. Between this and Grey’s, Thursday is going to be feel good TV night. I loved everything about this show. And Grey’s… hoo boy.

  • ‘Feel Good TV’, Tim, I see you too have been completely brainwashed by ABC’s non-stop marketing machine!



  • People. Dont you dare try calling me on Thursday nights. I’ll be too busy.

  • Sam

    ABC has definitely become the new Must Watch tv that NBC used to be. Now if only they could find a good show to replace Six Degrees with…

  • August

    Thought the show was very cute! America is great no matter what she’s in. Also, I’ve walked into glass doors before so yes, people really do do that!

  • starbase135

    i think the pilot was good but i am not totally convinced wether or not they can keep up the quality in the following episodes…nevertheless a good alternative for viewers who don’t like survivor or the comedy blocks on NBC and FOX.

  • Kelleh

    I liked this show all right but I agree that it cant possiby have that many possible storylines. Also- American Ferrera is by no means ugly, now its just a matter of time until they do the makeover episode.

  • I loved the show. It had some of the best quotes!! I have also walked into a class wall….I hate revolving doors!!

  • PK

    I didn’t think “Betty” would match up to the original Mexican telenovela. It does.