Lorelai & Christopher Do Paris

gilmore girls paris

It really isn’t my intention to continuously anger Luke & Lorelai fans, but I just came some photos from an upcoming episode of GILMORE GIRLS entitled “French Twist”. Let’s just say the photos speak for themselves. Seriously folks, don’t shoot the messenger!

gilmore girls paris

gilmore girls paris

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  • Elizabeth

    Now, now. Don’t lie. You love to rile us up. It lands more hits on your page. They are nice pictures. If only I liked Christopher. Oh well.

  • Babette

    He who laughs last, laughs best. Enjoy it while you can.

  • Not that I watch the show, but Ausiello teased in his column this week that the two of them will e***e.

    Only word I can think of that fits is “elope.” Is this a bad thing?

  • Babette, Just so you know…. although I enjoy all the fun surrounding the Lorelai Christopher Relationship, I do believe Luke and Lorelai are destined to end up together. It’s just going to be a bumpy road to a happy ending!

  • Sabrina

    Thanks for photos. Love seeing Lorelai so happy and confident. Ignore the Luke fantics; I refuse to call them Lorelai/Luke shippers because they don’t give a damn about her. They’ve just idealized Luke and can’t see that he has been intolerable in all of his romantic relationships. He has neglected and emotionally cheated on his two previous relationships and has treated Lorelai with the kind of disdain and disrespect that no woman should have to put up with. I’m glad she dumped his ass.

  • Babette

    Sabrina, stay tuned. Or don’t – because it sounds like you won’t be happy with who Lorelai chooses. And when she does, will you still like her?

  • I agree that Luke and Lorelai are the endgame but I just don’t see how right now, but that’s the magic of TV I guess.

    Luke did not treat Lorelai with disdain and disrespect, he did what he thought they wanted ’cause she didn’t tell him the truth about how she was feeling, no matter how much we love Luke, he is not a mind reader. I do not blame this all on Lorelai but she was the one with the key to hope back in the car, she just never used it. Until she “keyed” the paint work in Parting and TLM.

  • Sabrina

    I’ll stay tuned because I’m interested in both Gilmore Girls and their lives. If Christopher makes her happy, then I’m happy. If Luke can somehow treat Lorelai with respect and he can regain her trust, then fine. I’m not a shipper, as in if my couple doesn’t get togther, I’ll tear down everyone in sight. That trait is reserved for the Luke ‘fans’.

    Lying to your fiancee about your daughter for months and having her find out in public is my definition of disdain and disrespect. She should have dumped him right then. Even before, he was threatening and intimdating her about staying away from Christopher, even though Lorelai had never been unfaithful in any relationship, unlike Luke who emotionally cheated on Nicole. Behaving like a judgmental jackass towards your fiancee in front of friends is disrespect, IMO, as he did with Sookie and Jackson.

    Lorelai tried at least on two different occasions to talk to Luke. At the Vineyard, where he basically fed her platitudes and didn’t change his behavior. Then weeks later, when Lorelai tried to make him understand that she simply wanted to meet April, he displayed a junior-high level of jealousy and compared her to a cartoon character. Not to mention, he had previously broken up with or and/or yelled at her for pressuring him. She was in a no win position, because of Luke’s inability to handle any adult relationship.

  • babygirrr

    awesome pictures…made my day!

  • BOB

    i like these pictures, im glad theyre together, and they should be, they were a couple way before she even knew Luke, so i think its meant for them to, HOPEFULLY, get married.

  • Tina

    i think Lorelei are cute couple and that they are meant for eachother!!

  • Tina

    Lorelei and Luke were a cute couple but Luke wasn’t the best husband to be. They weren’t meant to be together But they are cool with eachother

  • Babette

    All those awful things Luke did, Sabrina, and yet….Lorelai loves him and not Christopher.

    As far as shipper wars go, look no further than your host here. He does a good job of fanning those flames with the “Luke fans”. Bet he never had more hits.

