TV Addict Rant: My Tivo Cut Off!

So I was listening to the second podcast from my friends over at GIVE ME MY REMOTE and DUCKYXDALE And to their credit, the podcast is fun to listen to and a nice distraction while I’m at my desk ‘working.’ But I’d like to take a moment to comment on one little thing.

About halfway through their podcast, at around the fourteen minute mark to be exact, hosts Dan and Kathie are complaining that their TIVO/PVR/Recording device cut off just as the big GREY’S ANATOMY McSTEAMY reveal (literally) was occuring. My question to Dan and Kathie, Have you not learned anything in all your years of TV addiction? Hit shows such as GREY’S ANATOMY, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, AMERICAN IDOL and LOST like to run a few minutes over [the one hour mark] to attempt to hook you on whatever is following.

So TV Addicts everywhere take note: Whenever you’re taping/PVRing/Tivoing anything, be sure to set your recording device to record a few minutes extra, so you don’t miss the pivotal final scene! We all remember what happened two years back on the GILMORE GIRLS season finale. Fans across America didn’t even realize Lorelai proposed to Luke! (ah, happier Gilmore times!)

This has been a public service announcement from 🙂

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  • Ha ha ha!! Well first off, thanks for listening to our podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. And you are right, those pesky TiVo and TiVo-like devices are bound to cut off when networks rin their shows long. My problem is, I usually have to record something else right after a show like GREY’S or GILMORE GIRLS. So if I set the TiVo to record until say 10:02pm, then the OTHER show I’m trying to record at 10pm won’t record because of the conflict. Do you see my dilema? ha ha ha ha

  • I tell my PVR to tape a few minutes longer, but it cuts them off anyway. It really likes to stick to the schedule. It’s quite annoying. Especially if I stop recording Six Degrees, because then I’ll loose the end of Grey’s every time.

  • GMMR,

    I’m having the same issue because I have back-to-back shows scheduled, too, and like you my DVR either seems to miss the last few minutes of the first program or the first few minutes of the other program. UGHHH!!!!!! It could almost drive a gal back to, gulp, the VCR.