Live Blogging LOST (Episode 3, Season 3)

9:01PM Let the LOST blogging begin. Nice to see a flashback, as I completely forget what happened with Locke. We haven’t seen him since May. Also great to see Charlie and Claire again! Locke needs to ‘speak to the island’ huh? This will definitely be more interesting than last week’s Jin/Sun snoorefest!

9:18PM Special Guest Star: Ian Somerhalder. Looks like we’ll be seeing Boone again! Interesting… Boone appears in a vision. I definitely expected to see him in a flashback. Very cool airport scene. Nice to see Hurley, looks like someone didn’t bother to exercise over the summer! Honestly, not to be negative so early, but I’m never a fan of ‘vision’ episodes. Of course Locke picking up the knife was pretty cool, “I’m going to save Mr. Eko’s Life”

9:23PM So let me get this straight…. Locke’s joined a cult? Quick, someone call Veronica Mars!

9:28PM Locke, the first rule of knife throwing… make sure you can see what you’re throwing the. knife at! Hurley was this close to being a nice free meal for the polar bear!

9:32PM I completely forgot that Hurley was released by THE OTHERS. Also, Locke just told Hurley to go back to the beach and ‘tell the others’. I don’t think he means ‘those others’. He probably should clarify.

9:45PM I’m not sure that Hurley’s tshirt will really fit on Desmond. Just a little bit of a size difference.

9:50PM Secret Grow-Op, did not see that coming. Coincidentally, I’ll be watching WEEDS at 10PM.

9:50PM Commercial Break, Tay Diggs new show DAYLIGHT looks pretty cool. Hope it lasts longer then his last show, UPN’s KEVIN HILL

9:52PM Commercial Break, Tay Diggs new show DAYLIGHT looks pretty cool. Hope it lasts longer then his last show, UPN’s KEVIN HILL

9:59PM Very Cool Ending. Who are Pablo and Nikki? Such random new Beachies? Is Pablo the Brazilian Tom Cruise? Who’s Nikki? Why is this Deja Vu for Hurley? Not Suprisingly, I’m LOST.

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  • Oooh, Ian Somerhalder looked GOOOOOOD.

    Except, of course, the part where he was cut up and covered in blood, that can’t be fun.

    The opening: Obvious call-back to the series premiere with the close up on Jack’s eye and panning out to him lying in the jungle.

    Psyched to see the ‘beach-ies’ again. Was Desmond…naked?

  • Common Sense

    GREAT START! I’m riveted. Love Boone, and wish anyone but him had been killed off.

    How about BEN as the baggage-scan guy at the airport, just ahead of Sawyer, Kate & Jack!

    ….aaaaannnndddd, we’re back….

  • Benry Gale as the baggge handler, creepy! Tim, great term… the beachies… I was trying to think of that.

  • That kid “Eddie” with Locke in the flashbacks is the teenage dealer from the series premiere of Weeds and Tom Cruise’s son from War of the Worlds.

  • Common Sense

    Locke’s hitchhiker is cute. Who is he? And why do I think he’ll soon be dead?

    Holey, moley…an IMPLOSION! And guess that polar bear wasn’t in Walt’s imagination!

  • Locke’s hitchhiker is Justin Chatwin, from War of the Worlds.

  • Sam

    Nice to see Boone again. He’s definitely missed. And I loved that trippy airport scene.

  • Ooh, I’m having premonitions. I anticipated CS’s question before he asked it.

    Maybe I should be on the island?

  • THAT GIRL THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT WAS KATE! At least, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

    “half my age”

    “all she wants is a daddy, like every other girl here”

    PS: Justin Chatwin IS cute.

  • What Girl, I completely missed that!??!

  • Sam

    I wanna say it wasn’t because they actually said her name (though I forget now what it was) but we all know Kate and aliases by now. Interesting theory Tim.

