I Love ABC on Sunday

Marc Cherry promised that season three of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES would be much improved, and after four episodes, this TV addict whole-heartidly agrees. Between Carlos and Gabby’s hilarious battle of one-upmanship, (the two of them remind me of Itchy & Scratchy), Lynette paying off a little league pitcher to go easy on her son, the creepy Orson Hodge and Bree’s reaction to Andrew’s method for making ends meet on the street (No Bree, he wasn’t doing yard work!) — this season i shaping up to be the best one yet. Oh, and how could I forget, the main reason why this episode was fantastic, the absence of Nora. Let’s hope this is a trend that continues for further episodes to come.

Following DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is the surprise hit of the season, BROTHERS & SISTERS. Why am I enjoying this series so much? It’s essentially EVERWOOD minus the teenage angst (don’t get me wrong, I miss Ephram and Amy). The show doesn’t have a flashy mystery or jaw-dropping special effects It’s simply an interesting show about a very complicated family.

Finally a warning to Lauren Graham fans. Her ‘role’ on tonight’s STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP is miniscule. Lauren players herself, hosting the weeks episode of STUDIO 60 and her minutes on screen can be counted on one hand (possibly two fingers!). That said, the episode was fantastic, and definitely worth your time. Just don’t expect to feel like you’re in Stars Hollow.

  • starbase135

    Actually I hated last night’s Desperate Housewives episode. The whole Susan/Ian storyline was ridiculus from the beginning…the baseball bribery wasn’t really funny…Andrew all of the sudden being nice to Bree despite the fact that he hated her even before she threw him out was totally implausible. On the other hand the absence of Nora was indeed very pleasant, the Gaby/Carlos storyline priceless and at least Nicolette Sheridan got a nice storyline after all. From my point of view the episode was far worse than the first 3 airings.

    Regarding B&S: OMG! You really felt that Greg Berlanti began his work in this episode…the characters seemed much more credible than before and the writing was a lot more interesting. All in all I am glad to have a new show which can give me my weekly “Everwood fix” (except for all the Everwood characters like Amy, Ephram, Andy, Nina…).

  • Starbase135 – I think Andrew is definitely up to something. He isn’t just being nice to Bree to be nice.

    I do believe Greg Berlanti’s fingerprints can be seen all over the latest episode of B&S. Hopefully we’ll actually get to see an episode written by him in the coming weeks.

  • tcgc

    I will surely be watching it tonight on NBC.

  • Common Sense

    I had ABC on last night for the 2 shows you mentioned, and honestly…I can take them or leave them. Nothing especially compelling from either.

    However, we do need to point out that RUNAWAY dipped to a 1.2 rating, and 7th Heaven was at a season low 3.0 rating. Once again, surely some heads need to roll at The CW for this boneheaded program strategy. Forcing this farce of totally-adult (sans the annoying Sam & David) nonsense, followed by the “just gotta get it on the air” fugitive family is panning out exactly as the Everwood fans knew it would: COMPLETE DISASTER. Trying to explain her decision now would be impossible for Ms. Ostroff. Honey, TV execs are supposed to be a little more on-the-ball than that. You BLEW it big-time by offing Everwood in its prime, and now you’re STUCK instead with two shows & ratings that BLOW.

  • starbase135

    Just watched the new episode of Studio 60 and Lauren Graham was actually nearly invisible. That was disappointing since the only scene where she was on the air more than one second was very funny

  • Liz

    I’m still having a grief fest over the loss of Ephram!! Who thought I would miss poe-face so much!!

  • Sam

    I agree that las nights episdoe of DH was the worst of the 4 so far, but I did enjoy it overall. I think Nora is so annoying because she’s too cartoonish. She just doesn’t even seem like a real person and is annoying at that.

    Meanwhile it’s starting to bother me all this talk about the CW and Everwood and Runaway and 7th Heaven. There’s obviously nothing anyone can do about it anymore and all the people not watching Runaway for the sole reason of it ‘replacing’ Everwood is silly. It’s tv. Nothing lasts forever. I bet all of you would watch if one or two of those Everwood people were staring in it.

  • Sam, Everwood fans are still bitter. My gravestone will read, Everwood 4ever… okay, well mabye I can squeeze it on a license plate 🙂

  • Common Sense

    Dear Sam, You’re feverish, perhaps delirious. Bear with us while we point out that the WB & CW execs have axed ANGEL, FELICITY, POPULAR & EVERWOOD, while serving up–INSTEAD–Twins, Living With Fran, Runaway, Men Women & Dogs, Modern Men…need I go on? What kind of minds are running this network, then & now? They’re out of touch with what’s GOOD TV, for sure, and certainly have no clue as to what will actually ATTRACT new viewers.

  • Common Sense, in the WB’s defense, I sort of liked Twins. Sara Gilbert (Roseanne’s Darlene) makes me smile.

  • Liz

    If anyone from Everwood appeared on Runaway I’d call the Police and suggest that either drugs or foul play had been involved. What annoys me so much about the Everwood cancellation in favour of, what? is not Everwood specifically (although, it really, really is…) but more this systematic and compulsive stripping of quality tv from these networks. These people think that 18 year olds don’t think and that 35 year olds want to watch fluff all the time. I think a 35 year old would know that they are ‘Free to Be…’

    I’m really loving Brothers & Sisters. It’s getting to be so Berlanti. It’s like Everwood on Hormone Replacement Therapy 🙂