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*This week, I was going to talk about the perfect cast of characters to tell my life story, but I feel there are more pressing stories in need of my support.

A call to arms, if you will, for the shows that might not make it to episode 5, let alone getting the call for the back 9.

With Kidnapped going the way of Reunion (13 episode send off), and Smith forced into taking the Wonderfalls exit (taken off the air after barely a month, if that), it got me thinking and worried about what that means for the other new shows that might not be doing as well as the networks had imagined they would.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Lets see – cast of charming, terrific actors? Check! Writers that know what they’re doing? Check! Viewership that immediately demands for a season pickup? No. And why not? The cast of charming, terrific actors are knocking it out of the park on a consistent weekly basis. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are gold, especially on screen together, but also on screen with anyone else they must interact. When the show first aired, it looked like it was going to be a moderate success, easily winning the night, and getting fans and network execs high on the idea that this show would be sticking around. Then CSI: Miami, the silent Monday at 10 beast that has been killing everything in its path, happened, and slowly the viewers have vacated Studio 60, and moved on to other things. It’s a sad day when The Bachelor, with their “most heartstopping rose ceremonies” yet, and their tried and failed techniques, is beating out true wit, grace, and all out genius.

Are there things about the show that I don’t like? Yes. Maybe we can spend less time dealing with how much Jack hates Matt and Danny, as it’s been established, and it’s not necessary to move the entire story along. Maybe the sketches could be left out more often, and they should probably definitely do without the end of show montages set to moderately popular late 70s love songs.

That said, we should all band together and be sure that we’re tuning into this phenomenal show before NBC decides that this show is underperforming too much and isn’t worth the money they spend to make it!

I was one of those people, in the beginning of the season, that said Fox would get rid of this show early, and I’m starting to regret buying into that theory. Ron Livingston is really admirable in his role, and as I’ve seen more and more of each episode, I’m drawn into this world of hostage negotiation that I knew nothing about before. You can tell, with his interactions, just how much he enjoys working with his girlfriend Rosemarie Dewitt, and their chemistry really moves the hostage-taking parts of the show into a comfortable pace.

And with this show, are there things I don’t like? Of course, but that’s to be expected. It’s a procedural Fox show that was originally put together quickly, in order to beat out the other hostage pilots that were on the market. Gina Torres is dreadfully underused, and the stories that call for her character to have a big role grate on my nerves, because not only do they under use her, but they misuse her.

Now, with it moving to 8PM on Tuesdays, it might stand a better chance, but not until we all start tuning in.

Brothers and Sisters
This show probably doesn’t have as much to worry about, because it’s maintained consistent numbers throughout the first couple airings, but I is not performing nearly as well as Grey’s Anatomy did last year at the same time. Without a Trace is stomping the show into the ground, and I’m not sure it’s a perfect fit with Desperate Housewives.

My feelings for Calista Flockhart aside (I loved Ally McBeal for the supporting cast, but not the “heroine” of the series), this show has true potential and I include it in my “please watch these shows and protect them from cancellation” column on the sheer love of Dave Annable and his adorable scruff, and Rachel Griffiths and Sally Field’s insane ability to act the crap out of anything they’re given!

Jack Bristow? Check! Jack McPhee? Check! That right there should be a recipe for success. Victor Garber’s Alias fans should be following him to this show, not to mention Kerr Smith’s loyal following from Dawson’s Creek (me being one of them) who are old enough now to appreciate truly great television when it presents itself.

Yes, this show would never stand a chance against Lost, but with the numbers that Heroes is pulling, will it stand a chance against that once it settles into its post baseball slot?

There are a multitude of arguments I could make for canceling it. Truly. The story never shocks me. They keep someone out of jail, and with bated breath, I hope that the telling of the crime will show that the successfully represented a guilty person, but it doesn’t happen, or hasn’t happened yet, not saying it never will. Rebecca Mader’s accent is horrific, and she slips in and out of it more than Joely Richardson on Nip/Tuck.

But I really do feel that the good outweighs the bad, and I hope that Fox treats this show much better than the relegated-to-Fridays-and-probably-doomed show Vanished.

In Other News…

Well, in sort-of other news, Heroes was picked up for a full season, showing that NBC still has it, and did reward a show after only 2 airings. It’s a good day when we get Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventamiglia, Greg Grunberg, and Clea Duvall on TV on a weekly basis, not to mention my newest hero, Masi Oka.

Ugly Betty is continuing to surprise me. I really do think that Eric Mabius is a great find, and that he and Betty (America Ferrera) have great boss/assistant chemistry. I hope that the show doesn’t try too hard, and become a mockery of the mockery it’s trying to be. We’ll keep tuning in to see!

Battlestar Galactica never ceases to shock and amaze me. The old man isn’t going to let his old crew struggle to survive for long on New Caprica, is he? I still love Chief Tyrol and love any scene he’s in. Same goes for just about everyone on the show, because seriously, best acting ever!

