Thoughts on Shows that Start with ‘H’

I just wanted to quickly throw in my two cents about last night’s episodes of HEROES and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. First on the HEROES front. The episode really felt like the second part to last week’s premiere. There was still an awful lot of exposition and not very much actual plot development. Don’t get me wrong, it was still enjoyable, but I’m eagerly awaiting episode three (which I’ve heard is fantastic). And a quick HEROES prediction if I may: Mohinder Suresh’s (the professor’s son) new friend is actually evil — she seems far too interested in the professors work to be a casual acquaintance.

On the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER front, can I just say how much fun last night’s episode was. Lilly and Marshall were so funny as they tried to turn eachother on, Ted and Robin were adorable (and clueless) and Barney was well, Barney, which is always entertaining. It’s nice to have one sitcom (sorry, but THE CLASS is dreadful) that I can count on to laugh out loud each and every week.

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  • Tim

    I agree Mohinder’s new friend is going to turn out to be evil. I almost hope it doesn’t happen, because it seems so predictable

  • Tonya

    While I agree that HIMYM was great as always, I have to disagree about The Class. I really enjoyed it. Some of the characters need a little work but overall I found myself laughing out loud and loving the show!

  • I honestly find the characters in the CLASS almost unlikeable (especially the two sisters) and so far the show has been a huge disappointment (especially from one of the creators of FRIENDS)