Gilmore Girls: Christopher Returns!

Last night’s episode, written by EVERWOOD showrunner Rina Mimoun was another fantastic night in what is so far turning out to be a great season of GILMORE GIRLS. The episode had everything a GILMORE GIRLS episode should have (okay, a little too much Michel, but I’ll forgive that). A memorable Paris moment (Her tutoring philosophy: Be mean, why? “You don’t fall in love with people who make you want to crap your pants.”). A laugh-out-loud line by Emily (“Lorelai, there’s nothing funny about being a lesbian”). Minimal Sookie, and naturally, some witty banter between Lorelai and Rory.

Of course what most Gilmore fans will be talking about today is Christopher’s return, and his declaration of love to Lorelai (or Lauren as he ‘seriously’ called her). This of course was coming a mile away, and no doubt hard for some hardcore Luke/Lorelai fans to hear. But in truth, this TV addict can no longer ignore what a great guy Christopher has become. Throughout the years, he’s evolved and now seems ready to step it up and make a go of a serious relationship with Lorelai. I for one can’t wait to see what happens next week, and judging from the sneak preview, it seems as though Chris has taken a page from the FELICITY handbook!

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  • Chris has his chances, he’s just too fracked up to figure what he wants, now it’s Luke’s turns to woo Lor.

  • It looks to me that Christopher is pretty set on what he wants -that being Lorelai. Luke is a little to pre-occupied with his diner/daughter and is quickly losing ground.

  • haha
    yeah it sounded like Lauren but watch it again and it sounds a bit like Lor

  • d’oh, I already erased it from my PVR. I could have sworn I heard ‘Lauren’

  • tcgc

    hopefully now people can lay off christoper and david sutcliff.

  • I happen to be a fan of the Christopher and Lorelai reunion. I personally thought Luke and Lor (as Chris called her last night…I listened to it twice, b.c I too thought he called her Lauren) had zero chemistry. He was such a stick in the mud, and he brought her down. Bring on Chris!!

  • babygirrr

    AMEN GMMR! I like hearing about other Chris fans. I truly belive they are destined to be together, they fit together perfectly! Plus they have tons of history, and chemistry that cannot be denied! I for one can’t wait to see what develops! Luke needs to just be the “diner guy” like he said last episode, harsh but true, he was a better friend than lover.

  • jls

    Yay! Finally some Christopher love. I’ve always been a Chris/Lorelai fan, and totally agree that they’re a much better match than Luke/Lorelai ever were. Their banter cannot be matched. I just really hope Lore hasn’t made this step before she was ready. I’d hate to see them fall apart down the road because of unresolved Luke issues.

  • kay

    “Luke is a little to pre-occupied with his diner/daughter and is quickly losing ground.”

    Heaven forbid a guy focus on his daughter. Oh wait, that’s something that Christopher never did during Rory’s formative years. That’s what makes him such a “great guy.” Good to know. I guess I’ll go find myself a guy who can knock me up. I won’t marry him right away so he can ignore our kid. Then when the kid is good and grown, my baby daddy can come back around and we can start a relationship. And, if, by chance, I fall in love with a guy who has a kid that he didn’t know about, I will toss him aside as he tries to become a good father, because, who cares about the kid? It’s all about me me me!

    Also, his diner was built on a solid foundation of family and love.

    It’s amazing how easy it is for people to think that Christopher has “grown up” and “matured.” The timing of his proclamation of love to Lorelai was not the greatest. Lorelai just ended her engagement. Sure, it’s been three weeks, but, still, give the woman a little time to grieve. Once again, all Christopher cares about is himself. He doesn’t care that the person he supposedly loves is going through such a hard time. Hell, he doesn’t even care to realize that Lorelai loved Luke; he just thinks that Luke was the latest stumbling block to something that was “so right.” How can having sex with a distraught woman (as Lorelai was on that night) feel so right? It can, because Christopher wasn’t focusing on Lorelai – she could have been dead for all he cared. He was focusing on himself and how HE felt. He was finally getting some action again.

    Money doesn’t make a person mature. And, sadly, that is exactly how the powers that be have decided to “mature” Christopher. If he hadn’t received all that money from his dead uncle, where would he be now?

  • Kaz

    Be prepared then jls. The warp speed at which “Lor” is moving onto Chris should be screaming out rebound to you!! God she is pathetic – guess that makes her and Chris a perfect match!

