Live Blogging LOST (Episode 2, Season 3)

8:30PM TV Fans, I’ll be live blogging LOST in 30 minutes. Right now, in case you’re wondering, I’m sort of half watching JERICHO. For some reason, I’m not as into this weeks installment as previous weeks. While I’m here though, I might as well throw in my two cents about the episode. Why on earth are people still paying for things? How is money going to benefit people in a post-apocalyptic world? Should the town really be wasting energy on lighting up a bar?

9:02PM SUN is a big liar… is JIN really the father of Sun’s baby?! “I want that Boat” damn, Benry Gale is Scary.

9:10PM I honestly don’t even remember what happened last season with Sun & Jin on the boat. Are we going to see that giant foot again?

9:17PM Commercial for GREY’S ANATOMY. How much would you pay to watch the behind the scenes footage from the rumoured fist fight between McDREAMY & DR. BURKE!

9:20PM Sun’s father has some anger management issues. How coincidental that pretty much every character on the island has ‘daddy issues’?!?

9:25PM Brilliant plan Sayid. Who’s scarier right now, Benry Gale or Sayid. Halfway through this episode and there really hasn’t been too much to talk about. Why are Sawyer and Kate being put to work? When are we going to see are old friends in the Hatch? Who is this new mystery girl and Karl?

9:32PM Snoore… It’s been three seasons. We get that Sun & Jin had a bad marriage…. can we please move on.

9:35PM Sawyer and Kate finally kiss… honestly, who cares! But that was cool, Sawyer kicking some serious OTHER butt. Too bad Kate had to ruin the plan again. How many times has an OTHER held a gun to her head? Can’t she do anything right!

9:43PM That Daniel Dae Kim is a seriously good actor. How do The Others know Sun’s name? No doubt we’ll never discover this, since LOST doesn’t give us any answers. But I’m sure we’ll all be discussing it online later.

9:54PM WOW this episode is boring. I’m sorry to say.. nothing interesting happened.

9:59PM OKAY, I take everything back, once again LOST does it. WHAT AN ENDING! Seriously, that was amazing. Sadly, we had to watch 57 minutes of nothing to get to it.

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  • Frank

    Mystery Girl is the French Woamans Daughter “Alex” we found out late last season

  • Sam

    No no no, no defiling Lost…..yeah, yeah I guess you’re right. All the Sun/Jin eps are like that sadly and the island stuff wasn’t that interesting either. Still if anyonre asks, it was the best thing I’ve seen all week (besides Veronica Mars).

    I appreciate the live blogging. I didn’t comment because I didn’t want to take away from the blogging. But I was actively checking the site. Thanks.

  • *waits for theTVAddictAddict’s response to this episode*

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    i haven’t watched last nights episode. I’ll have my review soon.

    I bet it was awesome though!!!

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jls

    I’m guessing the Others have a file like Jack’s on all of the survivors, and that’s how they knew Sun’s name.

  • Common Sense

    I’ve long considered LOST to be the best, most-innovative show on TV. But I’m concerned, as the ratings indicate it has lost ONE-QUARTER of its audience from last season alone. Remember, I’m a HUGE FAN…and even I am disturbed by, frankly, NOTHING HAPPENING. Guys, you’re moving too slowly for today’s TV viewer—you’ve got to pick up the pace, shorten the flashbacks, give us far less fluff (and far less of the minor characters)…and begin answering or at least expounding upon the mystery of the island. Get with it, Carlton & JJ—you are losing viewers who will never return.

    And hey, the ending was OK (with the Red Sox & civilization reveal), but wasn’t awe-inspiring. We’ve seen better, and with the massive mythology, we EXPECT better.

  • Geri

    At least Henry (Ben whatever) gave Jack some tv to watch…I would have killed myself if Henry said “Jack, I can´t tell you…I am sorry”. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…the more LOST I get to see, the more I feel insulted as a viewer.

    Heroes and Veronica Mars are one of the few shows which are really satisfying…LOST is not.

  • Common Sense

    I truly hope the ABC execs and LOST creative team are reading these comments, because they are prevalent and extremely relevant. Today, LOST went from a weekly “must never miss” program…to “eh, I’ll read the quick recap online the next day, because nothing much happens” non-priority. Let’s not have another Commander In Chief fiasco, pleeeaaassee. Fix this show, and do it quickly…or you’ll never get the seasons you want to play out all the many storylines. We’re BORED, guys. TV is different today—you either capture us and continually RAMP IT UP to keep us mesmerized & talking about it the next day….or you lose us altogether. Never thought I’d be saying this about LOST, but we’re at a critical stage here.

  • Sam

    Yeah okay, let’s all jump on the ‘I’m starting to hate Lost’ bandwagon after two episodes! You have to remember that they’re obviously taking the season in a different direction this year so they are most likely trying to settle into things.

    Either that or they are deliberately testing our nerves with a slow pace so that when the so called ‘big reveals’ come we’ll all be singing the shows praises again. Unfortunately, given the way a lot of you are talking, I believe it might be too late by then…

  • karen

    huge fan here, also very concerned that season 3 is getting off to this terribly dull start….a major problem imo, because there is SO MUCH really good tv this season and only so many disposable hrs each week to couch-sit before it…if the writers don’t dramatically pick up the pace before this 6 show arc ends, absolutely NO one will be invested enough to tune in when the “real” season begins in february!!