CW Switches Up Schedule

Apparently, things aren’t as rosy as CW’s incessant press releases would have us believe. Due to a disappointing start, the CW network has decided to swap their Sunday and Monday night line-ups. The Curse of the EVERWOOD cancellation has struck again (and yes, there is a curse). Here are the details from the official CW Press Release:

October 5, 2006 (Burbank, CA) – The CW is switching its Sunday and Monday nights of programming, effective October 9.

On October 9, The CW’s comedy block of “Everybody Hates Chris,” “All of Us,” “Girlfriends” and new series “The Game” will move to Monday from 8:00-10:00PM. The CW will rebroadcast each comedy’s season premiere on Monday, October 9, with original episodes returning on Monday, October 16.

Starting October 15, The CW’s new Sunday line-up will begin with an encore of the previous Wednesday’s “America’s Next Top Model” (7:00-8:00PM) followed by original episodes of “7th Heaven” (8:00-9:00PM) and freshman drama “Runaway” (9:00-10:00PM).

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  • Wait, wait, so they’re moving 7th Heaven to Sunday?! Haha, does that mean that 7th Heaven didn’t do as good as they thought it would?! Thats awesome.

  • Yes, Clearly Monday’s are a huge disappointment to the CW. This TV Addict’s prediction…. Monday nights will never do well for the CW ever….. THE CURSE OF EVERWOOD’S CANCELLATION™®, you heard it here folks!

  • T. Paul

    7th Heaven’s dumpy ratings make me smile.

    But I do enjoy Runaway and I hate that its on at the same time as Desperate Housewives. Yes, I have my TiVo/VCR/watch live TV on another feed set-up so I can have three shows being watched and recorded at once, but I enjoy fast-forwarding through the Housewives never-ending commercials. Now the TiVo goes to Runaway. This is frustrating.

    However, I have to say, this makes much more sense for the Monday lineup. I always thought they should have done a family lineup on Mondays with Chris and Reba in the first hour and Everwood at 9 (or, because the CW is the way it is, 7th Heaven).

  • Sam

    I never watched Everwood so I can’t say that I really care that it’s gone, but I would have gladly taken another season of a show a lot of people seem to care about over the aging 7th Heaven.

    This swtich up makes more sense to me actually. And yes, T. Paul, I enjoy Runaway as well so it looks like I need to change the Tivo schedule from Mondays to Sundays at 8 now.

  • Common Sense

    A bold (if somewhat desperate) move. You know, we tried and tried to tell Dawn & Co. that 7th Heaven’s long and storied run was over—but they were just fixated on that “series finale” rating. So, instead of renewing a show that both the critics and fans WANTED, they chose their own agenda, which has resulted in unmitigated disaster. Again, Dawn just had to have Veronica, and while it’s a quality show, she expected a miracle carryover from Gilmore Girls. Everwood could have thrived on the new network, and would’ve helped them avoid a horrible backlash from TV writers (who refer to the mistake constantly) and ex-fans who may never forgive the ridiculous decision. Well, CW, you ordered your two Monday shows, now live with them.

  • mg714

    I’m glad the CW is realizing that 7th Heaven isn’t as great as they thought, but I kind of wish Everybody Hates Chris wasn’t going to Mondays at 8/7. I already had Prison Break then, and now that CBS has moved How I Met Your Mother to 8/7, too, there’s too much to watch!

  • Mark

    Sorry to dissapoint, but I heard it’s not 7th Heaven they’re dissapointed with… it’s Everybody Hates Chris. It lost its whole audience from last year!

  • Tonya

    Kinda off the subject but has anyone heard what Veronica Mars’s ratings were?

  • Liz

    No, it’s definately 7th Heaven and it’s definately a curse. A big, fat curse with boils. You can’t try and tell me any different 🙂

  • After listening to mg714, I might have to agree with what he is saying.

    7th Heaven obviously isn’t doing as well as they used to. Hell, I used to love the show back in season 6-7 or so. But I’m not even tuning in anymore. So I’m sure that hundreds if not thousands of other people are doing the same thing.

    But still, 7th Heaven cannot be doing horrible, but it probably is a dissapointed compared to what its ratings were for the fake finale last year.

    I dont see why moving Everybody Hates Chris to Monday would help the show, but good-luck to it.

  • andy

    I think you should stop putting down 7th heaven its a great show and is still a great show. And will be a great show forever. I hope they do a 12th season of the show!!!!

  • andy

    I just read that 7th heaven rating went up to 4.5million. so there rating are picking up. Im glad they kept on 7th heaven. I plan to watch it to the end. And Hope they put on a 12th season too!!!!!