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Attention Dane Cook: When you host SNL (for a second time in less then six months), your opening monologue should be original. If I wanted to listen to a rehash of your comedy, I can just listen to your CDs.

Attention NBC: I’m apparently one of the few viewers who’s actually caught up in KIDNAPPED. Before I invest my precious time in the series, let me know if you’re just going to pull a ‘Reunion’ and cancel it before we find out what happens.

Attention NBC: STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP is incredible. Congratulations on assembling an all-star cast for Aaron Sorkin. Sure the show isn’t yet a ratings powerhouse, just give it a chance. America will catch on.

Attention CW: Take a look at Monday’s ratings. I will never forget that you actually cancelled on of television’s best dramas [EVERWOOD] for the potent duo of 7th HEAVEN/RUNAWAY (note sarcasm).

Attention SMALLVILLE Writers: I gave you one more chance with this weeks season premiere. Thankfully you didn’t disappoint. But rest assured SMALLVILLE, one more annoying Lana-centric story and I’m gone. You’ve been warned.

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  • Jeff

    Count me among Kidnapped fans, but it doesn’t look good. As far as Studio 60 gos, I love the show, but I hope we will not see any more sketches or Aaron Sorkin hires some one to write them. Last weeks cold open was not funny.

  • Common Sense

    Get a load of the CW “spin” on their first Thur. night (see They go so far out of their way to try and diss EVERWOOD’s performance of last year, while still trying to justify its cancellation. Let’s compare Everwood, instead, to, say, 7th Heave & Runaway’s debut, shall we?

  • Jeff – Why does everyone seems so down on Aaron Sorkin’s ‘cold open’. I thought it was original, entertaining and classy. Albeit not the funniest thing ever, but it set the tone of the newly revamped Studio 60. I liked it.

    Especially in comparison to yet another too long and boring SNL opening that yet again poked fun at President Bush (how many times do we have to see a variation on the same idea – we get it, Bush’s approval rating is low!)

  • Common Sense – Of course Supernatural did better then Everwood last year…. it’s a far better fit with Smallville. Everwood should have always remained on Monday following 7th Heaven.

  • Uh… the Smallville writers “didn’t disappoint?” SERIOUSLY? Smallville has become my new X-Files, I’m only watching it because I feel obligated to. It’s like the girl/boyfriend that you know you should break up with, but you used to love them so much a few years ago and you hope that they’ll go back to being good so you stick around with them giving them chance after chance.

  • Sam

    Completely agree with everything so far. Can I just say the premiere of Smallville was the first time in a long time I actually LIKED Lana?

    Now, let’s focus more on networks cancelling good shows and greenlighting new seasons or pilots for bad shows shall we.

  • Cory

    Why is Vanished still on the air and a good show like Kidnapped is having trouble?

    As for Studio 60, what a great show. I’ve now watched each episode a couple of times and the more times I see it the more I catch. As for the opening sketch I thought it was funny but not overly so. Studio 60 isn’t about the sketch, however, its about the people behind the show so I didnt really concern myself too much with the sketch itself. Actually I don’t particularly even want to see the show try to do sketches.

  • Tim

    Can’t remember where, but I read an article that said Sorkin actually DID hire a guy to do the sketches on the show, and that guy wrote the “cold open”. Funny enough, the article also said the guy used to write for SNL and they did almost that exact cold open while the guy was there.

  • PK

    Dane Cook is not a good comic. I gave myself many chances to watch his specials and I only laughed a couple of times, and I think it was by accident. I even sat through Tourgasm. I’ve never been so bored in my life.

    Kidnapped is a great show. I didn’t get invested in Reunion but I know what happened to it. Hopefully KN doesn’t suffer the same fate. Plus, Dana Delaney is so DAMN GOOD PERIOD. This woman does not disappoint ever. Seriously. I pulled out my Moonlighting DVD set and she guest starred in an episode. She’s amazing in it.

    Studio 60 – pure genius.

    CW – Heaven/Runaway over Everwood. Never.

    Smallville…. meh… I’m a Superman fan. I watch it for Clark, Lex and Lois. I don’t necessarily hate Lana, but I do hate it when she’s made out to be the center of the series.

  • jls730

    Dane Cook was indeed lame. We ended up changing the channel about ahlf way through that monologue.

    Studio 60 is outstanding. Currently it’s by far my favourite of the new shows.