I Love Thursdays: Ugly Betty, The Office & Grey’s Anatomy

I’m loving how GREY’S ANATOMY doesn’t take the easy way out. If this were any other medical show, Izzie would already be back at the hospital, Dr. Burke would be performing surgery flawlessly and Meredith would have already chosen between McDreamy and McVet. But thankfully, this is Seattle Grace, and problems aren’t solved over the course of an hour episode.

Last night’s episode had a little bit of everything for GREY’S fans across the board. We had Meredith ‘dating’ (with the inevitable dream sequence featuring McVet and McDreamy). Izzie returning to the hospital (almost!). And an adorable Abigail Breslin, fresh off her fantastic summer movie LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (watch your back Dakota Fanning!). We also had what’s become a standard heart-breaking moment, as Addison Sheperd has now reversed roles with Meredith to become the McEmotionalMess. How much am I loving Addy? Who would have thought ‘the other woman’ would have become my favourite resident of Seattle Grace?

Dunder Mifflin is so much fun that it almost makes me wish I worked in an actual office. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but who wouldn’t love Movie Monday and Call of Duty Tournaments? Seriously folks, when 8:30PM on Thursday comes around, I’ve got ‘Sophie’s Choice’ on my hand. Flip from UGLY BETTY (which I’m loving) or PVR THE OFFICE and watch it after GREY’S ANATOMY. This week, I stuck with UGLY BETTY, since I was loving it, and have held off watching THE OFFICE until 10PM.

Why am I loving UGLY BETTY? Two words, America Ferrera. She glows and is not surprisingly, the most radiant star to hit the small screen (or 42″ widescreen as the case may be) since Kristin Bell showed up in Neptune [VERONICA MARS]. Admittedly, nothing about the show is the least bit surprising, and the entire ‘mystery plot’ is falling slightly flat, but aside from that, the show is a joy to watch. I’m loving the vibrant colours, delectable dialogue and Vanessa L. Williams portayal of evil fashion editor Wilhemina. I can’t recall such an entertaining TV villian since Amanda moved into MELROSE PLACE.

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  • Frack Dakota Fanning, Abagail Breslin is cuter any day.

    I also loved Betty & Grey’s last night. Both of them make me smile.

  • Tim, I’ve recently learned, it’s ‘Frak’, not ‘Frack’ Just thought you should know!

  • G-Sus

    Uhh Ugly Betty is bad show. I admit I watched the first two episodes, I even switched over from The Office to Betty (a move I am somewhat regretting now). To be quite honest Betty seems like the poor mans Devil Wears Prada. Something about the production just seems so low budget, and it’s distracting. Everything about this show is just way too predictable, and way too cliche.

    The second episode seemed a lot like the first episode especially with the way it was structured. The only thing I enjoyed about Betty was her little cousin and her sister or female cousin whomever…I liked them because they were over the top and out there, which made them funny. But as for Betty and her work related drama, that was just all so predictable and boring. I have to disagree America Ferrera is not radiant in the role, I could picture anyone else in that role that is how you know it isn’t anything special. Think about shows like Six Feet Under, could you imagine anyone else being cast for any of those characters? to say she is the most radiant thing to hit the small screen really shows just how terrible your taste in acting/writing really is.

    I really do want to root for Betty though because I like seeing minority characters on tv. But Betty just may be ugly after all….