Thoughts on BETTY, GREY’S, and THE OFFICE

For the first half of UGLY BETTY, I was almost ready to propose a title change to WHINEY BETTY. Honestly, how many more weeks do I need to watch Betty ‘not fit in’. She has an incredible job in one of the world’s best cities, perhaps she should stop whining and try to enjoy life.

Aside from the Betty’s work issues, two other things just aren’t working for me with regards to the show. First off, Betty cannot be that dumb. I just don’t buy that Betty thought she looked hot with her ‘makeover’. Nobody, even in the land of television, is that clueless. Also, I never thought I’d say this, but Caleb Nichol, sorry, Bradford Meade’s story-line is the weakest aspect of the show. The ‘mystery’ just isn’t that interesting. I’d rather spend more time with Betty’s entertaining co-workers.

That said, the second half of UGLY BETTY reminded me why I’m loving the show so much. It was so nice to see Wilhemina actually have an emotion rather then over-the-top ‘Dallas-esque’ Evil. I loved that she was actually trying so hard to impress her father, not some random man. You also can’t deny the power of that final scene. watching Betty’s family dance away to ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ was definitely a moment worth rewinding my PVR for.

On the GREY’S ANATOMY front, how much am I loving season 3. Pretty much every doctor had a brief moment to shine in this fantastic installment. Dr. Bailey telling Addison, “No man defines who you are”. Addison’s conversation with Meredith, “They only reason we’re having this conversation is because when the drugs wear off you’ll never remember it.” Meredith’s medicated ramblings. McDreamy finally winning the battle between himself and McVet (couldn’t see that coming!) McSteamy telling Alex to fetch him a cappuccino (Alex really IS going to miss Addison, she rocks). McSteamy and Callie, Poor George! And of course, Izzie’s meeting with Denny’s father.

The only thing that hurt this episode was the rumoured on-set fight between Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington. Whenever the two actors had a scene together, I kept imagining McDreamy and Dr. Burke going at it! I wonder how many fellow TV addicts felt the same way?

Finally, THE OFFICE. A far better episode that last week’s ‘Dwight-centric’ installment. In this TV addict’s opinion, a little Dwight goes a long way. I really enjoyed the Jim and Karen story-line. I imagine the ‘chip incident’ or something similar is how Jim and Pam started their relationship off (sorry Jim/Pam Shippers). I also thoroughly enjoyed the grief circle with the ball game. Any tv show that can reference THE LION KING and WEEKEND AT BERNIES within the same scene makes me smile.

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  • Um, are we forgetting Denny leaving Izzie EIGHT POINT SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS?!

    Gotta love how the timing is just right so when you see the amount the check is made out for, Denny’s message says “Things will never be the same.”

  • Sam

    Wow. I really hope Izzy doesn’t go and donate all her money to the food bank like Kieth did on VM. I mean, it’s a nice gesture but since it’s tv, I’d like to see some spendin’ goin on.

    Meanwhile I love how Dempsy and Washingtons little non-violent spat is making headlines when all it apparently was was a little disagreement? Why does EVERYTHING a celebrity does have to be news these days?

  • Or, like when Steve Sanders (90210 for those of you too young to remember) donates the $10,000 he won at the Lakers half shot contest to the School for underprivileged kids. Serious props to anyone who can name that school! (I can!)