Holy Frack, Veronica & Gilmore Together!

Two of my favourite shows, airing on the same night PLUS shout-outs to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on both — could last night’s one-two punch of GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS been anymore fun? Well in truth, it could have been, but I’ll get to that later.

First the return of VERONICA MARS. Let’s start with the opening credits. What were they thinking? I know Rob Thomas (Mars creator) has stated that he wasn’t a fan of the original credits, but at least they had an exciting energy to them. The new opening is slow and completely sets the wrong tone for the show.

In terms of the premiere, it wasn’t Veronica’s finest episode. I understand that the show had to do everything it could to keep GILMORE fans interested, but for some reason it didn’t seem like the VERONICA MARS we’ve come to know and love. The episode was very oddly paced, and pretty much nothing happened until the final 15 minutes.

Before I talk about GILMORE GIRLS, let’s pause for an AERIE GIRLS BREAK on the CW’s Aerie Tuesday. “Can you believe that Lorelai and Luke are over, like 4ever, OMG” I’m sorry to say, but these little commercials that the CW has concocted with American Eagle are perhaps the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Do marketing executives really think the audience is that stupid? Can someone please explain to me why a group of girls are watching TV in what looks to be a mash-up of an American Eagle store and a change room?

On to the GILMORE GIRLS. Last night’s episode proved that Stars Hollow is in good hands under new show-runner David Rosenthal. Kirk had one of his best scenes ever, as he transformed the town’s square into ‘Kirk’s’ (how long until those tshirts end up on CafePress?). Lane’s rant about the ‘female conspiracy’ with regards to sex was priceless, and TJ’s shout-out to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was frackin’ fantastic.

Bitter and resentful GILMORE fans are just going to have to suck it up for a while and realize that their happy Luke and Lorelai ending won’t be coming anytime soon. That said, I have no doubt that Luke and Lorelai will end up happily ever after. The question of course is will any fans be around to see it happen?

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  • Veronica Mars: I couldn’t agree more about the credits and the pacing. I’m not sure if that’s more about trying to catch the Gilmore Girls audience or trying to find their footing under a new way of storytelling…getting away from the season-long central murder arc to telling shorter, unbroken arcs.

    Gilmore Girls: I agree with you about the show being in good hands with David Rosenthal. After watching the first 2 eps, I feel as if the verbal wit and pacing is true to form. I haven’t laughed so much since season 5…especially over Kirk’s antics. Can’t wait to see how the season plays out.

  • Frank

    …don’t forget about the Veronica Mars shoutout to Battle Star Galactica. ” HOLY FRACK!”

  • Fiona

    I just can’t bring myself to watch the show anymore. I don’t like Christopher and I never will. As long as he is featured so prominently I won’t watch. My dislike of him outweighs my fondness for the other characters. For the entire series Christiopher has been portrayed as a loser and a user and now we’re supposed to believe he has changed? I invested 6 years of my life watching this show and I feel betrayed. I think that both Luke and Lorelai were equally to blame for their problems last year, but to have Lorelai FINALLY tell Luke she loves him only to immediately go and sleep with Christopher was the deal breaker for me. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me but everyone is entitiled to their opinion. I have no idea how the ratings this year compare to last year. I just hope the show stays on the air long enough for, what I consider, a happy ending Luke and Lorelai together.

  • starbase135

    Veronica Mars: I think the season premiere was pretty much designed to give the Gilmore Girls audience a chance to catch up and if we can be confident in Michael Ausiello the second episode is going to be amazing. Regarding the new opening credits I also couldn’t agree more…very sloooooow.

    Gilmore Girls: Last night’s episode was even better than the season premiere. The way I see it Gilmore Girls wasn’t that funny in years. Kirk’s diner on the town square made really my day.

  • Fiona – Question: out of curiosity, did you watch last night’s episode?

    Frank – Loved Veronica’s HOLY FRACK

    starbase and blythe – I heart Kirk’s Diner! (tshirt coming soon!)

  • jls

    I agree with you on the VM credits. I enjoyed the episode, but had some problems with the fact that I think it would really confuse any potential new viewers.

    That was an OUTSTANDING ep. of Gilmore Girls! Better than it’s been in a while. I was giddy. Luke punching Chris was hilarious! I thought the Luke/Lorelai situation was totally realistic. I’ve never felt they were “meant to be” and I totally agree that it was a good try and no one’s fault. I loved the ending with Rory curling up with her mom. Perfect.

  • Rob

    The pacing was necessary for an intro episode. You had to set up the campus rapes, swan-dive brother’s disintegration, etc.

    The dialog was far superior to past years. VM is must-see for both my wife and me, and we both noticed the improvement in the writing. No, it wasn’t a perfect episode, but I suspect this season of VM will be the best ever.

    And Holy Frack! BG is another must-see for us, even if we do have to double up on antidepressants before it comes on. The shout-out was nice.

  • Jessie

    I agree with Rob. Either a premiere is going to be incredibly action packed like Smallville or it’s going to be slower in order to set up a tone like Veronica Mars. I loved the opening credits personally. Yes the other one was better, but A) at least it’s still the same song, remixed-ish and B) it’s more edgy, adult which is fitting since Veronica Mars the character and show are both edgy and adult.