Dreadful News for STUDIO 60

TVGuide’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that on October 30 (for one night only), FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will be replacing STUDIO 60 in the 10PM slot on NBC. Sources tell Ausiello that this is an experiment, but obviously, if FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS out-performs STUDIO 60, it won’t be good news for fans of Aaron Sorkin’s latest show. Here’s hoping FNL fails miserably.

Thanks to Aleks from Watch With Intelligence for the Tip!

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  • Sam

    Yes, oops, lol.

    But I actually do like FNL. It’s watchable, Studio 60 is definitely much better, but I wouldn’t want to see either go even though I know one or both probably will. Stupid people watching non celebs dancing and women you’d never believe cant get a date wishing for roses instead.

  • Sam, I too enjoy FNL, but not as much as STUDIO 60!

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  • paketep


    (and with RSS, please 😉

  • Is it still being shown CTV on Sunday, or will the new episode not be available?

  • Actually, I find FNL actually a better show than Studio 60 (although I do think Studio 60 is great so don’t get me wrong). But I actually think FNL is a more intelligent and thoughtful show (that just happens to be about football which Im usually not crazy about).

    Anyways, Studio 60 really feels better on Sunday nights. I tried watching on monday this week and it felt odd somehow where it felt more intuned to follow Desperate Housewives in some weird way (maybe it’s the Felicity Huffman connection). So let’s get the REAL football off, put Studio 60 on Sundays and FNL on Mondays!