  • BeBe

    I guess all of fans of Christopher don’t care about his lack of character. He spent 22 years basically ignoring his daughter Rory and offered no help or support to Lorelai but hey, that’s okay because he is quippy! I’m sorry, but I want Lorelai to be with a man not a cardboard boy. I guess none of you care that he lies to his daughter so he can get points with Lorelai as long as he can crack a joke. Character does matter and Christopher is lacking character and maturity.

  • Babette

    I’d hate to be a Christopher fan in about three months. Enjoy it while you can, cause Lorelai is obviously screwed up right now. She will always love Luke, not Christopher. No matter how “great” a guy he has become.

  • Save Ferris

    OMG!!! You are so right! Chris is totally a great guy now!

    I mean, it’s not like he [deleted for content] a woman who had just broken up with her fiance, showed absolutely no concern with how she was feeling or what she wanted, ignored her request for space by leaving a completely inappropriate message on her answering machine which anyone–including their daughter could hear, then used a dinner with their daughter as an excuse to emotinally accost her.

    But hey, they have such chemistry and he’s sooooo cute, so it’s all good, right?

  • Elizabeth

    “I just really hope Lore hasn’t made this step before she was ready. I’d hate to see them fall apart down the road because of unresolved Luke issues.”

    I wouldn’t bank on them not falling apart for 2 reasons:
    1. The look on her face when she does call him. Not so happy.
    2. It is 3 weeks after she and Luke called it quits. That screams rebound.

    I think thye are just using Christopher as a way to resolve her past, which is holding her back. I would be very surprised if they stay together after she is “fixed”.

  • You can always tell when is linked on the Television Without Pity Boards! Here comes the Angry Gilmore Luke/Lorelai Shippers!

    Can I just ask you all this question…. Can a person ever make up for their past mistakes? Should Christopher really be punished for the rest of his life? Why can’t you LL Shippers except the current reality. Luke and Lorelai (at this time) are not good for eachother.

    Obviously, it’s a TV show, and Luke and Lorelai will eventually find their happy ending. But for now, suck it up!

  • Allison

    If you think Christopher is a great guy then we must have been watching a different show. All he cares about is getting in Lorelai’s pants and he cares about more than his children. How do we know this? He told his daughter the best day of his life was the day Lorelai kissed him at the age of 14. I hope my dad tells me that one day. I hope ‘Lor’ marries Chris and becomes Emily because that is her future with him. Frankly, Luke deserves better.

  • Jessica

    He evolved, all right. His grandfather croaked and left deadbeat a ton of money. With all of the resources in the world, he was still incapable of looking after his kid. Then, he bonks an emotionally distrubed woman and thought it was great. He is the same scumbag he always was. He treated his eldest daughter like garbage for over 20 years. What single mother in their right mind would go to a guy like that? Break out the Hello Kitty barf bags.

  • Jessica

    And you can always tell a fanwanker masquerading as an impartial critic.

  • Save Ferris

    Actually, everything I said was based on the past four episodes of the show, not past mistakes or ancient history, and this has nothing to do with L/L. Chris has always–despite whatever his best intentions may be–shown himself to be clueless at best and selfish at worst when it comes to Lorelai and Rory.

    And can you honestly say that a man who would sleep with a woman who had just gone through a painful break-up and shown up on his doorstep in tears and then pursued her without a thought to what she was going through or what she wanted is a “great guy”?

    All Christopher has shown me is that while he may have more money and be making more attempts (however belatedly) to be a part of his daughter’s life, he’s the same selfish, feckless guy he’s always been and his “love” for Lorelai is all about him.

  • EMM

    Oh ya, and wait til he sends daughter #2 off to be with the baby mama who abandoned her. Way to go, Chris–send a preschooler off to a STRANGER in a strange country (France) with the nanny! That way you can have sex with “Lor” and she won’t feel awkward with a kid in the house!

  • Babette

    Sorry TVAddict. It’s obvious what Lorelai is doing here. Didn’t you see the look on her face before she called Chris? Like she had to force herself to do it, she shuddered. She is so devastated about losing Luke she is re-thinking all of her choices she made over the years, including leaving her parents and not marrying Chris. It’s obvoiusly she is trying to “move on” and is settling for Chris. I actually feel sorry for the schmuck, when he finds out Lorelai doesn’t really love him at all. Then again, I remember how many times he said “that night was GREAT!” and I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

    And about giving Chris another chance? Luke made one mistake over the ten years he’s known Lorelai, six months out of their entire friendship when HE was there for Rory, not Christopher. Luke is the one who should be given a second chance, not Chris. He should work on his relationship with his daughter before he totally destroys it.

