LOST Returns


Television’s most addictive (and frustrating) drama returns tonight on ABC at 9PM. Yes that’s right folks, LOST is back — and with it returns all the internet buzz, rumours, fan frustration, and of course mystery. What can I tell you about tonight’s premiere, honestly, absolutely nothing. This TV Addict has steered clear of all news, spoilers and rumours pertaining to our favourite island dwellers (are they even on an Island?).

With that it mind, let me say how excited I am for tonight’s premiere. I can’t wait to (hopefully) discover more about The Others, The Hatch, Penny, Henry Gale, the mysterious ancient foot, and of course, that antarctic base from last season’s final minutes. Regardless of what happens, no matter how many [or how few] answers we’re given, this TV Addict is hooked on LOST until the bitter end!

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  • I love that picture. I have that as my background.

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    yipppeee…Another season of my least favourite show. Why do I watch every week? I can’t figure it out…I hope this season is like the last few episodes of season 2…I’ll be happy in that case. Come on LOST, bring me back on the bandwagon!

  • I was waiting for you ‘thetvaddictaddict’ … I knew you’d be posting your negative lost vibe!!! I believe the show will suck you back in after tonight’s premiere. Come back to the site during commercials, theTVaddict will be LIVE blogging the show!

  • Yawn….