Today: Rosie vs. Bill O’Reilly Round 1 [updated]

If you’re home today and looking for some entertainment, flip on THE VIEW. FOX ‘spin-meister’ BILL O’REILLY will be facing off with ROSIE on THE VIEW. No doubt sparks will fly and Elizabeth may be a victim of collateral damage.

theTVaddict Update 11:30AM: Bill’s appearance on THE VIEW was very anti-climactic. Much to my chagrin, a fist-fight didn’t break out. That said, the interview was pretty much a shouting match, as each member of THE VIEW and Bill O’Reilly tried to spout out opinions. Disappointing. Kate Walsh, aka Addison Shepard is next up on THE VIEW. I am loving GREY’S ANATOMY this season.

Also, fans of THE OFFICE take note. Everybody’s favourite office drone, John Krasinski (JIM) will be on the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW today.

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