EVERWOOD Returns….

…to ABC FAMILY, starting tonight at 6PM (EST). Those of you lucky enough to get ABC FAMILY (living in the Great White North, this TV addict isn’t one of them) will be able to enjoy Greg Berlanti’s WB masterpiece from the beginning starting tonight. If you missed the EVERWOOD bandwagon, I can’t recommend this show highly enough. It had everything great Television should; phenomenal characters, rich dialogue and stories that weren’t afraid to both challenge and surprise its audience. In EVERWOOD (unlike say 7th HEAVEN), there weren’t always easy answers, and both parents and kids were capable of making mistakes. Problems weren’t always solved in an hour, but family and friends were always there for eachother. It was a phenomenal show that still deserves to be on the air (and yes, I’m still bitter).

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  • Wow…. that was a somewhat bitter article. I know that 7th Heaven SUCKS completely now, and has for the past 2-3 seasons, but common, back in the old, old days, back a little before Jessica Biel left the, the show was pretty good. Or at least it was in my opinion. But now we have Lucy hung-up over a misscariage. I mean, yes, its horrible, but they can’t base a whole season on it.

  • Sorry Sean, have to disagree. 7th Heaven was never good. It’s far too preachy, unrealistic and horribly acted. It makes Full House look like Shakespeare.

  • Candy

    I’m so happy that Everwood is on ABC Family. I’m a new fan to the show (thanks to the DVD)(thanks tvaddict for mentioning that DVD was on amazon) I can’t wait until Seasons 2-4 air.

  • Candy, so happy you’ve enjoyed EVERWOOD. It just gets better and better, although Amy is a bit annoying in season 2 – but she gets way better after that!

  • thetvaddict, I totally agree and that wasn’t even close to the wrath that 7th Heaven deserves. A show that writes off any moral dilema by having people marry each other off so that they are thus allowed to do whatever they want. But enough of about that.

    More about Everwood, which yes, just got better and better throughout the seasons, to the point where in season 4 it just grew to perfection, and sadly, ended, but at least ended at its high point.

    Oh, and they are running it in Canada on Vision TV (yes, one of those channels WAY up there that no one ever watches sadly) but not everyday like ABCFamily which means it will take longer to get to Seasons 2 and so on.

  • Liz

    And now, in entertainment news*, The CW, WB stalwart Seventh Heaven equals Everwood’s viewers on a week on week basis, whilst dead in the water show Runaway dies before getting out of the gate…

    And finally, Dawn Ostroff, newly appointed head of The CW, was captured on camera phone by fascinated ex-WB viewers eating crow at Randy’s Diner, just off Wilshire Blvd… Witness, Bettina Howard (pictured left, wearing a ForEverwood tee-shirt) reported that Dawn seemed distracted, was showing evidence of having developed a twitch and was heard by diners to be muttering something about pinecones in ferris wheels. Dr. Andy Brown, a renowned Family Doctor in the Everwood, Colorado area** was of the opionion that Ms. Ostroff was suffering from post traumatic guilt syndrome, possibly due to not listening to viewer opinion on her pathetic*** lineup.

    And now for the weather, a Grey front is sweeping east across the Greater Los Angeles area…

    * The term ‘entertainment’ is used loosely.
    ** Dr. Andy Brown has not treated Ms. Ostroff
    *** This is Dr. Andy Brown’s opinion only

  • ahh you scared me with the title!

  • starbase135

    A Canadian journalist just confirmed that Everwood might come back: “As for Everwood coming back, there have been persistent rumours from the Hallmark Channel and ABC Family that they may collaborate in producing more episodes.”

  • starbase135 – post the link for this article if you get a chance.

  • starbase135

    Actually it was mentioned on the radio. After that excited fans tried to get more detailed information via email and that is what he answered. I would take these rumors as nothing more than rumors but since the Hallmark Channel is broadcasting Everwood in several countries all over the world and ABC Family just started airing it successfully the whole thing would actually make sense.

  • Ellice

    Everwood has been my favorite show and continues to be….I really want new episodes. I am so disappointed that it is (sigh) over. I love the characters so much and dont want them to end. im happy to hear i may be able to see the whole thing all over again. Hope they take the hint and make another season though. that would make a lot of us happy 🙂

  • JoAnn

    Got hooked on EVERWOOD and would like to buy the different series of the seaon I have the First season want to buy the rest. I think the show should continue because it was a great family show

  • LiNdZ

    Yea if they dont put more EVERWOOD shows on they are goin to have one angry fan! it was my favorite show and i just loved the drama and how everything would always go wrong and the complete wrong way you thought it would. so yes the deffinatley need to put on some more because i have been waiting for forever for them to come back on.