  • Elizabeth

    Hey people, i like the pics, lore seems happy, and the movie theater car was very romantic (last episode), i’m not saying i like chris, i like lore being happy. I agree she wasn’t happy with her relationship though she loved luke. She also screwed up by sleeping with chris, luke was ready for everything the very next day but she’d already given up on them.I DO honestly believe her prior relationship had much more content, chris and lorelai seem like a couple of kids playing house together, and that’s not my idea of an everlasting commitment.

  • Amanda

    I love those pictures! I think Lorelai needs Chris right now. You guys don’t really think that she’s just gonna sit around and pine for luke?! I know I wouldn’t

  • Tiffany

    I think its great. I wanted Lore and Luke to be together from the beginning of the series, however Luke ruined the relationship. Chris loves her and now its their chance at something they have always had there. Neither one of them were on the same page through most of the series, however its now their turn.

  • lynn

    I don’t care who Lorelia settles down with, as long as she settles and SOON! I want to see her have another kid.

  • coffeeluvr4evr

    her and chris belong together! if they dont get married ill just die absolutely die!!!

    p.s. logan and rory rock my world they are amazing together!!!

  • I think that Christopher and Lorelai should belong together and they are cute together! Even though i did like luke he just didnt handel things very well with things he totally should of told lorelai about april when he found out that he had a daughter in strad of waiting 2 months to tell lorelai about that he had a daughter !

    But i think Rory and Logan are a very cute and gorgoious Cople like Christopher and Lorelai



  • ginamelissa

    Oh boy! Those are some pictures for you. Personally, I’d rather see Lorelai and Luke together in Paris but oh well. I hope that Lorelai and Luke will be together again. Even though I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen. What I’m concerned with is the fact that Chris is not the best person for Lorelai. I mean, he’s hurt her so many times before. And seeing them together makes me a little mad. First of all, how could Lorelai just go and sleep with him because her and Luke had a fight? It doesn’t make sense to me. Also, dating Chris after she and Luke break up? It sounds like Chris is the rebound guy. And the only reason she chose him was because he happened to be on hand. Chris is not a successful man and he never does anything right. Plus, he doesn’t take Lorelai’s advice on how to raise Gigi even though she’s raised Rory all her life.

  • andrea

    I love Lorelai and Christopher… I’m so glad that this season, they are finally working it out… Though sadly, I know in the end, they will not end up together… Lorelai and Christopher are always connected someway. They’ve known each other since they were kids and they have a daughter. Plus, in the last couple of seasons, when they want to be in a relationship, there’s always something that stops them…(He has a girlfriend, She has a fiance, He has a kid and etc…) I’m ecstatic to see that they will finally have their go at a relationship… By the way, I LOVE the pictures!

  • NoĆ«le Filius

    I don’t like Lorelai right now. Ever since the second half of Season 6 her character has been transformed. She used to be a caring person. She has become self-absorded and therefore selfish. Why did they transform a fiercely independent and strong woman into this dependent, self doubting one. I’m sure we will find out in time but right now she is out of character. Is it possible to change so much in so little time? Sure Luke made mistakes but I would not say that he treated her wrong, that would be exagerated. What bothers me in the current
    storyline is that neither Luke nor her have been allowed to talk out their problems. I never understood the drastic move in Partings. Who can respond well to ultimatums and if she loves Luke as she did, why was she made to run to Christopher. Whatever the showrunners, past and present, want to prove this storyline is neither realistic nor credible.

  • Danielle

    I love Lorelai and Chris together….he is way hotter than Luke and actually seems to care for her. Luke treated her so horribly last season. Lying to your fiance for months about the fact that he had a kid right after he blew up at her because of a phone message on her machine from Chris! Luke made such a big deal about being completely honest with each other and then he lied to her for two months about April!

