BSG Loses Viewers… The ‘Felicity’ Effect?

Further proof that TV viewers have no taste — the third season premiere of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, in spite of the endless media buzz and internet hype, failed to attract new viewers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Friday’s premiere of BSG drew 2.2 million total viewers, which was down from the second season premiere that attracted 3.1 million total viewers. Sci Fi was quick to note that the two-hour Season 3 opener was the No. 1 cable series Friday night. In the adults 18-49 demographic, the episode drew 1.4 million viewers. This TV Addict, while not surprised, considering that America has ignored STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP is disappointed. When will viewers learn to appreciate great television when they see it?

How’s this for a theory — did the writers pull a ‘Felicity’? Remember when Felicity’s dreadful season two haircut was blamed for the decline in the show’s popularity? Could Jamie Bamber’s (Apollo) fat suit had the same effect? Only time will tell. But remember folks, you heard it here first: The ‘Felicity’ Effect!

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  • Jenny

    Hmm, I swear I read the ratings were good. Suck. 🙁

  • Liz

    To be fair, I think The ‘Felicity’ Effect was mostly concocted by WB execs who needed a good answer/explanation for Felicity’s declining ratings. They didn’t want to correctly point the finger at the decreasing quality, so they blamed Kerri Russel’s hair, and created a newsworthy policy about not letting their stars cut their hair anymore.

    I don’t watch BSG, but I’m hoping that the true cause of The ‘Felicity’ Effect isn’t to blame, since I’ve heard the show is really good, and I plan to start watching it hopefully before it starts being less good. If that makes any sense.

  • starbase135

    Actually the ratings are good…considering that SciFi has never had such success on Friday nights. The last season premiere didn’t have to compete with Close To Home, Men In Trees and SmackDown

  • The beauty of cult TV is that it’s pure. It doesnt try to be everything to everyone. If BSG doesnt last, then it ends and we’ll have 4 DVD boxsets to cherish.

    But also unfortunately, the BSG season 3 premiere was dull and boring for the non initiated

  • starbase135

    BTW the ‘Felicity’ Effect was much more the ‘The WB’ Effect: “Once we have a successful show we move it to another night and let it die…”

  • I think too many people now rely on downloads, watching later or just waiting for the complete DVD set to come out later and watching it at once but people forget, SOMEBODY has to watch the show on TV and watch the commercials to pay for it or else the networks are going to cancel it.

    Basically the networks need a new way to gage ratings (I think the Neilsen ratings are WAY out of touch ) and that there will need to be a new system somehow that TV shows and networks can make money from, but I also think viewers need to support the shows they like to watch and many of my friends dont bother when shows first air (also, thus the slow numbers to the new season).