Random TV Tidbits

Fans of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER take note. Starting tonight, Barney, Lily, Marshall et al can be seen a half hour earlier on CBS. Due to the poor reception of THE CLASS (ie. the show just isn’t funny), CBS has decided to switch up the two shows — moving HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER to 8PM and THE CLASS to 8:30PM.

UGLY BETTY will have a full season to learn how to dress better. ABC has officially picked up the freshman series for an entire 22 episodes. How do you say LUCKY BETTY in spanish?

How brilliant has the new season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA been? How strange is it that a television show so clearly offers up a different perspective on war? Who knew I would ever be able to sympathize with suicide bombers. Holy Frak!

Can someone please explain to me who the random blonde girl was in last night’s episode of BROTHERS & SISTERS? I’m pretty sure she was Balthazar Getty’s girlfriend. As random as she seems, we’ll officially have a whole season to hopefully hear her speak. ABC just announced that BROTHERS & SISTERS has been picked up for the entire season.

  • Chris

    That time slot change was put into effect last week, but I don’t know how well it was received, I didn’t check the ratings.

    The Class is a decent show for those who are a fan of comedy. Check it out if you have nothing to watch at 7:30(central time)…it’s worth at least one watching, past the pilot!


  • How do you say Lucky Betty in Spanish? It’s easy, “Betty la suertuda”, o “afortunada Betty”, more or less. And, frak me, how can Battlestar Galactica be so good? Here in Spain is a cult show, mostly because we have to watch it via P2P ;-).

  • jls

    I’m so happy Brothers & Sisters got a full season. I’m looking forward to getting to know this family.

    The ‘random’ blond chick is Julia Walker, Tommy’s (BG) wife. She has been in all the previous eps, so she’s really not so random.

  • Cory

    BSG really seems to be blurring the lines of good and bad lately. I for one am all for it!