the TV addict returns from NYC

The TV Addict has finally returned from a whirl—wind four day New York adventure. No matter how many times I visit, I’m still amazed with how incredible the Big Apple is (and yes, I realize how touristy that sounds). After four days of incredible meals, fantastic shows, and even more food, I’m exhausted and stuffed! I also have A LOT of television to catch up on. My PVR is almost full with episodes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, BROTHERS & SISTERS, STUDIO 60, HEROES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE. So fellow TV addicts, here’s where you come in. Let me know what was worth watching this week. What was the best show from the list above, and what should I be watching first?

I hope all my American and Canadian friends had an incredible holiday weekend, and stay tuned tomorrow for an Exclusive TV addict interview with DEGRASSI star JAMIE JOHNSTON.

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  • tcgc

    Studio 60 was absolutely hilarious and continues to be brilliant.

  • Heroes was great too.

  • Sam

    Having seen all but Brother’s and Sisters, out of what I have seen I can easily attest that Heroes was the best among them. Definitely a must watch first.

  • Jenny

    Studio 60, HIMYM then Heroes. The rest… *shrug* 🙂

  • John

    Heroes, Studio 60 and HIMYM were all great.

  • Jesse

    From that list

    1. Studio 60
    2. Heroes
    3. Brothers & Sisters (really likin this now cant wait for the first Berlanti Ep next week)

    New to the site but how come The Wire and Weeds aren’t on your viewing sched, arent sho and HBO in canada???

  • Katrina

    Really enjoyed Studio 60… Hope it gets to stay on the air!!

  • Dana

    Studio 60!

  • Jasmine

    Studio 60, Heroes, Brothers And Sisters, HIMYM, DH…..

  • In case you’re wondering, and I know you are…. I choose to watch shows in this order:

    1. STUDIO 60 – loved it, especially the ending. Christine Lahti is amazing
    2. HEROES – didn’t love the episode, LOVED the ending

    That’s all I got to so far, Too much TV, and I needed sleep

    Also a note to JESSE (four posts above), thanks for reading the site. I don’t watch THE WIRE, just because I missed the first few seasons. I hear it’s amazing though. As for WEEDS, I absolutely love it and think Mary-Louise Parker is amazing. The reason I don’t talk about it much is that in Canada, we’re two weeks behind, so I don’t really want to post about shows that my US friends watched two weeks ago.

  • cant wait for the interview!
    i love degrassi.