Having just watched last night’s PRISON BREAK, I have to get a few things off my chest. But before I do, a message to Tweener: Dude, you had to know that was coming. Clearly Agent Mahone is off his rocker. I can’t believe you got out of the car. You’ll be missed. RIP.

Now a message for the writers. Last night’s episode was fantastic, the only flaw was the Tweener mis-direction. You’ve gone to that well far too many times, and there wasn’t a single second where I thought Tweener was actually leading Mahone to Scofield and Co.

In the unexpected category – Sucre’s betrayal, did not see that coming. WOW! That was an unexpected surprise. Unfortunately, thanks to baseball, we’ll have to wait three weeks to find out what happens next.

A final question about the money. Wouldn’t it have been easier for Scofield to just tell this woman that there’s a few million dollars under your garage, let us come dig it up and we’ll happy to cut you in? Also, aren’t these bills all marked? Won’t the FBI know where everybody is the minute they start spending.

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  • I thought it was SSDF (Same Sh… Different Flies) I’m glad tweener got popped yo! One less loser. I want intensity, Scoffield cracking under pressure and have him tested, bring him to the brink. Instead we get more impossible close-calls and last second twists out of hell. PB needs the J

  • Dave, come on…. you could not have seen Sucre’s betrayal coming!

  • Speaking of Sucre – I was talking about Prison Break at lunch today, and all of a sudden, I was like “Wait, what if Michael and Sucre had that planned the whole time?” because that seems like something Michael would do…

    It came out of a more “I don’t want Sucre and Michael to be on the outs” than a “I think Michael and Sucre have telepathy and planned it from separate rooms”…I love the Michael/Sucre dynamic, and I would hate for Michael to be betrayed by him.

    Also – who do we think is in Sara’s house, and do you think Creep!Paul/Lance will save her because I kind of do….

  • Jessie

    I don’t know much about currency and it’s relevancy after a certain amount of time, but would any of those bills from 1970 something still be in circulation? Would that matter? I’m just wondering since it would all be pointless if it did

  • mg714

    I really liked last night’s episode – I felt like it was back to the way it was its first season. I’ve liked this season but not as much as last year, so the excitement and twists and turns of last night were great, I think. I hope the show keeps it up when it returns in a few weeks.