Random TV Tidbits for Friday

theTVaddict is officially back on the SMALLVILLE bandwagon. The last two episodes featuring GREEN ARROW have been fantastic. Let’s hope the rumoured Green Arrow spin-off becomes a reality.

Tonight’s episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA features a death of a character that’s played quite a large role in the start of season three. Any guesses to who it is? post away!

A question for fans of VERONICA MARS? If Weevil didn’t go to college, how did he manage to put on that freshman fifteen?

Thanks to UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, SMALLVILLE, THE OFFICE, HAPPY HOUR and SHARK, Thursday is officially television’s best night. Followed closely by Monday (STUDIO 60, HEROES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER) Thank God for Tivo!

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  • Jenny

    roflmao I was thinking the exact same thing about Weevil, but I was guessing he put on weight in prison, eating regular non-healthy meals and exercising/lifting weights like crazy.

    Also, change Sunday to Monday on the last one. 😉

  • By Sunday I think you mean Monday. And yeah, Weevil…hmm. Weevils wabble but they don’t fall down.

  • …did you say HAPPY HOUR?

    Are you feeling ok?

  • Yes, I totally meant Monday GMMR… Got confused, as I often watch STUDIO 60 on Sunday (Canada on CTV)

  • Sam

    There’s a rumored spinoff for the Green Arrow? How did I not hear about this? Would it also be staring Justin Hartley? Hopefully they don’t get his hopes up again. It would suck to lose out on being the title superhero of TWO shows.

  • InvaderSteven

    The spinoff rumor is a nothing, really. The advanced review of the ep over on MediaVillage had a comment that the character would make for a good spinoff. A lot of the fans agree, but there’s been nothing from official camps to even suggest that the barest inkling of a possibility of this exists. Basically, the notion of a GA spinoff is just fan wank.

    I’d be interested to see if they could script it for more than a limited run. At least his special effects budget wouldn’t be too ridiculously huge, since he doesn’t have any powers other than mad archery skillz. 😉

  • InvaderSteven: Yes, the spin-off rumour is just that, a rumour — but don’t think the CW execs aren’t thinking, “Hmmm, Green Arrow, great idea.” and no doubt it costs far less than Aquaman

  • G-Sus

    Dear TV Addict,
    There still is no loving for Dexter on this blog why not? I know not a lot of people get cable television shows, but lets face it cable has some of the best shows on air past and present. Dexter has to be one of the best new series this season (yes it has its flaws but it is still pretty juicy) and you guys haven’t even really featured it.

    It boggles my mind really to see that you have sitcoms like Happy Hour, and How I Met Your Mother listed as good television series. Those sitcoms are so 90’s people are over them, I am over them – in fact I never got into them thank the tv gods. I think people may be tired of cutesy, quickly delivered one liners that try so hard to be funny, followed by a laugh track to cue us in that a joke just took place. It’s insulting really. Shows set in a city but there’s no diversity, and everyone has really nice apartments but you never see them working and they’re always home so it never really explains how they afford the life style they have. Shows filled with cliché stock characters and forgettable arches and plots.

    Come on TV Addict don’t let me down; diversify your network choices and move away from the peacock….

  • G-Sus,

    Point well made. I don’t show Dexter any love, but only because I haven’t had a chance to watch it! There are only so many hours in the day – but I’ve heard great things about DEXTER and plan to watch it soon. That said, I disagree with you on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. If you watched last week’s episode, which I think you still can at cbs.com – you can’t deny how funny the show was. Check it out, and if you don’t laugh. I owe you big time.

  • That doesn’t explain why Happy Hour is on your list, though. 😛