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Every season, I watch new shows, and I hope that I’m going to find the new character with whom I can identify, or over whom I can obsess. I tune into the new shows hoping to find the new Jack Bauer to admire, or the new Sydney Bristow to envy and worship. I hope that I can find new sidekicks to provide comedic relief, or new enemies to admire and despise.

This year is no different. As you all know, I’m watching 50+ shows a week, so keeping the new people straight has certainly been difficult so far. There are, however, five new characters that I already feel could be my new obsessions!!

1. Patrick Bachelor (Men in Trees) – Hey ho! This guy is a trip. He’s the local radio show host, innkeeper, town welcoming committee, you name it, Patrick does it, and always with a smile on his face and a cheesy oneliner to lighten the mood. It’s no wonder that Emily Bergl’s Annie fell head over heels in love with him the minute they met. He’s adorable. He’s thoughtful, he’s respectful, he’s the perfect gentleman, as all guys seem to be in Elmo, Alaska. The person on TV that has racked up the most book time in Corinne’s and my quote book? Yep, definitely Mr. Bachelor. He says things like “Break an antler” and “wow Golden Girl alert” with such conviction. He’s not trying to be hilarious, he’s being himself, and every word out of his mouth makes me laugh. I am so excited to watch Men In Trees just to see what he’ll say next. Huge…

2. Julie Stark (Shark) – Maybe it’s my fascination with the Disney Channel Original Movies (I’ve seen them all, repeatedly.), maybe it’s my obsession with smart-daughter-smart-father-witty-repartee (I can watch 6 hours of Veronica and Keith Mars banter and never get bored). Whatever it is, Danielle Panabaker’s chemistry with James Woods is exciting, and interesting. She doesn’t put up with his shit, and she tells him when it’s wrong. It’s refreshing to see a character written like her character. Daughters of the lead on a crime serial like Shark don’t often get the chance to have much of a backbone, and the writers have allowed for it. (come to think of it…maybe it’s the fact that I’m insanely jealous of the Panabakers and their brilliant minds and the fact that they both had their high school diplomas before they were even old enough to drive.)

3. Justin Walker (Brothers and Sisters) – Dave Annable was my favourite thing about Fox’s ill-fated Reunion. He’s playing a seriously flawed character that, regardless of addictions or vices, I find myself already rooting for, as the underdog of the Walker clan. I’m not the youngest family member, so I can’t truly understand feeling like an underdog, or feeling like I haven’t gotten the chance to experience what my elder siblings have, but already (yes, already, even after only 2 episodes), I find myself worshipping hot!Justin and his storyline.

4. Justin (Ugly Betty) – I feel like much ado has been made about Betty’s “friends” at work, or the people with whom she’s working, but not enough attention has been spent on the fact that her young nephew is hands down my favourite thing about the show. So into fashion, so obsessed with the life Betty wants to live, he’s well on his way to becoming her confidant. This kid is charming, and hilarious, and really makes the at-home scenes easily handle-able.

5. Hiro (Heroes) – This guy? He’s probably my favourite new character of all. So thrilled to be experiencing what his powers have enabled him to do, he is constantly smiling (unless of course he’s finding a frozen dead artist). His elation at teleporting from Japan to NYC was sheer joy to watch, and I found myself smiling right along with him as he waved his arms in the air, chanting “I did it” or “Go Yankees” on the streets of Times Square. Masa Oki is truly a great find, and I really think that as the show goes on, the humour he provides in a really dark, really scary-because-I-don’t-know-what’s-coming hour of TV will make the show much more enjoyable.

6. Alexander Mahone (Prison Break) – (yes I know it’s not a new show, but it’s a new character and it’s played by my current hero, Bill Fichtner, so I’m okay with that) He’s an FBI agent that has no morals. He kills in cold blood when he doesn’t get his way. He gets the shakes, he takes drugs, he has a sick fascination with cases he can’t solve. He is so flawed, damaged, dangerous, you name any bad word in the book to describe a big jackass, and he embodies the very soul of the adjective itself. But Bill Fichtner? He makes me want to know Mahone. He plays him so interestingly and, oddly enough, with such grace and charm that I am absolutely smitten with this bad guy chasing down our good guys of the Fox River 8 (or 7.…or 6.…)

I’m Amrie, and I’m a Spoiler-Addict.