    The reality is, TVAddict, that this is an Exercise in Futility, because in about four episodes Lorelai is going to realize what a mistake she made.

  • Kelly

    Give me a break! Lor gets her “do-over” with Deadbeat Dad – 22 years too late! Inheriting skads of money he didn’t earn won’t make Christopher a stand up guy. They’ll never be 16 again. Besides it’s so much easier for Lor to question “Do I really love Pop Tarts?” versus “Do I really love Luke?” Let them waste the last season on this silliness. Lorelai will come home to Luke and Stars Hollow in the end.

  • Sophia

    Christopher can’t even be bothered to say Lorelai’s full name. Seriously.

  • Debbie

    I will happily give Christopher a chance when I actually see him do something that isn’t predicated on his own selfish needs. Let’s see, he was sorry that he wasn’t involved in Rory’s life growing up because HE missed so much (the hell with what Rory missed), he left Lorelai for Sherry because HE didn’t want to miss being a father again but when Sherry left HE didn’t know his kid. He just told Lorelai that their night of sex was great for him even though he was sleeping with a distraught and emotional desvasted woman (I guess HE didn’t care about her). She told him that their night should be just a one time thing and basically that she needed him to back off but HE calls and leaves because he can’t stop thinking about it. He never thinks that such a distrubing message on the answering machine in the house that his daughter lives and how hearing such a message could affect her. It’s all about Christopher.

    Yeah, I would be happy to give him a break if he just once thought about someone elses feeling and needs instead his own.

  • Cathy

    I’m sorry, TVAddict, but “throughout the years he’s evolved”- Huh? When exactly did this “evolution” occur? Was it after his second daughter was born, when we got no mention of any interaction between him and Rory, other than a blown-off graduation? Was it during the year after Richard and Emily’s vow renewal where he didn’t speak to his daughter because he was on-the-outs with her mother? Or was it when he inherited his fortune and decided now might be a good time to see what the girls were up to? Do you really believe he would have contacted Rory if he hadn’t received the money? I don’t. Even now, Rory is afraid that the ongoing drama between her pathetic, emotionally-stunted parents is going to ruin any chance of having a relationship with her father on her own terms. She is the one who always ends up getting hurt.

  • dustylil

    Why must one assume one’s opinion of Christopher relates only to romantic pairings? That one dislikes Christopher because Luke and Lorelai are just the bestest couple ever?
    This is supposed to be a show about family interactions and kinships. Christopher is the father of one of the two prime characters. Surely that relationship should come into the equation equally if not more so in assessing whether or not Christopher has become a great guy.

  • SassyPaws

    I find it an insult that the writers are using retcon to try to make Chris a good guy. If they want him to be a good guy, then show his journey of growth and discovery. We are told that Chris and Rory have a good relationship but we never see Rory and Christopher having a honest father/daughter discussion. We are told that he is mature, but I haven’t seen any evidence (and a lot of evidence to the contary). I don’t dislike Christopher because of Luke. My dislike for Christopher started the moment that he first rode into town and yelled to Lorelai, “Nice shirt; take it off” on the main street of SH in front of his teenage daughter. DS still protrays him as that same frekless, irresponsible, and self-server character.

    BTW from what I have seen of David Sutcliffe, I like him. It’s the character I dislike not the actor.

  • Joanie

    My dislike for Christopher goes way beyond any ‘shipper’ feelings I have for Luke and Lorelai. Chris has shown again and again that his main interest in Rory is that it leads him to Lorelai. He hadn’t heard from Lorelai for three weeks and then invites Rory for dinner AND ends up in Lorelai’s kitchen at the end of the evening. Oh, just a coincidence, I’m sure. ::rolls eyes::

    Twice he told Lorelai what a great time he had that night — the night she showed up crying at his doorstep having ended an engagement. It’s such a completely self-centered statement — totally Christopher.