    Chris is not an angel either..he wasn’t around when Rory was little; he tried to get back together with Lorelai several times and broke her heart. But he’s here know and really seems to care…for both her and Rory. I hope that Lorelai realizes that Chris is who she is supposed to be with. He’s from her world, understands her parents, and most importantly is the father of her child! It’s not that I hate Luke; I just feel that he doesn’t deserve her!

  • Mac

    I love Lorelai and Chris together! They are so much more fun than Luke and Lorelai! Now don’t get me wrong I liked Luke at one point, but last season he just became depressing and boring. When Chris was Lorelai’s escort to Lane’s wedding it made me realize that he was much better for her than Luke. If Luke wants her back he is going to have to do some major changing otherwise I think she belongs with Chris.

  • Mary

    I completely agree with Sabrina. Luke did treat Lor with disdain and disrespect and I am tired of the whole “Luke and Loreli fans” going totally nuts b/c Lor got together with Chris. Big deal. I mean, come on does it really matter who she’s with so long as that guy makes her happy? Besides, I’m not going to lie I perfer that Chris and Lor are together and I hope that they do elope.

  • Ashley

    I love th pics. and I do love Christopher and Lorelai together. They are so much a like… more compatible and seriously they make sense. Did you see how happy they looked in the car together the other night. A happy family. The whole nine yard! However I do love Luke and Lorelai. Luke is sexy and sweet and only deserves good tings! For the longest time I was upset at what happened but have grown to relly appreciate what is going on now!

  • Ashley

    I love the pics. and I do love Christopher and Lorelai together. They are so much a like… more compatible, and they make sense. plus Christopher is easy to look at! Did you see how happy they all looked in the car together the other night. A happy family…the whole nine yard! However, I do love Luke and Lorelai. Luke is sexy and sweet and only deserves good things! For the longest time I was upset at what happened but have grown to really appreciate the plot line now!

  • LIZ

    I’m so glad they are together, christopher treates her like she deserves it, its romantic, and luke just never really care about her feelings, i think chris and lorelai should get married, they belong together, they look really cute, and after all luke did last season, he has nothing to do with her.

  • Nikki

    I am wondering if Lauren Graham is pregnant in real life seems she has put on weight. I think she should end up with Luke. He loves her and she him. Christopher has put her through too many trials and tribulations and besides, once they go to Paris since we already know that Christopher is fickel is he going to see Sherry after 2 years and go goo goo gaa gaa over her, and Sherry leave her aerobics instructor and he Lorelei to have the family from beginning to end that he missed out on with Lorelei and Rory (per his statement when he found out that Sherri was pregnant with GiGi). In response to Logan and Rory…how did Rory change her major from journalism to Literature, if I was Bobbi I would have mocked that too. Rory is showing jealousy because of what happened when Logan thought they were broken up over that fateful Thanksgiving Holiday/break. I think that they are a great couple, but her and Jess were better. I just hope he stays faithful if he has already been. She should have told him about that Christmas Holiday plane ticket, but I guess like mother like daughter, never say what is really on their minds.

  • Marie

    I think that Christopher is great but I will be completely disappointed if Lorelai won’t end up with Luke. 6 years now this is what we hope for!~

  • I have not been watching the show from the start, so I cannot say how Chris has behaved in the past, from what I have seen, he has issues. He wants Lorelai to stay out of his affairs when it comes to Gigi and that in the end may cause more friction between them. After the Paris trip, I predict there will be a rift between the happy couple and that Luke may inch his way back into her life.

