A Desperate Brothers & Sisters

I find myself surprised by the fact that after two episodes, I’m still enjoying ABC’s BROTHERS & SISTERS. While I’m generally attracted to shows that feature complicated season-long mysterious (LOST), exciting espionage (ALIAS), or Aaron Sorkin’s writing (THE WEST WING/STUDIO 60), I find the family dynamics of BROTHERS & SISTERS oddly compelling. Sure every-time Ron Rifkin’s character appears on screen, I half expect Sydney Bristow to walk through the door, but my ALIAS obsession aside, the show is fascinating.

I find myself interested in whether the family business will be saved as well as how long it will take Sally Field’s matriarch to discover the truth about her husband (no doubt in November Sweeps!). That said, what I’m looking forward to most is an episode written by Greg Berlanti (episode 4 I’ve been told is his first). Berlanti, the creator of EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY has yet to put his mark on the show, and when he does, it can only mean great things for BROTHERS & SISTERS.

On the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES front, another enjoyable episode highlighted by the [surprising] black baby popping out of Xiao Mei. Carlos’ line about the camera’s colour being ‘off’ was brilliant. Not surprisingly, Carlos and Gabriel’s story has become the highlight of the show. Susan had another funny episode, as she was forced to impersonate a brain surgeon. I loved how she escaped dinner with a ‘brain emergency’, “I’m sorry, his brain shut off!”. It will be interesting to see what happens when Mike inevitably wakes up and Susan finds herself in yet another love triangle. The Scavo story-line was also [thankfully] funny this week, thanks to a drunken dancing Nora. I wonder how many episodes it will be until Nora disappears. This TV addict’s prediction, Nora will get shot in the much buzzed about November Sweeps Supermarket Shooting — leaving Lynette and Tom with what will be a seventh child? I’ve lost count. Finally Bree and Orson, Wisteria Lanes creepiest couple. How long until Bree discovers the truth about Orson, and what on earth did Orson whisper to the dead body? Probably not ‘I’m Sorry.’

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  • starbase135

    I was bored by last night’s episode. The only reason I keep watching is the anticipation for Greg Berlanti’s writing. Don’t get me wrong but while a family drama like Everwood made me feel for the characters Brothers and Sisters just makes me stand outside of the events. BTW does ABC really think that B&S is compatible with the Desperate Housewives-lead-in? B&S is totally incompatible with Desperate Housewives mainstream audience…the massive tune-out after the DS season premiere should be enough proof.

  • jls730

    I’m enjoying Brothers & Sisters too. I had low expectations after all the drama that occurred behind the scenes before the show even aired, but I’m really finding all the characters likeable. I can’t shake the feeling that Ron R is still playing Sloan though. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Lynette and Tom have 4 children. Preston, Porter, Parker and Penny. Kinda sad that I know all their names like that, isn’t it? I only know that Penny is the baby, don’t ask me to pick out the other 3. Isn’t alliteration great?

    I’m really liking Brothers & Sisters too, but then again I’d watch Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths read the phone book, so I probably shouldn’t talk. I think my favorite part last night was the ending with India.Arie’s cover of “Heart of the Matter” closing the show. I love Steve Winwood’s original version of that song, and this was a nice version as well. You all mention Ron Rifkin being Slone still, but I still see Calista as Ally McBeal, Rachel is still Brenda Chenowith and Dave Annabel is still just hot. Heh.

  • Sam

    Gabby is back to being my favorite character on the Housewives this season and Bree is sadly back to being my least favorite (even Susan and Edie beat her out). But I’m liking the show still. By the way, it’s been debated on message boards (yes I’m one of THOSE people) and the common consensus seems to be that Orson was speaking French, uttering the words “I miss you Monique.”

  • I missed the season premiere, but I watched the second episode of Brothers and Sisters last night and I had to really fight my instinct to change the channel out of boredom. It was slow and none of the characters were interesting at all. Also, how could that be the only party store in all of L.A.? They probably sell grass skirts at Wal-Mart anyway.

  • Anonymous

    FYI, Tim – the “Heart of the Matter” original version was done by Don Henley.