Degrassi Bad Boy Comes Clean!

Right off the bat, Jamie Johnston wants DEGRASSI fans to know a few things: He’s not, as many viewers wrongly assume, dating on-screen love interest Miriam McDonald (Emma), nor is he anything like his on-screen persona, Peter Stone.

“Playing Peter has been great for me as an actor, because he’s so different from any other character I’ve played,” says Johnston. “If people don’t like him, then I’m doing my job.” The talented young actor need have no fear in that department: Since first strolling down Degrassi’s hallways last season, Peter has quickly earned the rep as the guy we love to hate.

Of course, while Peter gets to have all the so-called fun, his portrayer sometimes has to face the consequences. “I once had a fan shout at me, ‘You’re a scum bag!'” he shares, adding with a smile, “I’m pretty sure she meant Peter…” Most of the time, however, encounters are a tad less interactive. “Yes, I get strange looks on the subway sometimes, but that may have nothing to do with them recognizing me,” the modest young man says. “I once had a fan ask me to sign a pair of my boxers,” he then admits before offering assurances that he declined the request.

Meanwhile, if you thought you’ve seen Peter at his worst — such as the time he taped Manny, drunk and topless, at a party — you might want to fasten your seatbelts, because the weeks to come will find the troublemaker dealing with the consequences of his decision to challenge Sean to a drag race which has a most unfortunately outcome.

“There’s more trouble for Peter this season,” previews Johnston. “And you’ll get some clues as to why he is the way he is.” Not that the actor is about to spill any of the show’s top-secret plot twists. He is, however, willing to share his own hopes regarding Peter’s future. “I’d like the writers to go deeper with his character development. Until we know more about Peter’s past, we may not be able to forgive him for the things he’s done.”

As for Peter’s romantic prospects, Johnston remains cryptically non-committal in a way we suspect his TV personal would admire. When asked whether former bulimic Emma or her gal pal Manny (Cassie Steele) might be Peter’s Ms. Right, the actor responds, “Maybe Emma, maybe Manny… or maybe neither of them!”

  • good interview
    seems like a nice person

  • Gen

    great article for a great guy too

  • Ally

    amazing… i love jamie .. he’s really hot!!
    and this interview really made me think about what kind of drama Peter might have gone through in his past.. maybe we should think about all of the things he did and think if there’s a reason

  • Kayla

    hmmm….nice interview. this is starting to make me anticipate te rest of the season even MORE! by the way Jamie, i must say u are SMOKIN!!! luv ya’ll, Kay

  • God this article is so amazin!And Jamie is a good guy!I really dont understand why are people mixing him with Peter…but whatever…Jamie keep rockin! u r the best!!!kisses

  • Gen

    Jamie does an AWESOME job on Degrassi as Peter !! I hope they go deeper with Peter’s character too. I wanna know more about why he does the things he does. I totally hope you get with Manny – you guys are hott together.


    hey ppl! yep nice job on degrassi!!! bye!

  • Mary

    jamie you are the bomb playing peter!! your soooooooo talented! i can’t wait to see you in a movie sometime! your eyes look right thru me.

  • Sarah Busch

    I think Jamie Johnston have the right to played a bad guy in a show.I think Jamie Johnston is hot and a good actor.

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    Hey jamie… your A very good looking guy lol i know you probably hear this all the time but i dont just mean your Sexy or hott…you seem like a nice guy… i have some questions about you and degrassi so if you could give me your e mail maybe we could talk…im 15 by the way incase you dont want to talk regarding my young age

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    Jamie – I only watch Degrassi because you’re on it!! Luv ya!

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    omg jamie i love you if you can see this i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • je sui fan de toi dan la série degrassi . tu é tro bo é j’adore ton caractère dan ce film .Parle tu un peu français !!!
    é ne change jamias ta coiffure dan degrassi !!