  • lisa

    oh yes yes yes, luke must find his way back into her life. They have been THE magic couple right from the start , okay chris is nice not ugly and sweet to her in this season but no no no we don’t want them ending up together, they may get married, but in the end luke and lorelai must, MUST, end up togeter or else I will regret ever have watched this in the first place.

    greetz from Belgium

  • Lester B Williams

    I have watched all 6 years in a very short time and was entertained to say the least. In the Seventh year there have been rare spurts of excellent writing but the Characters have been left to themselves to much. They need to go back and watch the shows themselves and ask ” Is this what my character would evolve into?” . Last nights the Paris show was excruciating to watch. Where is the rest of the towns people who helped make this show what it was? Where is the Old Rory? I hate to mention, that if the Actors are looking beyond this show already and aren’t giving it their full attention to the characters, just ask “Babette”, and she will tell you that you may be at the pinnacle of your career. Pull it together Lauren. This show and your character deserves better. Good luck and I hope this show can be salvaged. Otherwise see you on Hollywood Squares

  • Margaret

    Lane put the singing career on hold to work at a dinner, LL and Rory are still close as ever, however they both do there own things, Rory will be going to see loga, across contry to have sex whats that all about? LL and Chris, it took them 18 yrs to figure they should be married… REBOUND RELATIONSHIP FOR LL??? Luke is weird, has no friends, but gets involved with LL who is happy, friendly and cheerful….. Paris is so hateful no likes her except Rory, why? What about Sukie she has very low key role. aside from being the best friend… and Grandma and Granpa have small roles Why!! Is there something coming up???

  • guitarartist


  • SammieK

    Lorelai and Christopher are destined, because you never forget your first love. Luke is great, but hes not meant to be in a relationship, with anyone. And he’s definetly not Lorelai’s match, they are wayyy too different. Lorelai fell in love with Chris when she was young, and he’s held her heart since then.

  • Katie

    ok Sammiek you have problems. The only reason Lor is wit chris is because he keeps leaving her and she thins now that hes back she THINKS she still loves him but she dosent she loves LUKE NOT CHRIS. I dont hate chris the show needs him for Drama but Luke and Lorelai are meant t obe together period!It may be a bumpy road but those 2 are gonna end up together!

  • Hannah

    Okay i’ll admit that in some episodes luke treated lor like crap but lor treated him like crap quite a few times to!!! Also after all they’ve been through they still love eachother!!! Plus Luke waited for her forever nd chris just came into her life when he had nothing else to do! You can see it in lor’s face thAT she dosen’t truely love chris and that she is longing for luke!

  • Brittany

    Okay, I have to come into this. Look at what Chris has done to make Lorelei happy. Now don’t get me wrong, but Luke is too grumpy and brings her down too much. She gave him the chance to get married and he declined, that was his choice. Lorelei was ready and he should’ve been too. He was wrong for not telling her about April. And he’s always making the worst out of every situation. He isn’t right for her. I’m going to be very dissappointed if Lorelei and Luke get back together. At least Chris tries to make her happy, respects her opinions and doesn’t hide anything from her. When he got the letter from Sherry, he let her read it. As in when Luke found out he had a kid. First, he hid it, then he didn’t include her in April’s life, then when season 7 comes, hes asking for help…he’s a jerk and he doesn’t deserve Lorelei. Chris is better for her and can make her happy.

  • niah

    i think that chris and lore belong together because luke treated lore like a peice of trash!!!!!!!!plus chris looks WAY BETTER than luke.

  • Michelle

    I believe that Lor and Luke belong together. You can tell that she is not as happy as she was and her life isn’t focused on what is going on in Stars Hollow and the Inn. Which before has always been a big deal for her, she loved her town and cared what her town thought. Chris and Lor don’t even know each other at least not the way they should, since they are getting married. Luke and Lor have a bond that goes back to when they first met. In the first epsidoe of the entire series you could tell they had a thing for each ohter. It doesn’t make any sense that she didn’t even have a meltdown when her and Luke broke up. The first time they broke up, Rory had to come from school to comfort her and she didn’t get out of bed the whole day. Luke has his problems, but so does Lor, she has done some things to him too, but who doesn’t in a realtionship, Chris has treated her worse than Luke ever has or ever will. Her and Luke will end up together because it’s where the show has been taking us from the beginning. Don’t forget that Chris never was there for her or Rory. Luke watched Rory grow up and even went to her graduation(Chris didn’t), so I believe that it’s always been Luke and that’s how it will end.

