CBC Arrested?

According to my super-secret-source inside the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is rumoured to be replacing FRASIER reruns with ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in early 2007. This is great news for fellow Canadians who won’t have access to the episodes that will soon be airing on MSN (Canadian/International and MAC users have no access to all of MSN’s content). It’s nice to see my tax dollars finally paying for a show that I’m interested in watching! (CBC is funded by the government of Canada.)

Thanks to Mark S for the Tip!

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  • Here’s another thing you may already know, the CBC is now running 24/7. They replaced their colour bars and that closedown that has ran every night since 1992 with repeats of Hollywood movies and their prime-time programs.

  • Colin, I have to say, I didn’t even know CBC wasn’t running 24/7. Besides Hockey and the occassional movie, I rarely watch CBC. But always nice to hear from a fellow Canadian.

  • tcgc

    just a slight correction tv addict. the cbc is owned by the Canadian government, not just funded. It is a crown corporation. I actually do not believe the cbc should show any american tv, “the one” was clearly a huge mistake for them, but leave it up to global and ctv.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love arrested development…the few episodes i did watch with my wonderful ex gf were great and maybe one day I’ll see the rest of them.

  • tcgc, you are right, Yes, you’re correct, CBC is owned [and funded] fully by the government of Canada. Which in my opinion is a complete waste of my tax dollars. TV should be privately funded, the CBC should not be, and isn’t competing with Global and CTV who have far deeper pockets. Our tax dollars should go to important things, such as health care! And yes, I realize I’m a TV addict, but between watching Arrested Development, and curing cancer, I’m going to stick with being cured of a disease over TV (but just barely!).

  • tcgc

    Lol. A great rant. I certainly agree with you. As a federal employee I agree that our tax dollars could be better spent. Especially when the CBC just spent millions of dollars to secure the cdn tv rights to the World Cup(Soccer). I personally thought they were out of spending money on sporting events after losing the olympics and then they do that. Oy.
    What are your thoughts on Canadian Content? It mostly applies to the music and radio industry, but it does have its affect on the Cdn Tv.

  • S

    I was happy to see the CBC pick up AD because I missed most of the final third season after FOX moved it from Sunday to Monday and it no longer fit into my schedule. I never did get to see those episodes and looked forward to seeing how it ended. But now I’m upset. Why? Of the complete set of 53 episodes, the first 51 were all aired all in their original sequence, and they were supposed to run the penultimate installment (“Exit Strategy”) today, March 13.

    But they skipped it and ran the final episode (“Development Arrested”) instead! And by the time I realised it — a few minutes in — they had revealed a number of key plot points that unfolded in ES. I was really upset with seeing these spoilers after waiting these last 2.5 months (over a year, really, dating back to their original airing) for the payoff!

    Not wanting to see any further spoilers, I immediately turned off the TV. I just tuned in to the midnight airing (they show it twice at 5:30pm and midnight each weekday) hoping they would air the correct one but they still got it wrong. Now I suppose they will follow one of three nearly equally unsatisfactory options:

    (1) Air ES tomorrow, March 14th, and loop back to the pilot episode on the 15th.
    (2) Loop back to the pilot right away on the 14th.
    (3) Stop running the show altogether.

    I will be VERY surprised if they air the last two episodes in their original sequence over the next two days.

    Is it any wonder people hate the CBC when they bungle things this badly?

  • S

    I’m back once again to report that the CBC repeated their mistake of skipping “Exit Strategy” yesterday on the 2nd cycle of their AD run. Once again they aired the finale, and today they aired the pilot to begin a 3rd cycle. According to my calculations (53 total episodes, one per weekday), the missing ES ep (#52 in the orginal order) should air on Monday August 6th if they finally fix this problem.

    This can’t be a coincidence that they would skip this same episode, and only this episode TWICE. What’s going on?