Questions for HAPPY HOUR star Beth Lacke

This afternoon, the TV addict will be interviewing HAPPY HOUR star Beth Lacke. If you have any questions for her, please feel free to post below. For more info on Beth, click here. For more information on FOX’s freshman sitcom HAPPY HOUR, click here.

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  • I don’t like/watch her show, but I’ve got to admit that she usually provides some shining moments in an otherwise not shining half hour. I’d be interested to see where she gets her comedic ability – and after whom has she modeled her approach to her roles?

  • Jim McCrea

    I notice that she is from Eau Clair, WI.

    I am the son of a Lacke from Wisconsin. Does she have any connections with Lackes from Cuba City, WI.?

  • Jem

    Am I the only one seeing this? People must be blind, Beth is a beautiful & charming person, with somewhat dry & witty sense of humor. Give her some credit. Someone is trying to bring laughter to others. Honestly I dun really laugh much at her “Happy Hour” sitcom much, me being a rather dull person and all… I did got some mild chuckle whiile watching at best, and that’s enough for me. Cheers folks! ^_^