JERICHO gets a full season pick-up

With that whole nuclear disaster on their minds, the residents of Jericho don’t have too much to smile about. But perhaps this news will brighten up their day. CBS has picked up JERICHO, the freshman hit drama about the aftermath of a nuclear explosion on a small, peaceful Kansas town, for a full season. JERICHO has averaged 11.3 million viewers, and boosted CBS in the Wednesdays at 8PM timeslot by 48%.

This TV addict has been a fan of the series since day one, and hopes the show continues to challenge viewers with interesting stories and fine acting. That said, last night’s episode was my least favourite of the series so far. Let’s hope the show picks up the excitement factor next week.

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  • Sam

    Well with numbers that huge I’m not surprised it was renewed. It’s just funny because didn’t they say Smith was cancelled because it was only getting 8 or so million a week? 11 mill and 8 aren’t THAT big a difference, and most CBS dramas seem to get at least 15 mil a week. Interesting they picked one but not both. Oh well.

  • tigerbeatforever

    Actually, the numbers are all relative. 11.3 million at 8pm, the Jericho time slot is impressive, especially cuz it is against a huge hit like Dancing with the Stars. There generally are more people watching later on at 9 and 10pm, like Smith’s time slot. The coveted date and time is Thursday’s at 10pm when Grey’s Anatomy and CSI air — they usually get the most viewers and that is why ABC switched Anatomy to Thursday nights.

    In other words, there are less viewers at 8pm (jericho) and more at 10pm (Smith). Also, Smith had no competition and was dropping viewers weekly. Jericho gained and maintained consistenly strong numbers.

  • Jenny

    That’s awesome. 😀 It’s one of my favorite new shows. Yay!