Well, I’ve been as spoiler free as possible for the past two weeks and I must say, TV has been better. I had no idea that Jordan was arrested for DUI 8 years ago on Studio 60. I didn’t know that the dead body wouldn’t be Alma on Desperate Houswives. I, the biggest Veronica Mars fan in the world, refrained from watching the premiere so I could watch it after Gilmore Girls on Tuesday.vvI have no idea what’s going to happen on Lost and I am so excited to see how it plays out.

I’ve even taken out of my bookmarks as a way to ignore the temptation to read what’s coming. It’s been difficult, but I’m going to muster through. Hopefully I can make it for the rest of the year!!

In other news….

I watched the Degrassi Season Premiere. How much do I love how cheesy Peter is, with his quick obsession with Sean, and his obliviousness to Emma’s old feelings for Mr. Biceps (Sean)? Manny’s bangs, they make me smile. Marco’s being so stressed with everything, and the band being back together (sans Craig off living in the other side of the country), and Manny’s dad? So funny. Ellie’s awful roommate? Ellie’s cute new editor? Count me in for an awesome year! The only thing missing – not enough of JT and Tobey, the greatest things since sliced bread!!

I’m giving Gilmore Girls another shot. I’m excited for the Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars Tuesday night, and I really think that it’s going to get better. If it doesn’t, I know Friday Night Lights is just waiting for a new viewer in me!

Reruns of Everwood on ABC Family make me happy. Remembering how young Ephram and Delia, and even Dr. Brown were….it’s great. It makes me remember how much I seriously loved this show from day one on. Oh ABC Family…I thank you.

Battlestar Galactica is coming, Battlestar Galatica is coming!!! I’m all caught up, and I’m ready to roll with the new season!!! I’ve watched the webisodes (one more, due on Thursday, for which I can’t wait), I’m ready to see what happens!

Keeping it short this week – dog sitting is an amazingly time-consuming pasttime. Check back next week as I cast the story of my life using my favourite characters as stand ins for my family and friends.

What are your thoughts this week – who are your new favourite characters? How’s your spoiler-free lifestyle going? And how’s that Fantasyteevee League going? You winning or losing (as terribly as I’m losing in all three of my leagues…)?

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  • 50 shows? WOW! Do you have time use the bathroom? That’s a LOT of TV.

  • See! 50+ shows! It can be done! I’m not the only one! granted, I’m sure I’ll be fired soon from my job. haha…

    But yes, I find Men In Trees somehow endearing (if not terribly original) and I think a lot of that has to do with Patrick Bachelor.

  • Watching TV nonstop is definitely cutting into the time I normally set aside for sleeping, that’s for sure! HA!

  • Jenny

    Hah! 50 shows is nothing! Nothing, I say! Try 54! (Ok, so it was a lot more than that til I cut out Brothers & Sisters, What About Brian, Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty & Six Degrees. *shamed*)

    I agree with you about Patrick Bachelor (how great is that name, btw? lol)

    But personally my favorite crush this season so far is Jeremy Sisto on Kidnapping. He’s not only adorably sexy but smart, sly and extremely good at what he does. He’s just yummy!

    My second favorite has to be Piz on Veronica Mars. I just finished watching last night’s premiere and I am absolutely smitten. He’s extremely cute, funny, fit in well with Wallace (the first couple of lines were hysterical!) & Veronica and I can just tell I’m going to love his character!

    I’ve also had a thing for Jason Ritter (The Class) since Joan of Arcadia. I adore him. He’s cute, funny and I dunno, I just love him. 🙂

    Those are my picks!

  • Jenny isn’t it sad that KIDNAPPED will most likely be cancelled? I am really enjoying the show.

  • Jenny

    I am devastated. I read about that on WWK and nearly cried. lol But it sounds like they will at least wrap the story up by the end, so it won’t be Reunion II. heh