Predicting the future of HEROES

In the TV addict’s recent interview with Tim Kring, the HEROES mastermind said, “Powers are just powers, it’s what you do with them that defines your circumstances. Depending on the character’s personality, the powers may be used for good or evil. Some of our Heroes will be tempted by the dark side.”

As you may have guessed, I’m hooked on HEROES, with last night’s fourth chapter being the best episode yet. How cool was it to see Claire take the law into her own hands (or car as the case may be) and exact revenge on her attacker? How much do I love Hiro’s costumes? His high-roller Vegas power-suit! His Ninja costume in the final scene! Does anyone else think Claire’s father can read her mind? Am I the only person who believes Peter and Nathan Petrelli will definitely end up on opposite ends of the morality spectrum — one brother’s good, one evil! Finally, seeing bland and boring Niki finally go evil. It was like watching Sydney Bristow with a mean streak!

That said, I think my HEROES infatuation is having strange effects on my body. The TV addict has started to notice odd changes. This will sound crazy, but I may be developing my own super-powers! Evidently, whatever I write down on the will come true (and in case you’re wondering, my drug of choice is a mocha-chino!). So here it goes, based on last night’s episode, my predictions for which path each hero will choose.

Claire: When we last left Claire, she drove her car full speed into a wall, seemingly killing the quarterback who tried to rape her in the previous episode. Seeking justice, definitely a characteristic of a super-hero. Killing him, instead of reporting him to the authorities, not so noble. While I’m not ready to proclaim Claire evil as of yet, she definitely has a mean streak to her.

Hiro Nakumura: Hiro is on a quest to save the world — definitely heroic. Using his powers to cheat the casino, somewhat sketchy. I choose to believe that Hiro is all good but his traveling companion, with his addiction to porn and gambling, will play a larger role in using Hiro’s powers for evil.

Peter Petrelli: He’s been set-up as the good son, and I truly believe he is. Peter will definitely be using his powers (whatever they may be) for good. Of course his brother is a different story…

Nathan Petrelli: First off, he’s a politician. Need I say more?Secondly, he cheats on his wife and kids, never a good sign. Finally, his teeth. His teeth are sparkling white. With a smile so powerful, Nathan’s definitely hiding something.

Niki Sanders: Niki is tough call, because as we’ve seen, she’s apparently two personalities. ‘Good’ Niki is loving and protective of her son Michah (who for sure has super-powers that we’ll discover later on), but frankly, boring to watch on screen. Then there’s ‘Evil’ Niki, who we finally were introduced to last night. For lack of a better word, Evil Niki was awesome.

Matt Parkman: We haven’t seen much of Matt, but Greg Grunberg cannot be evil. Much like every role Greg Grunberg has ever played, Matt Parkman will be the Hero you love to root for.

Isaac Mendez: I don’t have a take on Isaac yet. He definitely paints the future, but what role he plays in the show I haven’t yet figured out. Constant drug abuse is never a good thing. Where it leads him I can only speculate, so here it goes: Isaac will be kidnapped by Sylar and used for evil purposes. Folks, you heard it here first!

Mohinder Suresh: Whether or not Mohinder has a super-power, I’m not sure. Frankly, I’m leaning towards the fact that he doesn’t. But for Mohinder, a super-power is inconsequential. His quest to finish his ‘dead’ father’s work is what will link our Heroes together. Mohinder will play a pivotal role throughout all of the first season.

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  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    what an amazing episode. That’s all I can say. This could turn out to be an amazing show.

  • jls

    With an ending like that, I’m already dying for next week. Awesome.

  • Sam

    This is easily the best new show since LOST.

    Does anyone else think Claire’s dad is like the Prof. X of the show and is recruiting either a team of good heroes or bad enemies?

    And I’m inclined to side with you tvaddict and believe that Mohinder has no power but rather will be the yin to Claire’s father’s yang when it comes to teams of heroes vs enemies.

    Awesome episode! I almost love the show more than LOST now.

  • Cory

    All I can say is thank you Bryan Fuller for badass future Hiro.

  • Buffybot

    The BEST show of the Season. I like Studio 60 and The Nine, but if I missed them, I wouldn’t cry. Heroes is my new obsession! I record and watch it like I did with Buffy and Veronica MArs, and seriously can’t wait for the next new eppy! With Bryan Fuller of “Wonderfalls”, Jesse Alexander of “Alias” and Jeph Loeb of “Smallville”, how can you go wrong!

  • Chris

    I feel bad for people who don’t have a digital video recorder. I just tape the episode every week since Monday night Football is on. I watch it on Tuesday night and then again on Wednesday in case I missed something.