Have you heard my Prison Break theory? That Sucre and Michael have a plan and that he hasn’t turned Linc and Michael.

Veronica Mars – season premiere? Just a few things to say. I’m not sure I like how lovey-dovey Veronica and Logan are. They never were before. I do like their snark and their sarcasm, and I’ll continue to be a LoVe supporter, but maybe they can stay the same characters they’ve always been? And Piz? Awful name, GREAT character. He’s funny. He isn’t just a fluff extra character like Jackie was, and I think that he’s going to be a great addition to the cast, season wise. Dick Casablancas and Logan hugging at the end? Priceless. PS those of you who think that Dick is the rapist? That scene screams red herring!!! My money’s on Jeremiah Laskey from Saved by the Bell….though that would be simply awful!!!

Spoiler-Free for 3 weeks and counting….

Just a small update on the spoiler-free lifestyle. The Lost season premiere was 100 times better than it could have been if I had read anything about it before hand. The first 5 minutes shocked my mind, and I really do look forward to what’s coming up. Veronica Mars unspoiled was great! Though I would love to have read spoilers about Gilmore Girls that would have helped me avoid watching it, it was still good to not have a clue what was coming.
So I’m spoiler-free and loving it. Let’s see how I feel about that when November sweeps hits!!!

Best Music Moment(s) This Week

My newest obsession, Joshua Radin was all over TV this week

His song “Everything’ll Be Alright (Will’s Lullaby)“ was on One Tree Hill and Brother and Sisters, and the song “Only You” was on Runaway on the CW.

Download “Closer,” “Star Mile,” or “Winter” and you won’t be disappointed!

That’s it for this week! Check back next week as we go back to our regularly scheduled casting of my life as a sitcom!

What are your favourite new shows in desperate need of viewers so that they don’t take the Happy Hour route off of TV? How’s your spoiler-free life going? What was the best thing you watched on TV this week? Drop me a line at


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  • I can see Studio 60 getting cancelled. I mean, I love the show and watch it every week, but it just has a massive feel to it. Like a really big production with big costs, and if it isn’t getting the viewers, its screwed. Which is kind of sad because I wanted Perry to have a good job after Friends.

  • stacias

    Totally spoiler-free huh? Hmm, I’ve always been partially spoiler-free. For certain shows that have shocking plot twists or that I really, really love (ie Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Veronica Mars, Grey’s & maybe a few others), I avoid spoilers like the plague. For other shows, however, I don’t think knowing in advance hurts my enjoyment of the show (ie Gilmore Girls or Desperate Housewives), because it’s more the execution of the storyline that I enjoy than being surprised. Since I’ve discovered spoilers, I don’t think I can give them up totally, but the partial thing works well for me.

    And on another note, why oh why can’t I be a Nielsen family? I love Studio 60, and would hate to see it leave, and now I’m hearing that Veronica Mars may be in trouble because it’s not retaining enough of its lead-in…

  • Cory

    I love Studio 60 as well and am hoping it doesnt get pulled before it can find an audience.

    I heard a rumor about Battlestar Glactica moving into it’s spot however with the genre lead-in Heroes. If that does happen to be the case I hope NBC will not make Ron Moore change anything about BSG as he’s doing an amazing job! As for what that would mean for Studio 60? I shudder to think of the possibilites.

  • jls

    Studio 60 is my favourite new show of the season. The thought of it getting cancelled makes me very blue. Everyone I know is watching and loving it. I just can’t believe it’s not doing well.

    I’m enjoying Brothers & Sisters, and Heroes as well. Glad to hear at least one of them has already gotten the full season pick-up.

    I’ve already given up on Six Degrees because it feels so much like Reunion, and I don’t want to be left hanging after investing so many hours. I wasn’t at all surprised that Smith was the first to officially go. It was hard to watch.

  • Sam

    When watching Studio 60 yesterday I realized that for some reason, something about it has me glued to every moment of it and I don’t know what. I’d actually be upset it were to be cancelled. Which would be unfair considering FOX keeps poor viewship shows like The O.C. for seasons and the same with the CWB and One Tree Hill.

    YAY! Heroes got a full season. That’s the best news I’ve heard in while!

    Love Josh Hadin. He was on my local radio station the other day. He wrote a song for one of the d.j.’s about her unborn baby. It was so sweet. He’s a sweet guy.

    So do you at least read episode titles, and airdates like I do Amrie? That’s all I know spoiler-wise this season. No specifics and I too am doing great without them so far. Yes the sweeps periods may be a little tricky to get through though, lol.

    Great column as always!


  • I do know some things about upcoming episodes, basically TV guide descriptions, because of my FTV spinmaster stuff, but I refuse to read any of the “big reveals”! So episode titles, and guest stars, that’s about it for me!