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On Tuesday October 23 at 8PM, Luke and Lorelai fans WILL NOT be happy. Much to the joy of Richard and Emily, Lorelai will be inviting Christopher to a traditional Friday night dinner at the Gilmore House.

On Tuesday October 23 at 9PM, there will be a LOGAN OVERLOAD on VERONICA MARS. When Logan (from Neptune) asks Veronica to investigate why his inheritance is running out, it turns out that large sums of money have been going to a man named Charlie Stone (GILMORE GIRLS’ Matt Czuchry).

Tonight on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, GALACTICA will return to help the citizens of New Caprica, but will not rescue the populous — yet. Additionally, a cylon will change his or her allegiance.

Next Friday October 21 a 9PM, a major female character will make her last appearance on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and she will die at the hands of a human, not a toaster.

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  • I have watched the first four episodes of this season of BSG and I’m racking my brain to remember what major female character dies in next week’s episode. HELP!

  • Well ‘major’ may have been a bit of a stretch. Let me rephrase that. The major character, is not in the opening credits, yet is incredibly close to one of the leads.

  • RedViking

    You’re talking about the wife of the cyclop certainely.