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Hi guys! As you read this, I’m out of state helping my in laws move. Going to be recording shows Sunday & Monday, so pray we don’t lose power! *cry* lol Let’s see what’s in store for us this week!

Sunday is a great night again this week for sports fans. They get new games of NFL Football: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos and MLB Baseball: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals. If you don’t like sports, you can watch new episodes of 7th Heaven (Rev. Camden gets propositioned!) & Runaway on the CW Network or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives & Brothers & Sisters on ABC, and my personal picks for the night: The Amazing Race, Cold Case & Without a Trace on CBS. On The Amazing Race, an impromptu alliance ends when the teams try to ditch each other at a connecting airport. HAHA Love that show. If you are a country music fan, be sure and watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition again this week (even more so!), as sexy family man Tim McGraw is going to be on, inviting the family to attend one of his concerts. I’m hoping we’ll get to see him perform! I love him! If you are lucky enough to get Showtime, be sure and watch Dexter at 10/9c. I’ve heard it’s pretty good!

Monday has another game of baseball, this time MLB Baseball: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals. (No new episodes AGAIN of Prison Break or Vanished because of that darnit!) There’s also a new episode of Heroes (Oh My Gawd. Did you SEE Claire on the morgue table all open in the middle of her autopsy? Just brings a whole new meaning to the word NASTY! lol) and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, in which the reporter (Christine Lahti, how hot is she??) tries to get the story on Matt and Harriet while the cast rehearses with LAUREN GRAHAM & Sting. Yes, you read that right. It’s the ep a ton of people have been waiting for. Check out the elder Gilmore as she “hosts” the new ep of Studio 60! My other favorite for tonight, aside from Heroes & Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is How I Met Your Mother. A comedy classic, I swear. Tonight, Lily moves in with MARSHALL! HAHA I’ve read sides for the ep and believe me, it’s TOTALLY worth watching. 😀 Also new tonight are: The Class, Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine & CSI: Miami on CBS, The Bachelor: Rome & What About Brian on ABC, and the CW comedies, Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends & The Game.

Tuesday is again one of my favorite nights for tv, with new episodes of Veronica Mars, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS & The Unit, all of which are on my MUST WATCH LIST. Also new are Friday Night Lights, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Gilmore Girls, Dancing with the Stars, Help Me Help You, Boston Legal and Major League Baseball: Detroit Tigers at Oakland A’s. Watch Gilmore Girls on the CW Network, where Lorelai finds it difficult to fully commit to her relationship with Christopher, Rory meets eccentric new friends at an art exhibit and Emily gets arrested! Then stick around for Veronica Mars, in which a campus football player hires Veronica to find his stolen playbook before the next practice and Dean O’Dell threatens to expel Veronica. I believe that Dick is in this episode again but I dunno about Piz. I was disappointed this last week when Piz wasn’t even mentioned! 🙁 Also new tonight is Nip/Tuck on FX. If you watch that show, how were the episodes with Rosie O’Donnell? heh

Wednesday has new episodes of 30 Rock and 20 Good Years on NBC. Did you watch them last week? Did you like them? Also new are Dancing with the Stars, Lost & The Nine (in which Kathryn is unable to get beyond the events of the robbery, although she returns to work in top form and Felicia tries to remember the events that occurred inside the bank) on ABC. America’s Next Top Model & One Tree Hill, Jericho, Criminal Minds & CSI: NY are also new. There’s another new baseball game on FOX if you are into that kind of thing, as well. (Baseball is SO getting old for me! Hrmph!)

Thursday has new episodes of My Name Is Earl, The Office, ER, Smallville, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy (Derek learns more about Mark & Addi’s relationship and the interns defend a resident’s competence at a staff meeting…who??), Six Degrees, Survivor, CSI & Shark (a players’ code of silence frustrates Sebastian when he tries to prosecute a college quarterback and two teammates for the gang-rape of a student..). If necessary, FOX has Game 7 of MLB Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets. If not, expect The Simpsons, American Dad & two episodes of Family Guy (reruns, I’m sure).

Friday ends the week strong again with a new episode of Battlestar Galactica (ratings were way down for the premiere. Let’s hope that doesn’t continue!), Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home & Numb3rs. Also new is the adorably cute Men in Trees and Law & Order. If you are a fan of the show Las Vegas like I am, watch the season premiere at 9/8c! Delinda will admit her feelings for Danny and Sam goes to Hawaii to contend with a whale that will not leave the Hawaiian Villas. Plus, was Ed shot or not at the end of last season?? Catch the reality game show 1 vs. 100 in its time slot premiere as well. Although I’m not advocating watching it, Extreme Makeover (people, not houses) has its 4th season premiere tonight too. Blech. 😉

I don’t normally cover Saturday cause there is never anything on worth watching, but tonight starts the airing of Kidnapped on NBC. Maybe if numbers go up way far, it’ll stick around longer than the 13 episodes! Don’t miss it, please!

Have a great week everyone! If I miss any shows that you’d like me to make sure and mention next week, let me know!

— Jenny

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  • Man I just can’t wait for baseball to finish so we can get back to new eps of the Family Guy.


  • Jenny

    eh, screw Family Guy! 😉 Gimme some House, Bones, Justice, Prison Break & Standoff! 😉