  • Renée

    I’m thrilled to see some positive remarks about the brilliant C/L!
    Chris and Lor are so perfect for each other! They have been the right ppl for each other since day 1! They understand each other. They converse and engage in a delightfully intelligent, and clever way. They really give each other spark! They stimulate each other with their banter! They relate to each other. There is deep respect and admiration for one another as ppl. No one else truly comprehends who they are as human beings. They get each other! There is a great warmth and sweetness between them. They are also deeply passionate with one another! They are compatible in every way! DS&LG have chemistry that has no parallel. Chris and Lor have just never had the right timing, true maturity, or ability to cope and live with the love they share. Lorelai in particular has been scared by it her whole life! It is an overwhelming bond! I hope C/L do end up together. They are the very definition of true love! A CLASSIC LOVE STORY!

  • asometimes

    I love the chemistry between Chris and Lorelai. But it is predicatable, Luke and Lorelai will be together, unfortunately, it’s been written from the start. If anyone wanted Chris to be a serious contender they would make him way more ‘mature’ and ‘responsible’ like explaining his motives for being absent from Rory’s life until she was a late teen.

    He is also a minor character, I don’t think it will happen.

  • Laura

    “Can I just ask you all this question…. Can a person ever make up for their past mistakes? Should Christopher really be punished for the rest of his life?”

    The rest of his life? He’s never been punished. He gets away with everything.

    How long ago are his “past mistakes”? Lorelai went to him for comfort, because she “didn’t want to be alone” the night she broke her engagement. She was distraught and his way of “helping” was to sleep with her. I couldn’t believe it! That was self-centered and morally wrong.

    He’s a grown man and he’s never once made any sacrifices or put anyone else first, especially his daughters. Yes, sure people can “make up for past mistakes”. It would be great to see him do that. But he hasn’t.

    All he’s done is be around for less than a year, have a few dinners with Rory. That’s after neglecting her for 22 years. Not talking to her, he’s her father and he didn’t even know she’d dropped out of college and was going through a crisis.

    When he was left with little Gigi, he turned her into a spoilt brat until Lorelai stepped in. He didn’t bother to get help for his child, he had all the money in the world and that child was spoilt and unhappy.

    He only came back into their lives because he inherited a fortune. That’s not his fault, but it doesn’t make him a better man. Why didn’t he come back because he cared about Rory and wondered what was happening with her?

    Honestly, the guy makes me so sick that I don’t know if I can keep watching this show. I’ve tried. I think if I’d never seen him before, I might have been moved by his declaration of love last night. But I’ve watched him for six years and by now he turns my stomach. The preview showed Lorelai kissing him and that was just wrong. I’m starting to not care about her either. And I never thought that was possible.

    I never saw Felicity but my friend did and says there was a “cheating” story that destroyed it for her, and she still wishes she hadn’t watched that year. I don’t know if that’s what you’re talking about but I used to love Gilmore Girls, I even have the DVDs, and I don’t want to destroy that. Maybe it’s time to give up.

    It would be great to see him grow up and take responsibility. It would be great to see him put his children first.

  • Dianthe

    “You can always tell when is linked on the Television Without Pity Boards! Here comes the Angry Gilmore Luke/Lorelai Shippers!”

    Hahaha. Some things are more predictable than others, but you can always count on some Gilmore Girls fans jumping on anyone or any article that dares to think of Christopher in a positive light. You can set your clock by the predicatbility. Keep them coming, it’s highly amusing.

  • Common Sense

    AMEN, Dianthe. These chicks are a little psychotic in their devotion and/or distaste. Wonder if they realize how insanely funny they sound. The phrase “get a life” keeps coming to mind…

  • tcgc

    once again christopher starts a massive blog commentary….I will let David Sutcliffe personally know how popular his character is.

  • Allison

    There’s a big line between Christopher being popular and hated with the fire of a thousand suns. I have a feeling DS already knows how “loved” his character is.

  • Goya

    The only reason Christopher is looking good right now is because the writers have to bring Luke down. He was too perfect for Lorelai, not to be mistaken as being perfect. Anyway Luke and Lorelai complement each other. There was nothing wrong with Luke from season 1-6 1/2. But the writers had to create a flaw in him to bring him down to the level of Chris so that Chris would have a chance at Lorelai.

  • Babette

    Hey Common Sense, if you really wanna see psychotic, read Renee’s post above your’s. Dillusional comes to mind too.

    I hope TVAddict writes a nice article after the episode airs where L/C implode into a million pieces. Talk about predictable.

