I Love American TV

So the TV addict has taken a brief vacation to New York City. I’m sitting in my friends apartment, I flip on the TV, eight billion channels appear! [God Bless America] Does the-N air anything other then DEGRASSI? It’s so nice to be able to flip on channels I’ve only read about online. Sci-Fi, E!, ABC Family, Comedy Central. Sadly, being Canadian, we don’t have access to any of these great channels.

On the internet front, I finally get to experience all this fantastic ‘internet TV’ that I’ve been hearing so much about. Last night, I was out for the evening, so this morning I’m leisurely lying in bed, catching up on last night’s episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES over on ABC.com. Thanks to this wonderful world of online television, I’ve also got a chance to see the sixth season premiere of DEGRASSI over on the-N. (Emma, you really have to make a decision already, Peter or Shawn!)

Can someone please explain to me how one actually gets any work done in this country. There are literally hours of entertainment at my fingertips! I honestly could never move to the US. The lethal combination of endless entertainment and mozzerella cheese sticks (my kryptonite) would no doubt transform me into the giant couch potato from NIP/TUCK’S third season premiere.

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  • Glad you are enjoying American televison, but NYC is pretty fab too..check it out, you know, during repeats 🙂

  • Hehe, glad you’re having fun here! We should have hung out while you were so close by!

  • ooh boy! bring me there and i’ll end up staying in as well! but you better be checking out new york city! i wish i were there!

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean, I went to Atlanta in the summer and America’s channels are just awesome. I’ve been having to bittorrent Degrassi because stupid CTV thinks they can just cheat us out of our show until November, whereas the US gets it so much earlier. We should get it earlier, it’s OUR show. lmao.

  • Sam

    Yes I love tv but I mostly stick with my network channels anyway (unless you’re Entourage, Weeds, of The 4400) I think we take it all for granted.

    You know, I don’t understand why you guys don’t get any channels. It seems unfair to me. I mean, I know you’re in a different country with different rules, but you’re still part of North America. The Big Wigs in charge should really think about doing something about that, lol.

  • yeah its unfair
    but its pretty okay when they play the shows at the same time as the US, such as Veronica Mars.
    and Gilmore Girls comes an hour earlier in Canada (on Global Maritime)

  • I hate tuning into the NBC channel only to find the CTV logo in the corner instead of the NBC one. Its annoying. And besides, Sci-Fi channel is way better than Space. And the WB, I mean, the CW is a pretty good channel. I have New York’s the CW11 here in Halifax.