Lauren Graham hosts STUDIO 60

I just wanted to remind everyone that LAUREN GRAHAM (GILMORE GIRLS) will be starting her two week guest sting on STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP this week. The episode is entitled “The Long Lead Story” and features Lauren Graham, Christine Lahti continuing her guest star arc as a Vanity Fair reporter and special musical guest Sting. STUDIO 60 airs on Monday 10PM on NBC, and Sunday 10PM on CTV (in Canada). According to the WB press release:

While the cast goes through rehearsals with Lauren Graham and Sting, a reporter (guest star Christine Lahti) tries to get the story on Matt (Matthew Perry) and Harriet (Sarah Paulson) as Jordan (Amanda Peet) passes on a lucrative but tasteless new reality series. Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, Nathan Corddry and Timothy Busfield also star.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who would rather watch another generic episode of CSI: Missouri, please consider giving STUDIO 60 a chance. The show is incredibly well written, funny and features television’s most charismatic ensemble. It is the duty of those who enjoy quality television to support STUDIO 60 so that it doesn’t go the way of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, SPORTS NIGHT, GROSSE POINT, WONDERFALLS, FIREFLY, well you get the idea.

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  • I can’t wait for “Studio 60” to get to my country, This and Heroes are defenetly the two shows I’ll watch, but aparently both are set to air until March in Mexico. Anyway I enjoy reding your blog everyday and in that endless list of great dead shows that didn’t last too long, is also “Jack and Bobby”. Don’t kill good tv people.

  • Ooh! I actually DIDN’T hate Harriet this week. Also, the character got her degree at Rutgers!

    Can they keep Christine Lahti around as long as possible? I’d watch that woman read the phone book.

  • The variance between high expectations and reality got even wider with this week’s episode, surely the sappiest, most maudlin thing Sorkin’s ever committed to cathode ray tube.

    I would love to see this show succeed, but Sorkin has to reenter his “Sports Night” zone. Quick. He doesn’t have Alec Baldwin to save his show, and Tina does.