  • Jessica

    Goya, I get what you’re saying, but think you are off the mark a little. To bring Luke down to the level of Chris, he would need to stop bonding with his daughter and use their time together primarlily as a way to jump into Anna’s pants. Hopefully, the new showrunners will not sink so low, but at this point I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Lola

    “I hope TVAddict writes a nice article after the episode airs where L/C implode into a million pieces. Talk about predictable. ”
    Couldn’t agree more! It is predictable. The L/C cycle, I mean. They’ll get together, Chris will have a stupid grin on his face the whole time, Lorelai will be insecure and finally realize that she loves Luke. She’ll slow pull back out of the relationship, cue big argument/break-up. But, if Luke is smart, he won’t take her back right away. Let her suffer a little.

    Chris is NOT a great guy. Honestly, I’m one of the biggest Chris-haters out there (senior division) As said a thousand times before, he only wants the idea of having Lorelai, not actually her. And I’m tired of hearing the only reasons for someone liking Chris being “They have such great chemistry”, “he’s so cute!” “he’s matured now” “he loves Lor!” and “Luke’s a jerk!”. Oh puh-leaze. Which are not very strong reasons. Well listen to this:
    -Every time in which he comes around, he makes it appear as if it’s for Rory, but it end up being a scheme in which to get into Lorelai’s pants, leaving the two Gilmore girls heartbroken at the end when he leaves. It’s been done a thousand and a half times.
    -Both ASP and DR are L&L fans
    -A whole bunch of money does not make people more mature, or just plain ‘better’.
    -DS is only signed on for 13 episodes this season
    -There are more L/L fans than L/C.
    -L&C act more like brother and sister than lovers.
    -Luke is a man, Chris is a boy. Peter Pan really, he doesn’t want to grow up. He might SAY that he does, but he can’t walk the walk.

    So I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather hear “But tonight I will give you my extremely positive views of other aspects of your being.” in a low sexy growl from a boyfriend than “Nice shirt! Take it off!” Being yelled at me on the street by an ex in front of my daughter.

    Now, Chris may be ‘cute.’ But here’s the thing. Cute doesn’t fix things. Cute doesn’t support you. Cute doesn’t pay the bills.

    In the end, Christopher will lose. It’s a given. What kind of a message does an L/C happily ever after scenario send to the viewers? That it doesn’t matter if the guy semi-abandoned you for 16 years, but as long as he’s rich and says that he loves youit’s okay????

    Luke is the guy that would buy you a house because he wants to have a family with you.
    Christopher is the guy that would buy you a house just to show he can.

    Luke is the guy that would renovate the house you call home so you’ll feel comfortable.
    Christopher is the guy that would offer you a castle in Narnia.

    The only reason for a woman to not go after Luke is because he’s already taken.
    The only reason for a woman to go after Christopher is the fact that he’s filthy rich.

  • Kristen

    “Can a person ever make up for their past mistakes?”
    Yes. He can spend more time with Rory NOW and not try to get into Lorelai’s pants while doing so.
    “Should Christopher really be punished for the rest of his life?”
    Yes. Absolutely.
    “Why can’t you LL Shippers except the current reality. Luke and Lorelai (at this time) are not good for eachother.”
    How biased is that? I have accepted the reality and joined Team Luke. (I blame Lorelai AND Chris for doing the deed. Both had control of their actions. One should have pulled back but they didn’t. You can’t blame a guy for driving a woman into bed with another man. As Rory said, “When you’re upset, you have a good cry, watch An Affair to Remeber, get a bad break-up haircut, but you DON’T sleep with dad.”) I’m not saying that L&L get back together right this second, but in a while. In the process she SHOULDN’T have gone back to Chris. I would expect this to be done by season 3. Now, it’s just ridiculous and wasting valuable time.

  • Lily

    I was a faithful GG fan for years. I haven’t seen an episode this season. Why? I can’t stomach watching Lorelai cozy up to that milquetoast Christopher. I will not watch that. Just because his father died and left him money doesn’t absolve Christopher of 20 years of emotional neglect of Rory. Luke or no Luke, Christopher’s a jerk. His priority should be his children, not Lorelai. Were Lorelai to reject him, he’d disappear from Rory emotionally. How quickly Lorelai forgets that Luke was a loyal friend who listened to her for eight years. How quickly she forgets that she, too, postponed the wedding because of her own child. Yes, Luke made a bad mistake. How many mistakes has Christopher made?

    How quickly Lorelai forgets, period. She’s not worth it, Luke. Her continued running to Christopher has just ruined Lorelai’s character for me.

  • BOB

    well im glad theyre together!!

