Dear Luke & Lorelai Fans,

As much as you may detest the idea of Lorelai and Christopher, I dare you to argue against the undeniable fact that last night’s date (romantic drive-in movie under the stars) was the most romantic idea ever. (Note to Chris, kudos on taking notes from an episode of FELICITY).

To be fair though, aside from the nice drive-in moment and Emily’s hilarious run in with the ‘law’, last night’s episode of GILMORE GIRLS was incredibly uneven in terms of what I liked and didn’t like. Starting off with what I didn’t like (always more fun): Luke and April — painful to watch. Luke may be from a small town, but honestly, how has he never been to Target? In Canada we don’t even have Target, and I pop into one everytime I visit the US, great sales on TV series’ on DVD, but I digress… More importantly, it’s very painful to watch Luke interact with April. Why is Luke always painted as a complete moron? He runs a successful restaurant, he should know how to better interact with kids.

Rory’s story for the episode started off annoying, can she stop phoning Logan, Rory’s always been written as a smart and sophisticated young woman — one who’s central concerns were school and her life — not just a boy. Yet as the episode wore on, it was nice to finally see her have a bit of fun in the episodes final minutes.

No GILMORE wrap-up would be complete without a Paris mention. With only a few minutes of screen time each week, Liza Weil (Paris) knocks it out of the park, everytime. In future episodes, this TV addict’s vote is for more Paris and less Michel and Sookie.

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  • BOB

    i agree about Rory partly, its good for her to make new friends and have fun, but I think its still ok for her to call Logan since her grades are obviously staying fine, but i do believe that there is going to be a marriage in this season and thats how its all gonna end!!! sad i know but i guess we’ll have to deal

  • Noële Filius

    Good for you that you enjoy the new Christopher and Lorelai “sappy” hour. Just what the new showrunners are going for. Lure the fans to Christopher, endear him to them for the reborn all around great guy that he has become and continue to make Luke look like a jerk. The small town, narrow-minded, dimwitted idiot (not what I think mind you). This is more of the same of Season 6 when Amy SP sabotaged her characters. In other words whatever Lorelai could have possibly seen in the poor jerk in the first place?. This is not GG. This is a totally new show that has turned its back on itself and turned a new page. This is the Lorelai back to her high society roots show, with Christopher to boot.

    Lorelai no longer belongs to Stars Hollow and should move out to either Hartford or to Boston and move in with her new/old lover because frankly Lorelai taking Christopher up into the bedroom that Luke has had remodeled and paid for himself at that, what are they thinking if they think at all? This is purely and simply shameful and disgusting.

    I could be perceived as an imposter or a die hard fan who refuses to give up or worse that I truly enjoy torturing myself. I do not watch the show since it turned into the Chris and Lorelai romantic hour, I just follow on the Internet with a faint glimmer of hope for a reversal of the sad situation but the hope has almost fainted.

    They can make Christopher as romantic as they want to melt the viewers hearts like they did yours. Unlike you this does not sway me in the least. At the beginning I was indifferent to Christopher now I just loathe him more and more and Lorelai along with him.

  • Noële Filius

    Re. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Sorry. Duly noted.

  • T

    I found the Chris-Lorelai interaction to be fairly painful to watch and unlike you, enjoyed the awkward scenes between father and daughter. I think the writers have dumbed down Luke intentionally because if they don’t , it just emphasizes how much more of an idiot Lorelai has become. Is this the only kind of drama these writers can dish out? It feels as if I’m watching an adult version of Sweet Valley High or another one of those soppy teenage novels. Stay tuned-next week: “The Loves of Lorelai and Rory-Chapter 3465”

  • starbase135

    I disagree with you, Bob. There will be a marriage this season. But it doesn’t need to be a important one. What about Paris and Doyle or Luke and Anna (I know that this would break the heart of every Luke and Loralai fan). Our beloved Gilmore Girls could end up as independent as in season one after all.

  • babygirrr

    “Lorelai no longer belongs to Stars Hollow and should move out to either Hartford or to Boston and move in with her new/old lover because frankly Lorelai taking Christopher up into the bedroom that Luke has had remodeled and paid for himself at that..”

    I don’t think it was ever stated that Luke paid for the additions did he? I mean Loralia is running a successful inn. I think it is a little hasty to say HE paid for it. Us women do make money these days you know, we can on occassion fix our houses up on our own dime! lol

    I loved the episodes that feature Chris, I have always had a soft spot for Chris. He has always tried. NO one can ever say he hasn’t tried. Not like Loralia has ever really let him do a whole lot or asked a whole lot of him to see if he would actually step up to the plate. Not all guys do the right thing.. I think it was realistic, and I don’t think it makes him an awful person. Plus unless somone can prove me wrong, he has ALWAYS been there when asked (When Rory broke her arm, her coming out party, etc.)

    I hated the fact that they even bothered showing the storyline of April/Luke. Without it coming between Lor/Luke why bother showing April anymore, put her into the background for the love of god!

    I personally don’t think Paris gets enough storylines. I would much rather see Paris/Rory hijinks than these two new lamos she is hanging with now.

  • it was good.

    i hate chris, but lorelai and chris are awesome.
    chris does things for lorelai and woos her.
    luke never took her out or payed any attention to her and treated her like a woman should be treated. for gods sake, he had to get his future step daughter’s boyfriend to give him a valentines day gift for her.

    i love rory’s new friends!
    they bring back her GOOD unalcholic fun side.
    i hope they return for more episodes (btw did you notice Gia from VM? haha)

    emily getting arrested was funny but kind of dull.

    this season is SO much better then season 6!

  • jls

    Great points babygirrr! Anyone who has watched the show for all 7 seasons should know that Chris has always been in love with Lorelai, and the one time he really let her down was to go and be a father to his next child. It was sad, but he did the honourable thing.

    It’s been 10 weeks since Luke and Lorelai broke up. I think she’s entitled to date (and sleep with) whoever she wants at this point. And she should leave Stars Hollow? After a lifetime of living there, just because she didn’t marry a local she should leave? I sure hope that rule doesn’t apply in the real world! Luke is much less involved in the town events… maybe he should be the one to move.

  • Sabrina

    I hadn’t realized that Luke had a monopoly on Stars Hollow and Lorelai should leave because she is no longer with him. What bullshit. Lorelai has been totally involved in the town and the various events for more than two decades. She has built up a successful business and raised her daughter there. She truly cares about the people and the town; she has been shown to actively volunteer and participate in the town’s lifestyle.

    Compared to Luke, who consistently tears down the town, the festivals that bring tourists to support his business and calls its residents by a variety of derogratory terms. Given his physical manhandling of his customers and his generally surly attempt at customer serice, he should be gratetul they don’t throw him out.

  • yogurt


  • Beanster

    Um, I’m building an ice rink in front of your girlfriends house because you know that her favorite type of weather is snow not treating a lady nicely? Because if it’s not, I have major misconceptions about romance. I hate Luke for the whole April-getting-in-the-way thing, but before that he never mistreated her.

  • Christina

    That was not the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen before. Kind of old actually. Sad, poor Chris.