Kidnapped Cancelled, Justice and Vanished Moving

According to the Hollywood Reporter, both JUSTICE and VANISHED will be moving to new timeslots when they return after Baseball. JUSTICE will move to Monday’s after PRISON BREAK, and VANISHED is sent to the graveyard that is Friday night. In other TV news, sadly, KIDNAPPED has been cancelled. But if there’s a silver lining to this cloud, NBC is committed to airing all thirteen episodes, and the writers were given enough notice to craft an actual ending (FOX take notes, for when you next decide to cancel REUNION 2!)

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  • Kidnapped didnt come out swinging. If you want to get attention, you come out swinging, especially with a continuity based sotry arc. Justice should get the axe IMHO and Vanished is starting to get good, to bad its being sent to the graveyard. But Ghostwisper has been living well in the graveyard so you never know.

    If friday is the graveyard, what is saturday? Dante’s Inferno?

  • Erica

    Whoa. That’ll teach ’em not to use one-word names as show titles!

  • Sam

    Hey, Dave, watch it! I like Justice. The other two can go (and will go) as far as I’m concerned.

    Although, sadly I see all three being cancelled. Sigh.

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  • Mike

    I think that instead of cancelling a show like Kidnapped the network should tell them that they have like 1 or 2 seasons to wrap up the show… really how long were they planning on stretchin that show out…Dana Delaney is still very easy on the eyes

  • Reina

    I can’t believe Vanished killed the main character, who was actually the only reason why I started watching the show.. HELLO that’s Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. I wonder if he’s truly dead!!

  • carl

    First of all, i am obsessed with T.V.

    As for Justice, it is moveing to mondays. FOX is doing this because they realize they have a great show on thier hands. They need to give it a better slot behind a show that is already popular, and very good with a pretty heavy and loyal fan base to Prison Break. Bones is fareing pretty OK for FOX so far. Its staying at about the level they expected probably, which is good. The thing is, BONES ratings are not good enough quite to keep it as a steady LEAD-IN to a show. They are replaceing JUSTICE timeslot w/ a game show that they hope does very well, which potentially coould i guess. Look at DEAL or NO DEAL. It surprised everyone. Im rooting for the show to do well. Anyway, thier hopeing the gameshow does well, which IS a bit of a risk, but a good one IMO. If the gameshw does well, hopefully those viewers will start to watch BONES maybe.

    So, JUSTICE is not in a terrible timeslot considering its lead in is great. But about VANISHED….Its moveing to fridays. THAT IS A HUGE RISK. Fridays have NEVER been succesful for fox. Vanished is becomeing VERY GOOD, and very unpredictable and susspenceful. Hopefully it does OK on fridays. You know FOX is not expecting KILLER ratings on fridays VANISHED, so im really really hopeing about 3.2 rating AT LEAST for vanished to stay alive on fridays. A 3.2 on fridays is SO MUCH BETTER than FOX is getting right now on fox! Hopefully at least 3.2, (which is about almost 4 million viewers or so) make it to fridays to watch VANISHED. I know FOX is not expecting anything higher than that really on fridays. Maybe VANISHED can be a start fro FOX fridays, just maybe….

    About Kidnapped, its ratings have slipped into the 3’s, which IS NOT acceptable for a DRAMA on a MONDAY. Dramas on mondays should ALWAYS stay above 4.1 or so to be save, and thats pushing it for NBC. I knew it was gonna go, but at least they care enough to end it for those who care. All networks should learn to do that.

  • shawna

    I really like kidnapped, vanished and justice, I wish they’d give the shows some time to catch on and at least finish out the story line instead of leaving viewers hanging. It makes you not want to start watching a new show for fear that you will like it and it will just be cancelled.

  • gigi

    I don’t understand, either, why they don’t at least finish off the present story line instead of leaving those that were viewing Kidnapped hung out to dry! Too bad. Makes me wonder which ones I should never start watching in the first place, doesn’t it?
    Oh well, we’re just the viewers and don’t have a say or…….do we?????

  • shani

    it is totally rediculous i was finally really enjoying the shows after a boring summer . how could they let kidnapped and justice dissapear and the fill ins reruns- ijust dont get it.