  • Autumn

    OMG, LUKE AND LORELAI ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!!!! chris is annoying and totally wrong for lorelai. since the begining of the show everyone knew that lorelai and luke had something, it was obvious. he has been pining for her forever. remember, he even kept the horoscope that she gave him a long time ago. when lorelai and luke broke up the first time lorelai had a meltdown and she wouldn’t get out of bed. that was the only breakup that she had, that she reacted that way. she didn’t do that with max, jason, or chris. that means something. SHE LOVES LUKE. i admit he made mistakes by not telling lorelai about april, but he admitted it in the last episode. she loves him and he loves her. let face it. he built a hupa for her when she was going to marry max, he made her an ice skating rink in her front yard. chris is just always getting in the way and lorelai should und up with luke.

    p.s. i think luke is way hotter than chris. and i also think rory and jess should be together instead of her and logan.

  • Mary

    Wow I’m surprised to see all the brave people support Lorelai and Chris when in sooo many places there are Luke and Lorelai “shippers” that will kill to make everyone believe in the two. BTW i hate that word shipper and I used it because it’s a new term for me that I hope someone will find a different less crappy phrase to describe relationship supporters.

    Anyway its so much better to not see Lorelai wasting away in a crappy relationship in which she is constantly frowning and making that sad face…ugh season 6…I’m sorry but that was frustrating to watch. Then again she starts doing it again when she realizes Chris is just the man she wants to want but doesn’t really. I just want her to stop being so indecisive and do what she wants…that is if she can make up her mind. Then again she was never that good at it in the first place…remember Max?

    Luke in essence is totally opposite from Lorelai in all aspects (he’s so not a rooster if Lorelai’s a hen…he’s more like something completely opposite to a bird like…a fish?) but if he keeps being a good friend to her like he was with her Jeep restoration…then I’ll support that as begrudgingly as their faux fighting. I like the fighting its typical of their relationship. And I think they’re more interesting as friends (and way more funny/fun) than as lovers cuz I didn’t really believe the love’ing since there isn’t much of a spark going on there (that I can see anyway). I’m not blinded by the “shipper” status quo so I can tell. In my opinion Chris looks a lot better but it’s a matter of opinion and I’m less into the scruffy, flannel wearing, cranky, backwards baseball cap type.

    I wish there was another Max to throw this all out the window. Unless Lorelai is ready to be serious about someone finally (and they reciprocate unlike Luke’s season 6 behavior).

  • oh i really hate Christopher!
    Noone likes him well a cople Looney people, but i love Luke she belonges with Luke and in the last eppy that is what they did cause everyone was pissed when Chris and Lorelai gor married and i was ahhhhh words can’t explain! Luke and Lorelai ..it’s a romance that has gone famous and i’ve never seen anyonther good actors than Lauren Graham and Scott patterson i mean how is it so possible to sct like that he does have a thing for her you cause so totlay tell cause well Scoot and Lauren i think belong together

  • Luke&Lorelai4Ever

    Luke and Lorelai totally belong w/ each other. Of course they’ve made mistakes, no one is perfect! Luke is always there for her and Rory. Chris is nice and i think they’re good friends but they’re not meant to be. Chris was in the world that Lorelai left when she left her parents. That was the world she ran away from and didnt want anymore. And even when Chris gets money and is actually there, he acts like a snob and doesnt get the small town life that Lorelai loves. Luke, however does. And yes, Luke and Lorelai are different and he doesnt like everything she likes, but dont you get it? He loves her so much that he’s willing to do the things she likes just to be w/ her. She and Chris act like they’re still teenagers and they dont really know each other as adults. Oh, and im really sad that Gilmore Girls is over, but she obviously ended up w/ the right guy or else they wouldnt have done it. Yay! Luke and Lorelai Forever!