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    hey i am in love with Peter Stone. Almost as this guy Mattew. I have liked him for a longgggggggg time. but he did something and like yeahhhhhhhh

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    lo amoooo diooooss esta tan bueno jaja posta qe es el mas lindo del mundo(LLL)

    i ve already sent you an e mail, im lucila from argentina and im 16
    you are the cutest guy in the earth I LOVE YOU
    you are a great actor and i reaaaallly wish to chat with you
    i really really wish to have you on the msn

  • he is lovely :*:*

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    Sorry if I say u are hot it just i can’t help i love sexy guys like guys at my school but I’m eyeing on this boy who almost my same age of me but we are both born 1994 so we are the same age his name is Reed Havel but I’m still a big fan and i still like.

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    p.s. can i have ur e-mail address to let u know i’m 13 so when i got my own e-mail address

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    Hey,Jamie.. I think you are greate actor. When here-in Latvia-(oh i forgot that word) s?ka r?d?t degrasi( its in latvian) and i saw you firts time i thougt, who is that handsam guy…. 😉 Whell i think you are really nice and lovely, too. Cant say that i love you, just like very much- as actor and person too!!!! You are very talanted and i am shure that you are gona be a big star.
    Your fan from Latvia- Kar?na(16)

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    OMG…im sry to hear that that kinda’ stuff happens to u!…but atleast u’ve got ur gorgeousness…lol …i luv degrassi…u r totally my favorite character…your so good @ acting…and rly hott…

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    me again…

    ps. everyone in my class luvs ya too…but i m totally your biggest fan…some of them get annoyed w/ me sometimes

    …when i talk about how good looking u r…

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    I am 17 and have been watching Degrassi since the beginning and cant see anyone ells play Peter than Jamie. Only a great actor can pull off being Peter. Which Jamie can hands down. Come on people are bashing on him for just doing his job. Props to him and hope to see what becomes of Jaime Johnston.

  • This is such a great article and it helps us see who Jamie Johnston really is. He’s obviously a great guy who’s nothing like his Degrassi character Peter Stone. Jamie makes Degrassi even better…and Degrassi was great to start with. Jamie is also very, very, very, very hot ;)!! People obviously don’t understand that Jamie isn’t anything like Peter and that Peter is just a character he plays on T.V. Jamie, keep up the great work!! I can’t wait till the new season of Degrassi starts this friday, June 29, 2007!! I’ll definetly be watching the show…and you!! Tons of Love, Erika

  • Marygrace

    hey its me again im still excited to see the show on friday! i bet everyone is besides that lindsey girl! i hope they dont change the people because than Jamie a.k.a. peter wont be in it:( i need him he is so cute!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie you are the best actor on Degrassi, I watch it all the time and I can’t get enough of your sly, sleezy ways of playing Peter. Even though you are the character that everyone loves to hate, who could say no to that innocent face,those baby blue eyes,and that hot blonde hair. WOW! I’m so looking forward to the new episodes.

  • I love Jamie!

  • i like it it just that alex moves into the macro building will the whole cast of degrassi will move in to ?

    degrassi: college edition

  • elizabeth

    hey jamie i like u on degrassi u are the cutest in there i like how u act and i am very sad about j.t. death i am sorry that he had to leave the show anyway i wanted to ask u a few question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what did it feel lilke to be on degrassi?

    what did u do on the set after the show?

    who is your fav actor?

    bye the way i like your song on utube fergilicious i thought that glamours better for u i think it fit u and when darcy kissed u i am like i want to kiss jamie jonston he is sooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am like i luv him to all of my friends and they haven’t even seen degrassi but i have a big crush in u and ryan cooley u both are very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i love peter i think he is supper hott i loved to no more about you and i would love to meet you and i hope you and mia get to gether and i hope angel has a good father just like you and not your father on degrassi i love the show it is my life it is the best show ever and i would do anything to meet the cast expecialy peter and spinner and jt i love you guys


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    Hot dam! Why can’t aussie guys be like him, so nice and good to look at