Random TV Tidbits: Wednesday TV

Three weeks into the new season and I’m still hopelessly hooked on LOST. Mind you, I’m not ‘hooked’ in the sense that I’m enjoying the show. Rather I’m just desperate for answers, and will continue to watch until we’re given some.

I love watching Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin on TV. If only 30 ROCK were actually funny. Hopefully a future episode will make proper use of these two comedic talents.

How embarassing must the whole ‘re-casting’ situation be for Rachel Dratch? Watching 30 ROCK, it’s more apparent then ever that NBC just didn’t consider Rachel ‘leading-lady’ material, and we all know what that means. Perhaps shallow NBC execs should take an hour and watch an episode of UGLY BETTY to learn a little bit about ‘inner beauty.’ For years, Rachel was the only reason to turn on SNL, now on 30 ROCK she’s been relegated to a glorified extra.

John Lithgow still makes me laugh, TWENTY GOOD YEARS not so much.

Does anyone else think that JERICHO’s initial charm is wearing out fast?

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  • starbase135

    I think last night’s episode of Jericho was pretty good. Clearly an improvement over the episode before. The mystery around Robert Hawkins raised more and more questions, we learned more about the past of Jake Green and the episode definitely ended with a huge cliffhanger. The show has obviously some weaknesses (some character relations) but overall it is a great show to pass the time on Wednesdays at 8/7c. BTW did somebody know that the morse code during the Jericho title sequence spells out different messages in each episode?

  • I loved Jericho’s pilot but have totally been disappointed since, and I can’t believe people are falling for it (since it seems to be one of the bigger new hits this season and got the full pick up). Personally, I’m going back to Bones when it returns next week, and have just been watching Lost twice instead for now (its runs at 8pm AND 9pm here).

  • Common Sense

    NOTE TO NBC: You’ve admitted defeat today, with all of your cost-cutting, layoffs, consolidation, etc. But one of your biggest mistakes this season was not recognizing the comic genius of RACHEL DRATCH. The girl can make you spit your milk just with a goofy look! SHE alone was the reason I was excited to watch “30 Rock,” but after hearing of her demotion & misuse—I will never, ever bother tuning in. You squandered a great, great talent! TV Addict is correct: she was the BEST thing, hands-down, about SNL….and then you took her and somehow have made a show that’s not funny? Little wonder that you’re #4 in the network race and dropping fast.

  • Grace

    I think JERICHO has gotten MUCH BETTER with each episode and I think it will continue to do so.

    It’s one show I never miss. LOVE Gerald McRaney as well.

    The other show I never miss?? HOUSE. Hugh Laurie is AMAZING!