Got a Question for a HERO?

The TV Addict will be talking to HEROES showrunner Tim Kring and stars Ali Larter (NIKI SANDERS) and Santiago Cabrera (ISSAC MENDEZ) tomorrow. If you have any questions about one of the fall’s hottest new shows, please post below.

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  • FOR TIM KRING: There were a number of changes between the pilot that aired and the pilot that leaked online a few months before, including Issac’s hand not being chopped off. What was the reason for this?

  • For Tim Kring: There has been some negetive responces the the gore, blood, and violence in the show. Is there a reason the show is so graphic and has there been any concern from NBC?

    For Tim Kring/Santiago Cabrera: Having a character (Issac) whose abilities are based in constant drug use is a very unique and contraverstial topic for a hit TV show? Has there been any negetive feedback from either the network or the viewers about portraying this topic so frankly?

  • To either: Storywise, how much of a story arc has been planned out?