Random TV Tidbits: Veronica Mars, 30 Rock, Lost

Just caught up with last night’s episode of VERONICA MARS, so much more entertaining than last week’s season premiere. Oddly enough, the best story in the episode was not Veronica’s. I enjoyed the Logan/Wallace ‘B’ story far more. Holy Guest Stars Batman! Rider Strong (BOY MEETS WORLD), Dan Castellaneta (THE SIMPSONS), Keri Lynn Pratt (JACK & BOBBY)! How much fun were they to watch? Finally, can we just get rid of Keith’s story from last year. I have no idea what’s going on with these Fitzpatricks. Let’s move on and see Keith help Veronica solve the mystery of the Hearst Rapist.

30 ROCK premieres tonight on NBC. No doubt thanks to the endless barrage of promos you’re thinking it’s funny. Tina Fey (SNL, MEAN GIRLS), Alec Baldwin and Jane Krakowski (ALLY MCBEAL) What could go wrong? Let me be the first critic to voice the miniority opinion. 30 ROCK was the most disappointing pilot I watched all summer. The show just isn’t funny. Creator Fey just isn’t sure what the show is supposed to be. Is it smart with more of a realistic comedic tone (ie. SPORTS NIGHT, STUDIO 60) or is it a straight up comedy (FRIENDS). With the exception of Alec Baldwin, the pilot is barely funny and not smart enough to be compared to SPORTS NIGHT. Since I love Tina Fey, I’ll definitely give the show a few weeks, but if the first episode is any barometer, don’t get your hopes up.

If you’re looking to be entertained during the commercial breaks for LOST, I’ll be once again filling that painful commercial time with my witty and insightful comments as I LIVE BLOG LOST. This TV addict is part of that small yet loud group who are shipping Henry & Kate (or HATE as I’ve cleverly dubbed them!). By the way, before you flame the site with spam, I’m kidding. I’m a SKATE shipper all the way (Sawyer & Kate for those of you who aren’t addicted to LOST)

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  • jo

    Don’t forget Samm Levine from Freaks & Geeks as the prisoner getting picked on

  • You’re so right. I meant to add Samm (two “M’s” really?). He’s been great from Freaks & Geeks, to great guest stints on ENTOURAGE and JUST SHOOT ME.

  • Sam

    Yay more live Lost blogging. I love those sort of things. The other sites I go to are so busy it’s hard to get a word in egdewise or to see peoples current thoughts.

    And did you catch yet another Battlestar Galactia reference in last nights Veronica Mars. Someone out there loves me so much for making this show, lol.

    Byt the way, if Henry’s real name is Ben, would would be the propper shipper name? Bate?

  • Sam, you’re right – I’m so used to HENRY GALE… I guess it will take a week or more for me to get used to ‘Ben’. And yes, I LOVED Veronica’s FRAK in last night’s VERONICA MARS!

  • blech
    you actually liked the wallace/logan assignment thing in vm? i thought it was so bland but i loved how it ended. yeah it was WAY better then last weeks. i’m so glad to have my show back.

    i LOVE mean girls. its SO funny. i dont think i’ll watch Tina’s show though…

  • oh and btw, did you see how unfitting the flashback was in last night’s VM.
    those things were so good in season 1 and then they just died.
    and i hope they start to fit in again because that was one of the unique things about the show.

  • Tim

    You were right about 30 Rock, it wasn’t that good. I will still watch in hopes that it picks up, but the first episode was not that good.

    Also, why the hell was the sketch show within the show called “The Girly Show”? I thought that was kind of lame.