How I Met Your Mother: TV’s Best Comedy

First things first, where do I find that 300 inch flat-screen-wall-sized TV that Barney has in his apartment? Secondly Barney’s brilliant plan, having Lilly pretend to be his wife to ensure that his one night stands remain just that — ‘classic Barney’. Watching Marshall start a ‘relationship’ with his new best friend Brad — brunch and broadway in New York, very funny (and awfully similar to my weekend in New York last weekend!). It’s nice to know that I can count on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER to actually make me laugh (as supposed to the intolerable TWO AND A HALF MEN and the disappointing new sitcom THE CLASS). To quote another sitcom icon, “Could this show BE any funnier?” Five episodes into its second season, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is quickly become my favourite half hour of television.

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  • Common Sense

    OMG, no…that headline didn’t say “TV’s Best Comedy.” HIMYM may have a chuckle here and there, but can’t hold a frakkin candle to The Office (or even King of Queens). Agreed, Two & A Half Morons is so not-funny, it’s not funny. What a sad, sorry state our TV sitcoms are in! I suggest just taping The Office, and watching it over and over throughout the week when you need a laugh.

  • hmm. funny. I just posted something last night about how The Office is the best comedy, BUT… HIMYM is starting to inch closer and closer with genuine laugh out loud moments throughout each episode. Now if only they could expand the episode so that it engulfs Two and a Half Men and we can segue right into Old Christine.

    Meanwhile, The Class is bad yet I can’t stop watching it. It’s my new Reba/Freddie.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE THE OFFICE… but it’s not what I’d consider a traditional sitcom. It’s more sophisticated. It’s a brilliantly funny docu-comedy.

  • Ash

    Watching Marshall start a ‘relationship’ with his new best friend Brad — brunch and broadway in New York, very funny (and awfully similar to my weekend in New York last weekend!)

    Please explain more about this. I’m very intrigued.

  • Kate

    I just got into How/Mother and I want to know is it that important to watch the first season? P.S. I love the Office and I caught on late with that as well but watched from the fisrt episode and love the U. K. version. Aslo Extras is great too.

  • When I’m in New York, all I do is see shows and eat. No brunch though, I don’t do breakfast. Just lunch and Dinner. Restaurant recommendations in case you’re interested. John’s Pizzaria, RUB (Real Urban BBQ) if you like RIBS, Incredible! and Spark’s Steakhouse for Steak. Also, as a Canadian with no access to TGIF… i’m obsessed with Mozzerella Cheese Sticks! Although TGIF in Time Square is double the price of a regular TGIF!

  • loved this episode. and the whole spring-back toilet seat was genius!

  • AJ

    No it is not that important to watch the first season, to understand the second season. But there are many reasons to watch it. First, the episodes were very funny, second, the storyline shows the personalities of the characters, three, some of the episodes show the history of some of the characters (for example, one episode shows why Barney always wears a suit)