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NIP/TUCK is crazy. Those of you who saw last week’s ‘Peanut Butter’ episode know exactly what I’m talking about. Now I know why Pit-bulls are banned in Canada. American viewers, be sure to tune in tonight for ROSIE’S first of two guest spots.

CTV, you hear that, yup, this TV addict (a bona-fide Canadian) am watching NIP/TUCK. When you finally get around to airing season 4 (whenever you can fit it into your schedule), I’ll have watched the entire season. Yes, you’ve lost one viewer and the respect of TV fans across the country

How dumb is the television audience? Did you know that more people watched last night’s season premiere of THE BACHELOR then STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. Honestly, what is wrong with North American TV viewers.

Tonight is the third season premiere of VERONICA MARS. Please tune in, for if viewers don’t support it, I fear we’ll never see a fourth season premiere. VERONICA MARS airs on the New CW at 9PM following the GILMORE GIRLS.

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  • BOO. I hate CTV. Its a crappy channel in general. Too bad it will never be shut-down. At least CBC has “The Rick Mercer Report”, but CTV has.. well, Corner Gas I guess, but I dont really like the show anyways. I need a laugh track to make me feel as though I have people there watching it with me :P.

  • Common Sense

    Do you really need to ask how DUMB our TV viewers are? These are the simpletons to prefer watching suitcases being opened several night a week…or watching those fascinating D-list “celebs” dancing, skating, cooking, swapping, living together, singing, dueting, playing Jeopardy, blah, blah… These same couch-potatoes can’t understand the “complex” humor of shows like Arrested Development or The Office, but will vegetate during a War At Home marathon.

    Simply put: the vast majority of American viewers are mindless morons.

  • jls

    BOO CTV is right! I hate them too. Did you know they hold the Canadian rights to Veronica Mars and won’t air it!?! How many Canadians loose out because of that? And I’m sure it would help VM to have all those extra viewers. They have effed up enough of my shows that I refuse to watch anything on the network. Which paid off again when they messed up the Grey’s Anatomy premiere.

  • There’s some good things about CTV. They allow me to watch Studio 60 27 hours before the States, and… well, I can’t figure out a reason that doesn’t include a certain comedy that starts with “C” and ends with “ornergas”. But I don’t really like the fact they are airing VM, because now I don’t have a Canadian carrier for that show (Sun TV is not available on my TV service), and I’m not really warmed up to the CW yet. But I will watch that show

  • Colin – that’s the only good thing about CTV. And I’m sorry to say this, because as a Canadian, it’s probably against the law, but Corner Gas isn’t funny.