  • Shawn

    Lorelai has become a very unlikable character. I believe I’ll be missing her date with Christopher tomorrow. I have better things to do, books to read, a house to clean. Lor–he neglected your daughter for her first 18 years. He’d neglect her again if you left him. Just because he has money now doesn’t mean he’s suddenly a nice guy. You should be embarrassed you idiot woman.

    This show is just the pits now and I give it up. I watched all these years to see Lorelai get together with that horrible Christopher? No thanks. She is so much less of a person when she’s with him. Gilmore Girls–you’ve jumped the shark.

  • Katie

    Wooah, I think the total opposite, Shawn! I will admit while Luke and Lorelai were together, it was cute…but Chris is BACK. Chris has ALWAYS been after Lorelai…he’s always loved her, but timing was an issue. Something always got in the way, now they are mature enough to push everything out of the way and have a go at it, and they are SO cute together! Like she said in last night’s episode, it’s great to be with someone that just gets you, and has been there all along! I think it’s cute how giddy she is for Chris, she was never like that for luke. Luke sort of just…pushed his way in. I have always liked when Christopher comes back, even though he normally leaves…but I think that this is for good. He actually WANTS to marry Lorelai, Luke will never decide what he wants, he’s a confirmed bachelor now and forever. Besides, what is better than a mother and father reuniting, even if it has been 20 years…LOVE the show! LOVE chris!!!!

  • Katie

    Oh gosh, I just keep reading and reading what you luke fans say. …Christopher did not neglect rory. He’s been around every season?? Rory is his daughter, the one he supposedly ”neglected” …she doesn’t hate him, why should you? Forgive and forget, geez. People change, do you not believe that? He was willing to marry Lorelai the minute she got pregnant…but she didnt want that. How come you fans aren’t blaming her? I think she made the right decision because she wasnt ready for marriage then, but my point is Chris was there. He was willing. She pushed him away, but he keeps coming back because he loves her so much. She is the only love that is constant in his life, and he in hers.

    I love this new twist in the show, and I will be disappointed if she goes back to Luke because he brings lorelai down. She has a charming wit and sense of humor that can only be matched by chris. They bring out the best in each other!

  • Wendy

    I hated to see the end of Luke and Lorelai’s relationship! I am sincerely disappointed. Being a single Mom who like Lorelai, raised and supported children alone, I feel the current plot to be unrealistic and often unfair. I didn’t like the way Lorelai never supported Luke’s relationship with his daughter. While Luke was always supportive and caring of Lorelai’s and Rory
    s relationship when it happened to Luke Lorelai acted jealous and resentful of his new found relationship with his daughter. Luke always gave into Lorelai whims and wishes. For example he gave up his dream house and modified Lorelai’s house instead just so she would feel comfortable. He gave up the old bedroom suite and was too often ridiculed by Emily and Richard. There seemed there was no end to the humiliation he was subjected to but he remained loyal to Lorelai. I remember he also loaned money to Lorelai to buy the inn too! On the other hand what has Christopher done to help Lorelai or Rory other than when he inherited money help Rory with finances which was his duty anyway!! I for one feel that Christopher isn’t the man Luke is. I prefer Luke’s gruff honesty any day to Christopher’s flashy, selfish, weak character. This plot line doesn’t reflect real life and therefore I doubt the social value this series lends to our society.

  • Renée

    The above posts of Katie and Katie (I’m not exactly sure if you’re one person or two):

    I know it’s been ages since you wrote your comments, but I just again stumbled upon this article and responses in my bookmarks tonight. I don’t believe I ever saw what you 2 wrote! I felt I just had to comment. I so agree with your insightful and perceptive feelings about Chris and Lor! These two are so totally right for each other and suit each other amazingly! I hate how they have now kicked dirt all over the C/L bond in the show! Their break-up was stupid and out of the blue. There were no proper reasons given, just a major decree by Lor that she and Chris were nothing more than a” fantasy”! It was ridiculous and insulting, and totally belies the wonderful rapport and connection C/L had for the entire run of the show before that! It was a kick is the teeth to everyone who saw the depth, and greatness of the C/L love story! With Lorelai’s idiotic statement about she and Chris not being right together, all the beauty of their connection was unfairly and appallingly dismantled! As a true shipper of the wonderful duo, I was disgusted! It’s a good thing we had eps like “S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous”, that showed the truth of the compatibility and harmonious nature of C/L. Their love was something profound and spectacular. If the show had any depth left, C/L would still be blissful and their bond forever remaining unbreakable!