LOST Mystery Girl

I don’t know about you, but I watched last night’s episode of LOST very [very] carefully. I’d even go as far to say that I rewound my PVR numerous times to re-watch several key scenes. That said, Kristin from E!online pointed out this photo from the official LOST/ABC.com photo gallery. Did anyone else notice the girl (pictured above) in any scene with Jack in the hatch? I didn’t. I wonder who this girl is? Why she was seemingly edited out of the show, and what the Frak is going on!

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  • The Grudge 3, duh.

  • Sam

    LOL Tim. Don’t you mean The Ring 3, lol? I read somewhere in the mesage boards I frequent (told you I was one of THOSE people) and a lot of people seem to think they saw someone watching Jack in the mirror. They didn’t mention a little girl, but who knows. That’s really interesting.

  • http://pages.infinit.net/jeliel/lostturbineenhanced.gif

    Here NO CODE, just copy paste it, I’m giving up on coding today 🙁

  • Jo

    The mystery continues…ABC has since ‘edited’ the photo out of their picture gallery. There is a close-up of the girl here: http://gallery.lost-media.com/displayimage.php?album=1164&pos=48

  • iheartveronicamars

    what the frak IS going on?

  • I have heard that the girl wound up on the cutting room floor, if she ever really was in the show. She may be one of the numerous clever misdirections the producers of Lost have given fans! I blog on each show at http://www.lostexposed.com/, and am going to add in something about her. Thanks for the tip!

  • Idiot

    It seems the seemingly friendly sandwich maker ages in the wrong direction whilst goting into jacks side of the aquarium :O

    Also, the thing about the communicatior “let it go Jack” was freaky

    “That thing hasnt worked in years”