  • “tvaddict,” the girl who Locke and Eddie were checking out as they walked with the fertilizer. The one who Eddie said “totally wants” Locke. Long haired brunette.

    Odd that Justin Chatwin was on Weeds and now the commune on Lost is growing weed.

  • In Canada, Weeds airs after LOST on another channel. I’ll be watching. LOVE Weeds (the show!)

  • Sam

    That and my other favorite show Veronica Mars also uncovered pot in a secret basement of a ‘cult’ or sorority. Man is this a good time for pot and tv or what, lol?

  • Veronica also tried to rescue a student from a cult last season!

  • Sam

    A good time for cults AND pot then, lol.

  • Common Sense

    Are you frakkin kidding me? Echo looks dead.

    Ohhh, there’s the new hunk and hunkett.

    And Desmond in his Tutu.

  • I can tell the future, and apparently so can Desmond.

    I’m a little weirded out here.

  • Sam

    Okay CS, I was wondering why all of a sudden they were letting the extras talk for a change. So that was Rodrigo something and Kiele Sanchez then?

    Oh and next week looks amazing. More live blogging then please.

  • Yeah, pretty random… two new beachies are suddenly talking. I’m pretty sure that was our first glimpse of Rodrigo and, yes, Kiele Sanchez from last season’s Related

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    That was flippin’ AWFUL. Contrary to other people’s opinion’s, I sort of liked last weeks episode…I almost fell asleep. There are way too many charachters. Why add more? This was by far the worst episode in a long time. Keep it up LOST, maybe you’ll turn out like Runaway.

  • Oh, that was Rodrigo & Kiele all right. Wish they had a razor for Rodrigo though… :-/

  • So nice to hear from TheTVAddictAddict

  • Common Sense

    AddictAddict, you’ve gotta be a Luke fan, too, I bet. This was a very good episode of LOST; it blew away last week’s snoozer.

    Hey, Smallville looks good this week—-Justin rescues Lois with his green arrow.

    P.S. Am I the only one thinking “Tru Calling” during the Taye Diggs promos?

  • It was Deja Vu for Hurley because while he and Desmond were talking in the jungle, Desmond said that Locke said he would rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer in his speech. Then at the end of the episode Locke actually MADE that speech. Looks like the blast gave him some prophetic abilities.

  • Honestly, all this live blogging had me a bit confused. That and a friend called during Desmond’s speech and I totally missed it.

  • CS: Honestly, I’ve almost given up on SMALLVILLE. It’s just boring. And LANA is almost intolerable.

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||



  • I think TheTVAddict should focus on his other upcoming projects first, then worry about a message board. 😉

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    Okay fine…but after that?

    I’ll even Mod it…

    Who’s in?

  • Sam

    AddictAddict we are totally on the same wavelength. I’ve been wanting to ask or bring it up all this week since everyone’s being a lot more lively around the site but I wasn’t sure if I should.

    But yes I definitely agree that if it’s possible tvaddict should consider it. I’d post in them and even help out with if if he needed me too.

    I officially second the motion (or third it, lol).

  • Common Sense

    My two-cents on yet “another” message-board….WHY??????

    I’ve stopped even going to Kristin’s E-Online message board, because it’s just so massive and out-of-hand. Who has the time or energy to keep posting or reading all of that stuff?

    This blog is easy, I feel, because you can quickly address the posted topic…and not get bogged down searching thru a bunch of crap.

    BTW, watching Lost while doing the live-blog thing is great. My first time was last night, and it’s nice to know you can get instant feedback from others watching along with you. 🙂

  • How about a TVAddict chat? Where instead of live blogging, we can watch shows together and talk about it?

  • That’s not a bad idea. I’ll look into it.

  • It sure looked like the Locke’s commune was a parallel to The Others community. Both small isolated communities with dark secrets, taking on new members, but testing them first. In this case Eddie is the potential new member. Not tested as severely as Kate, Jack and Sawyer though. A friend: