Veronica Mars: For Dummies

For two days now I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to properly define season three of VERONICA MARS. Last night I had an epiphany of sorts. Thus far, season three of VERONICA MARS has essentially been ‘VERONICA MARS: FOR DUMMIES’.

Why for dummies you ask? I’ll tell you. In order to attract the largest amount of new viewers (and fans of the GILMORE GIRLS), the show has had to simplify its storytelling. This season, viewers don’t need to know anything about the show, it’s history or its characters. They can just tune in, watch and enjoy. No thinking required. Logic dictates that more viewers equals a longer run. And if the first third of VERONICA MARS’ new season has to pander to the MARS neophytes to ensure we see a fourth season, I’m okay with that.

So fellow TV Addicts, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. VERONICA MARS is easier to follow then ever before. If you’re a fan of CSI or LAW & ORDER, you’ve already proven you have the mental aptitude to enjoy Neptune’s* coolest detective.

* Neptune is the town where the show takes place.

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  • starbase135

    They might just make the 1st mystery so easy to follow to gain some viewers from Gilmore Girls. Let’s see if the 2nd mystery takes us back to the 1st-season-Neptune…

  • It’s funny I was just thinking about that yesterday (the fact that if people started to watch Veronica Mars now they could still follow the show because there isn’t much reference to what happened before). I guess it must be working in some way because Veronica Mars was up 9% in viewers this Tuesday compared to last Tuesday! Yeah, go Veronica Mars!!!

  • lala

    i agree i hope they do bring back some refences from the last two seaons. then i think the show will stay for a much longer time. which makes me happy =]

  • Sam

    You’re such the creative artist aren’t you tvaddict, lol.

    Oh and definitely agreed on all the points made thus far. Maybe LOST should’ve try that with it’s first 6 episodes. Or maybe they should try the whole giving us answers things. Either one I’ll take.

  • I’m thinking good old Rob Thomas has been giving us some clues to what the next misteries can be in the first episodes of this new season, even if everything is easier to follow. Fortunately, Veronica is still the same, and this is the main reason I’m enjoying this season. So, may the audience be with you, V.

  • brilliant way rob is doing everything, isn’t it? i just convinced someone i knew from the US yesterday to check out veronica mars after her regular gilmore girls viewing. i hope she likes it because of the new easier-to-follow version.

    i hope this leads to even more viewers. this show better get picked up for a full season soon!

  • blah

    She’s a “fresman”!

  • Geri

    As a huge fan of VM, I just hope that the rape mystery will be solved in an interesting way in order to get the Gilmore audience but after that I want the show to return to its regular dark atmosphere and with its great multi-layered characters cause that´s what VM is about – hating and loving Veronica, Logan and co. at the same time and then having to rewatch the episodes at least twice to fully understand the things happened;)